Dog Neutering: The Essentials that You Need to Know

Although dog neutering sometimes leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths, it is actually recommended that pet owners get their dogs neutered. It offers numerous health benefits for your furry friend. Additionally, it can eliminate bad behavior in the dog and help mellow them down. The procedure is also relatively simple. On top of it, there are rarely any complications, and the surgery is short and so is the recovery time, meaning no overnight stays at the vet’s place.

What Age is Appropriate for Dog Neutering?

A dog aged between 6 and 9 months can be neutered. This is the typical age that your vet will recommend for the neutering process. However, some puppies may be neutered when they are merely eight weeks old. But you should always ask a vet before neutering your dog.

Always go to a highly recommended and licensed vet who has performed numerous neutering surgeries.

Why You Should Neuter Your Dog

  1. If your dog is aggressive, neutering will make him much more passive. Testosterone hormone can cause aggression in dogs. By neutering your dog, you will see a big difference in his aggression within the process of two weeks. The surgery limits the amount of testosterone produced by your dog.
  2. Stop marking! Male dogs love to mark their territory, which may include your favorite chair, living room, or wherever they can hike their leg. Neutering will not stop your dog from lifting his leg, though he may squat for a few days to a week after the surgery. But it will prevent him from marking. Dogs mark to claim territory since testosterone is flowing through their body, making them want to compete with other dogs and stake their claim. Neutering will easily fix this issue.
  3. If your dog is constantly mounting items, neutering is another quick fix. Your dog’s hormones are in overdrive usually when he is a one-to-two year old, making them avid mounters. The act of mounting relieves sexual tension in your dog, and the act is also brought about by testosterone. Neutering fixes this by relieving the urge to constantly mount. Your dog may occasionally mount another dog to show dominance, but this behavior is easy to fix if he has been neutered.
  4. Protect your dog from future health problems. It is clinically proven that neutered dogs live longer than those that are not fixed. This is because the surgery reduces your dog’s chances of contracting testicular cancer or having prostate issues.

Regardless of the reason behind your decision to fix your pet, neutering your dog is one of the best decisions you can make for your furry friend. Dog neutering reduces your dog’s bad habits and helps reduce his risk of contracting serious medical problems. It’s a simple surgical procedure, and your dog will be pain free within 24 to 48 hours.

He might be still sensitive in the area, but there will not be a lot of pain coinciding with the surgery. For the first days after the surgery, your dog may act a little distant, and this is normal and he will soon recover to his happier, healthier self shortly.

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