Nom Nom vs. Ollie: Which Human-Grade Dog Food Wins?

When you walk down the dog food aisle at your local pet store, you see all the colorful packages with pretty pictures on them. If you were to open up all those packages and dump the food out onto the floor, however, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell one brand from another.

Commercial dry dog food is certainly one of the most convenient options for dog owners, and one of the most affordable, but it isn’t necessarily the best.

The process through which commercial dry dog food is made involves a lot of heat and processing. The end result is a product that won’t go bad sitting on the shelf before you buy it, or even after you open it at home. The trouble is, that convenience comes at a cost. The heat used to process the food destroys some of the nutrients and many manufacturers use artificial additives like colors and preservatives.

Pet nutrition experts agree that fresh dog food is one of the best options out there. The good news is there are plenty of fresh dog food delivery services to choose from. Personally, we recommend Nom Nom and Ollie and we’re happy to tell you which of the two is our top choice.

Before we dig into the details of Nom Nom versus Ollie, we want to give you a little background into the subject of fresh food for dogs. Read on to see the benefits your dog may enjoy when you switch.

The Benefits of Fresh Dog Food

Many pet owners think one dog food is the same as any other. After all, most dry dog foods look pretty similar. Fresh dog food, on the other hand, looks completely different. It looks, well, fresh.

When we talk about fresh dog food recipes we’re referring to products that are cooked at lower temperatures and in smaller batches than commercial dry food. The food is typically frozen then thawed and served fresh.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll notice when you switch to fresh food for dogs:

  • Improved digestion. Whole-food ingredients are easier for your dog’s body to process which means he’ll be able to absorb more energy and nutrients from them as well.
  • Healthier coat. Healthy fats are essential for your dog’s skin and coat health and can be found in abundance in fresh dog food recipes.
  • Healthy skin. If your dog suffers from food allergies or other skin issues, switching to a fresh food diet may help because it is rich in moisture, healthy fats, and has fewer artificial additives.
  • More energy. Better nutrition and improved digestion will give your dog more energy and vitality, even if he’s a senior dog.
  • Improved health. Fresh dog food isn’t a miracle cure for serious health issues, but a better-quality diet will support your dog’s health for the short and long term.
  • Smaller stools. When your dog’s body has to do less work to break down and digest his food, there’s less waste which means smaller, firmer stools with less odor.

Now that you understand the potential benefits of feeding your dog fresh, you may be wondering which company to choose. The fact is there are many fresh food companies out there and your dog would be lucky to enjoy just about any one of them. So, how do you choose?

Lucky for you, we’ve tested and reviewed all the fresh dog food delivery companies on the market. We’ve narrowed the list down to our top two choices and you’ll find our comparison below.

Which is Better? Ollie or Nom Nom?

Before we tell you our top pick, we want to make one thing clear – it’s your choice what to feed your dog. It’s your responsibility to provide for his nutritional needs and we believe fresh dog food is the best way to do it. If you agree, we recommend trying a fresh dog food delivery like Nom Nom or Ollie.

The Winner: Nom Nom 

Both Nom Nom and Ollie offer high-quality fresh food for dogs and your pup would be lucky to receive either. If you’re going to try fresh food, however, we like that Nom Nom makes it as easy as possible by providing pre-portioned meals in daily packages. The quality is hard to beat and so is the convenience. Plus, it’s much more affordable than you might think.

Now, let’s get into the details!

Quality and Convenience

We’ve already covered the benefits of fresh dog food, so you know why we think it’s worth considering. With any type of dog food, however, you have to look for a brand that delivers on quality. Fresh dog food simply isn’t worth it if it isn’t made with ingredients you can trust.

Nom Nom offers four fresh dog food recipes formulated by veterinary nutritionist Dr. Justin Shmalberg. Their ingredients are sourced in the USA and USDA-approved for human consumption. In other words, Nom Nom uses human-grade ingredients. Every formula features a real source of animal protein and is supplemented with Nom Nom Nutrient mix to ensure complete and balanced nutrition.

Ollie offers four recipes as well, formulated by a board-certified vet nutritionist for complete and balanced nutrition. They use high-quality meat from family-run farms in the USA and Australia. They subject their products to rigorous testing for quality and safety before shipping it off and everything is delivered frozen for maximum freshness.

Both Nom Nom and Ollie offer the convenience shared by all fresh dog food delivery services – they send fresh food right to your door. The main difference here is that Nom Nom packages your dog’s food in individual daily portions according to his calorie needs. Ollie sends small packages as well, but you’ll need to portion it yourself using the custom scoop they send which makes it easy.

Ordering and Support

Most fresh dog food companies work the same way when it comes to ordering. The process generally looks something like this:

  1. You create an online profile for your pet and create an account
  2. You provide information about your dog’s age, breed, and size
  3. You’ll input your dog’s current weight, ideal weight, and weight goals
  4. You may provide information about your dog’s activity level
  5. You might have the option to indicate dietary needs or preferences
  6. You provide your shipping and payment information and start the subscription

With this information, Nom Nom and Ollie calculate your dog’s calorie requirements and provide meal plan recommendations. Both companies offer 4 different recipes to choose from, so you can customize your pup’s plan and decide how often you want to receive your deliveries.

Both Nom Nom and Ollie offer excellent customer support. Not only does the ordering process make things incredibly easy, but you’ll receive email notifications along the way to tell you when your order is processed, shipped, and delivered. You’ll also receive notifications when your next shipment is being prepared so you can make adjustments to your delivery if needed.

You can contact customer support at Ollie and Nom Nom via phone or email. Nom Nom’s help center is open M-F 9am to 5pm PST while Ollie’s is open 9am to 7pm EST every day. Both offer extensive FAQ sections on their websites with answers to common question.

Variety and Ingredients

As a dog owner, you probably like it when a dog food company gives you options. Both Nom Nom and Ollie offer four fresh dog food recipes, each made with a quality source of animal protein.

Ollie offers beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb recipes which range in calories from 1,298 to 1,804 kcal/kg. All four recipes except the chicken recipe are grain-free and all four feature a single source of animal protein (aside from eggs in some). You’ll also find fresh ingredients like veggies, fruits, and seeds in each formula to help provide key nutrients with vitamin and mineral supplements as needed for balance.

Nom Nom offers beef, chicken, turkey, and pork recipes. All but the turkey recipe are grain-free and all are made with a single source of animal protein (aside from eggs in some). These recipes range in calories from 1,239 to 1,479 kcal/kg but, again, your dog’s meals are portioned out for you.

Cost Per Week/Month

For many dog owners, price is a serious concern when it comes to choosing a dog food brand. Fresh food is going to be more expensive than kibble on average, but it shouldn’t be prohibitively so. Your weekly and monthly cost will depend on your dog’s size and calorie requirements.

Nom Nom dog food costs between $3 and $10 per day, depending on the size of your dog, while Ollie starts at $2 per day and averages about $6. To determine the cost comparison for these two brands, we used our 30-pound test dog. He’s neutered, moderately active, and doesn’t need to lose weight. The weekly cost for Nom Nom was about $35 and the weekly cost for Ollie food was about $37.

If you have a very large dog, you may want to consider feeding a mixed diet of high-quality kibble or canned food AND fresh dog food. Nom Nom and Ollie can be offered as a fresh food topper. If you’re not sure how much to order, talk to a customer care representative to customize your order.

Other Factors

Both Nom Nom and Ollie are excellent choices in terms of quality, so we can understand if you’re having a hard time making your decision. In the end, it may come down to a simple matter of details.

One thing that made us choose Nom Nom over Ollie is the fact that the meals are pre-portioned according to your dog’s needs. This makes it easy to just throw a package or two in the fridge to thaw overnight and you’ll have a fresh meal for your dog each and every day. Ollie’s meals are still packaged in smaller containers, but you may have to transfer the leftovers to keep them fresh.

If your dog suffers from food allergies, you may need to talk directly to the customer care team. Both Nom Nom and Ollie offer four recipe choices so, if you know what your dog’s allergic to, you might be able to avoid it. Both offer chicken, beef, and turkey recipes but Nom Nom’s fourth option is pork which is a less common allergen than Ollie’s fourth, lamb.

A final detail worth mentioning is that Ollie offers four different dog treats and Nom Nom offers a few as well. The recipes change from time to time, especially Nom Nom which has a seasonal flavor.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

What you really need to know is that it’s still your choice what you feed your dog. You are your dog’s primary caregiver and it’s your responsibility to make sure he gets the quality nutrition he needs to live a long and healthy life by your side. If you’re able to afford a fresh food diet, we say go for it!

That being said, we’re not saying Ollie and Nom Nom are the only options. We encourage you to do your own research to find the best fit for your dog.

The one thing you need to remember is that the higher the quality nutrition you give your dog, the better. That doesn’t mean you necessarily need to go for the top-shelf product, however. You should feed your dog the best diet you can consistently afford. If fresh dog food like Ollie or Nom Nom is affordable to you, we hope you have the information you need to see why we recommend them.

Fresh Dog Food FAQs

Is fresh dog food worth the price?

You have to think of your dog’s health when you answer this question. Fresh dog food is higher in quality than the average kibble, but it’s about more than that. When you feed your dog well, it improves his nutrition and his overall health. You may end up spending a few dollars more per month, but you could end up saving money in the long run because your dog will be healthier. You may have fewer pricy vet bills and your dog may live longer as well.

What are the downsides of fresh dog food?

In terms of health and nutrition, there are no downsides to fresh dog food. The only negatives to consider are the cost and the challenge of storing it. Fresh food needs to be kept frozen until you’re ready to serve it and then it should be used within a few days of thawing it. Depending on your dog’s size and calorie needs, it could be pricy to feed fresh food versus kibble.

Can I sample Ollie or Nom Nom?

Because Nom Nom and Ollie aren’t sold in stores, you’ll have to order online. Nom Nom offers a four-pack sampler of their recipes which includes a 150g sample of each for a total price of $15. Ollie doesn’t offer samples, but you can order all four recipes in your first delivery if you want to try them. Both companies offer up to 50% off your first box as well.

Do I have to receive a delivery every month?

No, both Ollie and Nom Nom offer several different options when it comes to delivery. What they really care about is making sure your dog gets the right amount of food and that you don’t run out. If you prefer one delivery a month, that’s certainly an option. If you want more frequently deliveries, that’s fine too. Nom Nom lets you choose between weekly deliveries or deliveries once or twice a month. Both companies allow you to skip or reschedule deliveries if needed as well.

Can I cancel my subscription if I want to?

Yes, Nom Nom and Ollie are very flexible in terms of their subscriptions. You have the option to adjust your order as needed (within a certain time frame before shipment) and can pause or cancel your subscription at any time by contacting customer service. Keep in mind you won’t be able to change or cancel an order if it has already been shipped.

What are the options for returns?

Remember, Ollie and Nom Nom dog food is delivered fresh. The food itself is frozen, but it has a more limited shelf life than dry food and once thawed it only lasts a few days. These companies take every precaution to ensure your product is still frozen when it arrives, but they can’t accept returns because they won’t be able to guarantee the quality for another customer. You may not be able to return your fresh dog food if you’re not satisfied, but both companies are happy to work with you to find an acceptable resolution whether it’s a change to your subscription or a full refund.


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