Symptoms of a Sick Dog

Do you know the symptoms of a sick dog? Do you feel your dog is feeling under the weather? It would help to learn the signs of a sick dog!

When we are sick, it is easy for us to communicate it to our loved ones that we are unwell. Unfortunately, our dogs cannot communicate how they feel. They cannot tell us what’s wrong and which part of their bodies hurt.

As dog parents, it is our responsibility to learn whether our dogs are sick. It would surely help to learn the signs and symptoms of a sick dog.

A Sick Dog May Show Behavioral Changes

When a friendly dog starts to isolate himself or become aggressive, he may be sick. Dogs who feel bad and vulnerable tend to find a quiet and secluded spot or become aggressive. This is how their defense mechanism works.

Loss of Appetite May Mean Your Dog is Sick

Most dogs love to eat. They will eat almost anything – even non-edible stuff. When your dog loses his or her appetite, you should be concerned.

From respiratory illnesses to gastrointestinal diseases to dog pain, there are various reasons why a sick dog does not feel like eating. A trip to the vet may be necessary to find out why your pooch is skipping meals.

Excessive Sleeping or Lethargy May Indicate Your Dog is Sick

It is quite bothersome to find your dog – who is normally excited to go out for walks – suddenly feeling lethargic. A sick dog will sleep excessively because he is feeling weak or is in pain. If your dog is feeling tired and sleepy, it may be their body’s reaction to infection or medications.

If you notice any of these signs, a trip to the vet is best. Being aware of your dog’s behavioral changes can save their life.  Also, make sure to schedule regular check-ups for your dog to keep them healthy and happy.

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