The 5 Best Dog Shampoos and Conditioners for Golden Retrievers in 2023

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Golden Retrievers love to be outdoors and are incredibly playful and energetic animals. Since they like to play outside so much, the Golden’s coat is prone to holding in dirt and debris. To keep their coat looking clean and healthy, your Golden will need frequent grooming sessions with the correct tools. How often should you bathe your Golden Retriever, and what types of soaps can you use on him? We’ll offer some tips and advice for grooming and bathing your Golden. Find out what the top five shampoos are for Golden Retrievers are 2023 with our premier guide.

What are the different types of Golden Retriever shampoos?

Human beings have different hair care needs, and the same concept applies to your dog. It’s one of the reasons why when you go to the store, you’ll find dozens of different shampoos and conditioners in the hair care aisle. Dogs also have particular shampoo needs. For example, a shampoo that works for a breed with short, wiry fur may not be ideal for a dog that has a coat of fast-growing, silky hair. You won’t necessarily want to put the same shampoo you’d use on your Pit Bull on your Golden Retriever.

Likewise, two dogs of the same breed can have entirely separate shampoo and conditioner needs. If you have a dog that’s prone to fungal infections, he will need an antifungal shampoo. Meanwhile, your Golden Retriever puppy may require a more sensitive formula for his skin and coat needs. There are several different types of Golden Retriever shampoos. Let’s explore below.

Sensitive Skin

Just like some humans have sensitive skin, so can dogs. Inferior dog shampoos can cause allergic reactions, or inflame the dog’s skin. If you notice your Golden Retriever scratching a lot after a bath even if you’ve used a high-quality shampoo, he may just have sensitive skin. It’s a good idea to find a shampoo for him that is hypoallergenic and designed for dogs with sensitive skin.

Antifungal and Antibacterial Shampoos and Conditioners

Human and dog skin has beneficially, naturally-occurring bacteria on it. Yeast is one of these microorganisms. When yeast levels are within a normal range, the dog has healthy skin. But unfortunately, yeast can quickly grow out of control if the conditions are right. Risk factors for yeast infection include living in a hot, humid climate, recovering from illness or surgery, or eating poor-quality, sugar-laden foods.

A yeast infection can cause your dog to excessively scratch himself and chews on his paws. Untreated yeast infections will make a dog miserable and can also lead to bald patches and hot spots on their skin. If you suspect your dog has a yeast infection, you’ll need to take him to the vet to rule out any serious issues. Mites and parasites can also imitate a yeast infection. If your dog is prone to fungal and bacterial skin infections, there are conditioners and shampoos you can use to keep yeast at bay.

Shedding Control

The Golden Retriever’s coat is medium-length, lustrous, wavy, and soft, and possesses a double-coat. This breed is prone to excessive shedding. You can prevent excess fur from getting in the house by brushing your dog frequently outside. Your Golden will also need regular, professional grooming sessions year-round. You may need to brush and groom him more regularly in the spring and fall months when he loses and grows back his thick winter coat. You can use shedding control shampoos on your Golden to decrease shedding, but it’s not a cure-all. Owning a Golden means getting used to the stray fur that will inevitably show up on your clothes and furniture.

If your Golden is getting bald patches or seems to be losing more fur than normal, it could be a sign of a hormonal imbalance or parasites. Always have your dog checked by a vet if his coat starts to change. The health of a dog’s coat is a prime indicator of how healthy he is on the inside.

Dandruff Control

Dandruff is a skin condition where dead skin cells flake off excessively. Dandruff flakes can be oily or dry, and some dogs are more genetically prone to dandruff than others. The Golden Retriever is one of those breeds that’s prone to dandruff. Usually, dandruff is not a symptom of a severe disorder, although it can be. If your dog has suddenly developed dandruff, take him to the vet to make sure he isn’t suffering from something more serious.

Keeping your Golden’s coat clean, regularly brushed, and his skin and fur moisturized can significantly cut down on dandruff. You can also use a dandruff control shampoo and conditioner on him come bath time to get rid of those excess flakes.

Deodorizing Shampoo

Some dogs are a little on the smelly side. Usually, it’s nothing to worry about. If you’ve ever noticed that your Golden starts to smell shortly after a bath or a professional grooming session, that’s normal. All dogs secrete natural, beneficial skin oils from their pores that work to keep the coat and skin moistened and healthy. But those oils can smell. Also, if you don’t regularly brush your Golden, those oils can quickly build up and emit a funny odor. If you want to keep your dog smelling fresh after bath time, you might want to consider investing in a high-quality deodorizing shampoo for Golden Retrievers.

Top 5 Tips for Keeping Your Golden Retriever’s Coat Healthy and Clean

1. Feed your high-quality dog foods

Commercial-grade dog food is often laced with artificial colors and flavors that will do nothing to nourish your dog. These fillers may look good and possibly even taste good to Fido, but they can lead to severe nutritional deficiencies down the line. On top of that, poor-quality food will also prevent your dog’s coat from looking its best. If you’ve been feeding your dog a commercial brand and his coat looks a little dull and scruffy, the food might be to blame. Dogs should eat food that is free of artificial ingredients, corn and soy and instead uses a lot of whole meat and protein products. Avoid kibble with byproducts like beaks or chicken feet. High-quality dog food should have chicken, lamb, turkey, and fish in it.

2. Supplement with fish oils

Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are ideal for keeping your dog’s coat shiny and soft. You can find these nutrients in salmon and tuna. Also, there are high-quality dog supplements you can give your Golden so he can get these beneficial nutrients in his diet.

3. Brush your Golden Retriever regularly

In the summer and winter months, your Golden will need brushed about every three days or so. When he starts to shed his winter coat in the spring or starts to grow his winter coat in the fall, he’ll need to be brushed every day. You’ll want to use a good slicker brush and an undercoat rake to get rid of the excess fur before it lands on your couch.

4. Regularly check for parasites

The Golden Retriever’s thick and wavy coat can make it easy for ticks and fleas to hide. Giving your dog regular flea, tick, and worm medication can prevent these nasty critters from wrecking his health and the appearance of his coat. If your dog’s coat looks dull and he seems sluggish, and his appetite is missing, he might have a parasite. Your vet can give him medications to destroy nutrient-sucking parasites.

5. Use the right shampoos and conditioners for the Golden Retriever

If your Golden has a specific skin condition, your vet may recommend a particular product to use for bath time. But for healthy Goldens, you’ll want to pick a formula that has vitamin E or oatmeal in it. These ingredients promote healthy, soft skin and fur. The long wavy coat of the Golden is also prone to tangles and knots, so it’s a good idea to use a shampoo and conditioner combo. These products tend to work best at detangling long fur.

Best Golden Retriever Shampoos 2023

Our top pick for 2023 Golden Retriever shampoo is…

Buddy Wash Original Lavender and Mint Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

Key Benefits:

  • The two-in-one formula is convenient for you and ideal for minimizing tangles and knots in the Golden’s wavy, long coat.
  • The coconut-oil base in the formula is extra soothing and moisturizing.
  • This product will keep your pet’s coat looking shiny and soft.
  • This shampoo includes Vitamin E.

This product is ideal for the Golden’s long and wavy coat. Coconut-oil and the moisturizing, two-in-one formula in this product will keep tangles in check. Plus, the product smells delicious and will naturally deodorize your pet.

What are the pros and cons of using Buddy Wash Original?

Pros: Smells great, and works up a rich, moisturizing lather that is easy to rinse out. This formula won’t leave behind itchy, irritating soap residue. The product is safe for puppies.

Cons: This shampoo and conditioner combo does not have any antifungal properties, so it’s not a good choice for dog’s suffering from yeast overgrowth.

The Runner-Up:

2019’s second place winner for best dog shampoo for the Golden Retriever is…

4-legger Organic, Hypo-allergenic, Lemongrass, and Aloe Shampoo

Key Benefits:

  • Antifungal and antibacterial properties make this shampoo an excellent choice for dogs with skin infections.
  • The shampoo is incredibly moisturizing and won’t strip your dog’s skin of natural oils.
  • This formula is hypoallergenic.

4-leggers organic shampoo is a good choice if your Golden Retriever suffers from an itchy fungus infection. Dogs with sensitive skin may also enjoy this product because it is hypoallergenic and organic.

What are the pros and cons of using this shampoo for your Golden Retriever?

Pros: This formula will help control yeast and fungus and also keep your dog’s coat moisturized and shiny. If you’re bathing a Golden Retriever puppy, this formula is safe for young dogs.

Cons: This isn’t a two-in-one formula, and it isn’t tear-free.

7 Tips for Bathing a Golden Retriever

  1. Use lukewarm water. Dogs are highly sensitive to hot temperatures and what may seem like a good temp to you is probably too hot for the dog. Always err on the side of caution.
  2. Brush your Golden before you get him wet. This will help the water and product soak into his coat and also prevent matting.
  3. Talk in a reassuring, excited voice when bathing your Golden Retriever puppy. Use treats if you have to coax him into the tub.
  4. Put an old towel down in the bottom of the tub so he won’t slip while you bathe him.
  5. Don’t rub the product in. Otherwise, you can mat the dog’s fur. Instead, apply the product in a gentle motion making sure your hands only go in one direction.
  6. Rinse the product out front to back to avoid getting anything in the dog’s eyes or ears.
  7. Pat your dog dry instead of rubbing the fur to cut down on tangles and knots. Allow him to air dry and give him a treat.

What are some other top-rated shampoos and conditioners for Golden Retrievers?

We’ve searched high and low for high-quality best-smelling shampoos and conditioners for Goldens. Here are our other three top picks – one of which is a highly effective, shedding control shampoo.

FAQ for Bathing Your Golden Retriever

Can I use human shampoo or conditioner on my Golden Retriever?

Human soaps are formulated for a human being’s pH levels. Human’s skin is slightly more acidic than a dog’s. When you use human shampoos and conditioners on a Golden Retriever, you will throw his skin’s pH levels out of balance. He can become itchy, and his skin can become inflamed. Always use soaps that are specially designed for dogs on your Golden Retriever.

How often should I bathe my Golden Retriever?

Healthy Golden Retrievers that aren’t show dogs need to be bathed about once every two months. If your dog gets dirty playing outside, he might need a bath more frequently. However, it’s crucial that you don’t bathe your Golden too often. Too much bathing can dry out his skin and make him itchy and anxious. If your dog gets dirty a lot, consider wiping him down with wet wipes for dogs, or using just a damp washcloth to spot clean any problem areas on his coat.

How should I wash my dog’s face?

You’ll want to be careful only to use tear-free soaps on the dog’s face. Soak a wet washcloth and wipe down his face until it is wet. Then, you can apply tear-free shampoo with an applicator bottle to any problem areas. Use a toothbrush to work up a lather, then rinse it off with a clean, wet washcloth until all of the soap is gone.

The Golden Retriever’s happy-go-lucky nature and beautiful coat make him a sight to behold and a great family pet. Try one of these top dog shampoos for Golden Retrievers the next time your furry friend is due for a bath.

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