The Benefits And Disadvantages of Spaying Dogs

Spaying dogs is a medical procedure that can be done when your puppy is eight weeks old, but adult dogs can be spayed too. It’s not a painful surgery, but it is very useful, because it can have a lot of good benefits.

Let’s discuss about the benefits of spaying dogs:

  1. Female spaying will reduce the risk of mammary cancer, a very common disease these days.
  2. If you have your dog spayed, the risk of developing ovarian and uterine tumors is lower. These tumors are not very common for dogs, but still, it is good to prevent them if it’s possible.
  3. There is a bacteria, pyometra bacteria that occurs at every female at about the age of ten, but it often appears at the age of seven or eight. If the dog is spayed, you can avoid the producing of these bacteria that can cause the death of your dog.
  4. Spaying dogs eliminates the dog stress of having puppies and give them birth.
  5. Spaying will also prevent the birth of unwanted puppies. You might not have enough space in your apartment for more than one dog or don’t have the time to train and play more puppies. If this is the case, the best idea is to spay your dog.
  6. The population of stray dogs increases every day and they are very dangerous for the environment. Spaying a dog can solve this problem too.
  7. By spaying your female dog you will avoid the presence of too many male dogs in your yard, or around your dog when you take her to a walk.

Some people are not comfortable with spaying dogs and do not want to do this medical procedure which has some risks too. The main causes for their denial are:

  1. A neutered dog needs fewer calories than other dogs, that’s why many spayed dogs are obese or overweight.
  2. Another reason why some people don’t want to spay their dog is that in some cases the dog will urinate more than before.
  3. There are also cases when a neutered dog doesn’t develop her feminine characteristics and stay to a juvenile behavior.
  4. If too many dogs of a breed are spayed, some say that it may take to the end of that existing breed.
  5. Even if the costs of a cesarean surgery for a dog or having a dog pregnant is more expensive than spaying dogs, the truth is than many of us don’t spay their dog because of the high costs.

Now you have to put in balance the advantages and the disadvantages of spaying your dog, and make a decision whether to spay you dog or not. If you want my opinion, I think it’s better to keep a neutered dog in your house. It will be easier from all the points of view.

Do you have your dog neutered? Don’t hesitate to share with us some of your experiences in the comment section below because this way you might help a lot of dog lovers to take the right decision about their furry friends.

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