Top 57 Dog Blogs – The Best Dog Websites You Should Know About And Follow

Here at Puppy Dogger, we know that the Internet is full of all sorts of information about dog ownership and care. And despite that, most of the times you need to go through countless websites before finding the information you need. In order to help you find all the answers, you are looking for from reputable sources we listed our favorite dog blogs to follow. That way all the information and dog care tips and tricks will be a few clicks away. Check our list and find your go-to source for any dog related question you might have. Please note, that the blogs listed below don’t come in any particular order and they are all worthy of your attention.

Top Dog Blogs 2023

Adopt A Pet

Adopt A Pet is North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website that helps pet rescue organizations to advertise their homeless pets for free. Their blogs are written by expert professionals in animal behavior and training. Besides useful information about adopting, you can find many articles about general pet care and ownership. Their YouTube channel is full of useful training and entertaining videos that will show you how to keep your pup well behaved. Support the noble cause and adopt a canine companion through Adopt A Pet. Or if you already have a dog, check out their blogs that are full of worthy information about every day life with four-legged friends.

Labrador Training HQ

Labrador Training HQ

Labrador Training is the go-to source of information for many Labrador Retriever owners. If you haven’t checked it out already, then now is the time, especially if you own a Labrador. Although, this website specializes in all things Labrador related, there are plenty of articles that can help owners of other breeds. Dietary, grooming, health, and behavioral advice are just to name a few and they can be applied to other breeds as well. Make Labrador Training your go-to source for all things related to this breed, and start training and building a bond with your pup from a young age. Besides useful information about adopting, you can find many articles about general pet care and ownership. Their YouTube channel is full of useful training and entertaining videos that will show you how to keep your pup well behaved. Support the noble cause and adopt a canine companion through Adopt A Pet. Or if you already have a dog, check out their blogs that are full of worthy information about every day life with four-legged friends.

Dog Spot

Dog Spot is number 1. dog website in India and strives to help dog lovers and owners find relevant information in one place. Besides wellness, grooming, training, and adoption categories you can also buy various dog products through this blog. Moreover, Dog Spot features information for upcoming dog shows in India, so every owner can get his pup ready on time. With so many valuable articles in one place Dog Spot definitely makes the life of dog lovers and owners easier.

Modern Dog

Modern Dog is not just a website, it’s a magazine too, and you can order it for a reasonable price. If you opt for free information their page has it all. Finding a perfect dog breed that will fit with your lifestyle is no longer a problem since Modern Dog has a list of breeds and their traits. Also, there is a number of categories with answers to common canine care questions. And if you are a creative type, here you will find a great number of DIY project from dog collars, ice cream, treats, and many more. So if you are looking for a website with all the answers to your questions start following Modern Dog.

The Bark

The Bark is a magazine of modern dog culture and during the past 20 years, it gained huge readership. Its primary focus is to show owners how to live happily and in harmony with their canine companions. This is an award winning magazine that features experts in animal training, behavior, and health. The magazine is published four times a year, but you can stay in touch with all the dog relevant topics by following the blog.


Dogalize is a website dedicated to both cats and dogs and features informative and funny articles for all animal lovers. It also has a book shop section, and each purchase donates a meal to abandoned dogs in shelters. There is a number of useful articles about dog and cat ownership, training, and behavior if you are searching for a reputable source of information. Dogalize has a great number of articles concerning health, care, nutrition, and tips about everyday life with dogs.

Puppy Leaks

Puppy Leaks is founded by Jen Gabbard who wanted to share what she learned about dog behavior from her dog Laika. Since then her blog evolved and features useful tricks and tips for dog owners. If you like reading about other peoples experiences with canine ownership that you need to check this blog. Jen covers topics that are of the most interest to dog owners and share her experiences dealing with common behavioral problems and daily life with dogs.


Here Pup strives to be one of the only dedicated dog new sources, and that include celebrity dogs, dog new, and product recalls. Their team of experts does their best to provide you with all current dog-related topics to keep you up with new trends. Among funny dog articles, you can also read in-depth pieces about nutrition, grooming, health, training, behavior, and breeds. Here Pup also features product reviews in order to help you find good and high-quality products for your pup. With such a wide coverage of different dog-related topics Here Pup is a blog you definitely need to check out.


Dogster is a very popular website that offers valuable information for both seasoned and new owners. Their team of experts tries to cover every relevant topic about dog ownership and introduces you to your dog’s needs. With so many articles about dog health, care, food, training, and lifestyle we can say that they are doing a great job answering all the common questions. Their forum is a great place for owners to share their experiences and get answers, so we advise you to check it.


Kurgo is a website that is at the same time the name of the dog gear products. Brothers Kitter and Gordie realized that dogs are part of the family and created durable dog gear that makes family trips and vacations enjoyable and safe. Next to the online shop, Kurgo also features a blog that features tips and tricks for a fun outdoorsy experience. So if you and your pup spend great amounts of time outside, we suggest that you check Kurgo for valuable information.


Dogtopia isn’t just a blog, but a business that offers modern facilities where you can leave your pet in cases when he can’t travel with you. They also provide services of dog daycare and spa, and a highly trained team to make sure he has a great time. Their dog blog is easy to read and not completely focused on their services, so it can offer valuable information about general care. If you by any chance need the services of their doggy daycare, their blog offers advice how to prepare him for that experience.

Dog Food Insider

Dog Food Insider is a well-known and popular source of dietary information for dog owners. The website also offers tons of information about nutrition, food recalls, product reviews, and other helpful facts. If you didn’t follow this blog before it is time to start now since proper nutrition is a very important part of dog ownership. The blogs are easy to read and understand and can offer value both to seasoned and first-time owners.

Walkin’ Pets

Walkin’ Pets by Handicapped Pets was created to bring awareness that old, injured, or disabled animals deserve a happy life. This blog strives to teach owners that noways an injured dog doesn’t need to be euthanised. Walking’ Pets is full of success stories from owners whose dogs have the same quality of life with a little help of a wheelchair, rear supportive leash, or diapers. So don’t give up hope just yet, and check this blog if you own a disabled dog.

Puppy In Training

If you want to learn how to train your puppy from the professionals then Puppy In Training is a blog you need to follow. Colby Morita shares his tricks about raising and training service dog puppies for people with disabilities. Besides training advice, you will find enjoyable and easy to read articles about living with a puppy. And although puppies are a joy to be around, they can be a handful sometimes. So follow the expert advice for a well-behaved and happy puppy.

Smart Dog University

Smart Dog University is a blog created by Laurie Luck who helps people learn that dogs need more than food and a warm place to sleep. She helps both dogs and owners to develop that long-lasting bond that is full of partnership and trust. Her blog is easy to read, and full of inspirational stories and tips for a better understanding of our canine companion. We love her dedication and obvious devotion towards dogs and are sure you will too.

Australian Dog Lover

Australian Dog Lover is a website that promotes responsible canine ownership and besides blog has health, training, lifestyle and other sections. And although the blog features relevant news for Australian dog owners there are plenty of things every owner finds interesting. Blogs are informative an easy to read and cover a wide range of different topics. And for more information, you can always check other sections of the website.

You Did What With Your Weiner?

You Did What With Your Weiner is a blog run by Jessica and features hers and adventures of her two Dachshunds. This blog is full of useful tips about getting outdoors and having the time of your life with your pup. If you love hiking and traveling with your dog you will find great tips how to make most of it and above all, have a safe trip. And if you need a little help getting motivated to venture outside this blog is full of inspirational stories that will help you overcome health and physical challenges.

Go Pet Friendly

Go Pet Friendly is a website that offers enormous help to owners that want to travel with their dogs. You will find pet friendly hotels, restaurants, beaches, and tool to plan a pet friendly trip. The Take Paws Blog is a part of Go Pet Friendly website and offers valuable insight into dog-friendly hiking trails and National Parks. There are so many useful tips and tricks to transform a trip with your pup into a true adventure.

Dog Cancer Blog

The Dog Cancer Blog was founded in 2008 when dr Demian Dressler started writing it. Ever since then this is a blog dedicated to helping owners and dogs fight cancer together. This is the main source of relevant and reliable information when it comes to canine cancer, and blogs are full of valuable information. There is also a section with advice from other dog owners who had to deal with this disease and helpful information. Besides being the number one source of information about canine cancer, this blog also offers support for owners, and with a team of doctors a chance for recovery.

Dobias Natural Healing

Dr. Dobias Natural Healing is a blog dedicated to natural healing and the benefits of holistic approach. The blog is full of information for owners looking for effective and natural ways to deal with their dog’s health problems. Dr. Peter Dobias writes easily readable and very informative articles about common health problems and concerns. This blog features other aspects of dog ownership and strives to help you find healthier and safer solutions to your dog’s problems.

Total German Shepherd

You guessed it, Total German Shepherd website is dedicated to this magnificent breed of working dogs and contains information about everything related to it. If you own or are planning to get a German Shepherd that you need to check this website. The blog section of Total German Shepherd website is full of owners stories about their precious dogs, and you are welcome to join the community. We can say with confidence that any and all of your questions about this breed will be answered in enjoyable to read and informative articles. So don’t miss out, and start reading this website as your go-to source for anything German Shepherd related.

Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund

Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund is a blog dedicated to this amazingly photogenic dog named after Robinson Crusoe. This is a rather funny blog that is full of pictures and follows the life of this dog. The blog is written from the Crusoe’s perspective and it will certainly put a smile on your face. Crusoe is also featured in his own show, and this dog certainly knows how to be dressed for every occasion.

It’s Dog Or Nothing

It’s Dog Or Nothing is a blog dedicated to Great Pyrenees and contains useful information about large breeds in general. Kelsie is the writer of the blog and a mom of two Great Pyrenees and strives to introduce these gentle giants to other people. This blog is full of easy DIY project, training tips, nutritional information, and product reviews. We love reading Kelsie’s first hand experiences with this breed and are sure that you will like it too.

Dog Training Nation

Dog Training Nation is one of the most readable dog blogs and it offers information about everything related to dog training. You want to train your puppy to behave nice, or you have an aggressive dog and you are desperate for help? Fanna Easter is a lead blog contributor and professional dog trainer that will provide answers and solutions for your unique situation. With highly informative and helpful articles Dog Training Nation should definitely be on your reading list.

Fidose Of Reality

Fidose Of Reality is a blog that primary features information related to Cocker Spaniels. Still, you will find valuable and up to date information on other breeds. This blog features health, wellness, doggy lifestyle and travel amongst other things and delivers information in a friendly and easy to read tone of voice. So if you want to be up to date with all Cocker Spaniel news then this blog is a worthy source of information.

Senior Tail Waggers

Senior Tail Waggers is managed by Sue who is a dog owner whole her life and wants to help owners adjust and care properly for an older dog. Being a senior doesn’t mean that your dog can’t be happy, playful, and healthy. Sue covers a range of topics regarding ownership of a senior dog, and having it all in one place is really blessing in the sky. You can explore informative and well-written articles that will help you figure out the needs of your dog and keep him healthy.

Just Food For Dogs

Just Food For Dogs is a blog written by expert veterinary nutritionists and was selected as one of “Top 100 Dog Blogs” on the web. As the name suggests it, this website has a wide range of food-related articles. Still, you can also find helpful information about other parts of dog ownership. And since it is written by professionals, it is a trustworthy source dog related information.

Dog Milk

Dog Milk is a website dedicated to modern dog designs and gives owners an opportunity to find new and interesting dog products. This website doesn’t sell those products, but direct readers to a website with the product where you can buy it directly. The website is full of different categories like beds, clothing, toys, collars and other things every dog needs. So if you are looking for something different that will go with the lifestyle of your pet, then The Milk is the place to look for it.

Dog Star Daily

Dog Star Daily is a website that is aware of the importance of proper training and proper dog behavior and deals primarily with these issues. You can also get a free textbook with everything you need to know about training your puppy. Besides information about training and behavioral problems, this website has a blog that also covers other aspects of canine ownership. These blogs are full of valuable information and will help you train your pup like a pro.


PuppyDogger is a blog that contains information about dogs of all life stages and is as one of 2018 Top Rated Pet Blog. That is no wonder, when you consider that it covers a very wide range of topics and gives insight into every part of dog ownership. PuppyDogger is created out of profound love for dogs, and it strives to help owners learn as much as they can about their dog’s needs. And with a well written, easy to read, and in-depth pieces that won’t be so hard to do.

My Brown Newfies

We all love reading about first-hand experiences and My Brown Newfies is that type of blog. The author Jennifer is an owner of two Newfoundlands and her blog is mainly dedicated to them and large breeds. In this blog, you will find tried out recommendations for products, treats, grooming, and overall everything that a dog owner encounter every day. Articles are fun to read, offer real value, and are full of great pictures.

Woof Dog

Woof Dog is a website about holistic pet care and alternative canine medicine. They thoroughly research products in order to help you find the best and effective one. Also, you will find articles about nutrition, health, treats, grooming, and articles about use of dog products. Woof Dog is a source of well researched and interesting topics that will prove valuable to any dog owner.

Diamond Pup

Diamond Pup is a website that offers insight into different breeds and their needs in order to help people make the best possible choice when getting a new dog. Besides that, categories like health, training, nutrition, and grooming are there to make dog ownership easier. The website is easy to navigate and has in-depth researched articles and some of them cover product reviews. Even though the Diamond Pup targets first-time owners it can be a great source of information for all pet parents.

Poodle HQ

Poodle HQ has poodles covered. Whether it’s a standard, a miniature, or a poo mix the articles on this website guide you through the in’s and out’s of owning these curly, hypoallergenic, non-shedding cuties.

Seattle Dog Spot

Seattle Dog Spot is a go-to place for owners who live in Seattle area since they feature dog events, lost dogs, and their blog. The blogs main focus are weekend events, and other activities interesting to pet parents from this area. So if you live in Seattle, and you are a dog owner then this is a blog you definitely need to follow in order to keep up with all interesting news.

Dogs Life

Dogs Life delivers all relevant dog news and besides the blog, has other sections with useful and interesting articles. Their blog covers a range of different topics that are friendly voiced and of value to dog parents. Although this is an Australian website it is made that way to offer information and helpful advice to all dog owners everywhere. So no matter where you are, Dogs Life can offer great insight into the needs of your pup.

Club Dogue

Dogue is a brand of dog boutique and spas that offer all the delights your pup might need. And although their primary focus in on their sales and spa and retreat reservation, they do have a great blog. Club Dogue is a blog that offers useful advice, tips, and tricks about always current topics like health, care, and grooming. With so many trendy and always actual topics it would be a shame to not follow this vibrant blog.

Dog Tipper

Dog Tipper is a blog that celebrates owners and rescue dogs and tries to bring awareness to how many lovely animals are waiting for a new home. This is a positive and fun website that encourages owners to ask questions. Dog Tripper is full of joyful and entertaining stories for owners who want to have fun with their adopted dogs. So you can find all sorts of recipes and advice on how to make your dog’s life even more enjoyable.

Deaf Dogs Rock

Deaf Dog Rocks started as a blog and developed into a non-profit organization that helps adopt deaf dogs. Besides that, it provides valuable information about care, training, and well being of deaf dogs. Their blog is full of successful adoption stories, adoption tips, and helpful information about the needs of deaf dogs. Deaf Dogs Rocks is worth reading and supporting even if you don’t have a deaf pup because of its humane cause.

My Itchy Dog

My Itchy Dog was created by Kate who is an animal lover and pet owner once she realized that bad food was inflicting her cat’s itchy skin. She advocates natural approach and healthy nutrition as ways of dealing with itchy skin, and she also made a line of products. Kate isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind, and her blog posts are a real eye-opener and a joy to read. Besides natural cures for itchy skin, she writes also about safe other natural alternatives that will help you improve your dog’s health.

Sidewalk Dog

Sidewalk Dog is your local guide for all dog-friendly things. From where to walk your dog, which restaurants are canine friendly, to fun ways to spend time with your pup. Among other useful sections, their blog is full of useful tips how to spend a great time outside with your dog. There is a variety of informative and always current articles about dog ownership which makes Sidewalk Dog an unavoidable stop for every owner.

Kol’s Notes

Kol’s Notes is a go-to place if you are looking for a fun and creative source for DIY projects, dog care, health, and training. This blog covers all the essentials with step by step instructions with a lot of pictures. The friendly tone and variety of fun projects are definitely worth checking out. And for all of you who are less creative Kol’s notes also features useful information about life with dogs.

Dog Shaming

Dog Shaming is a website where owners can upload funny pictures of their mischevious dogs. The place is full of dogs caught during the act and some of them come with a description of the situation. So if you have a pooch that deserves some shaming you can upload his picture on this website. Dog Shaming will definitely brighten your day so it’s worth checking out.

Cockapoo HQ

Cockapoo HQ is a website dedicated to mix-breed cross between Cocker Spaniel breeds or Poodle. It contains relevant information about health, grooming, and care. Their blog is written in a friendly voice and has a wide range of articles concerning some of the most common questions. So if you own a Cockapoo, this blog will have answers to all of your questions.

Your Dog

Your Dog is a website that provides informative and well researched articles about wide range of topics concerning dog ownership. Their blog is well-writen, informative and also covers all aspect of life with a dog. Your Dog is a perfect spot for all owners who are looking for wide range of information in one place. Easy to navigate and full of different categories this blog is a valuable source of useful advice and information.

Blog Barks

Blog Barks is a part of Wag The Dog UK website that was created by Trina in the honor of her Beagle Maggie. Just like the lives of so many dog owners, Trina’s life is all about her dog, and she wanted to share her experiences with other owners. Blog Barks contains product reviews, care tips, dog news, and wag cool section. We were delighted to read first-hand experiences and are sure that you will also enjoy Trina’s personal insight.

That Mutt

That Mutt is a dog blog created by Lindsay Stordahl and its goal is to help owners understand their dogs better. This blog features topics like dog training and behavior but also covers other topics of interest to dog owners. These blogs are a joy to read and provide useful insight into many aspects of dog ownership. We like that The Mutt covers so many topics of interest and strives to help owners bond and care for their pets properly.

Pretty Fluffy

Pretty Fluffy is run by a dedicated team that wants to make life with dogs more enjoyable and sweet for all owners. So if you are looking for latest dog trends, great DIY projects and recipes or anything related to pet lifestyle, this blog has it all. You will find carefully written and informative articles full of colorful and professional grade pictures that enhance the reading experience. Pretty Fluffy covers a wide range of topics and will help you keep up will all the latest trends and offer useful tips for proper dog care.

Hero Dogs

Hero Dogs is a non-profit corporation that raises, trains, and places dogs that offer companionship and support to Veterans. Their noble cause is totally free of charge and their mission is to improve the lives of heroes and pairs them with the right dog. They have a variety of training programs and you can help by donating or getting involved in this noble cause. Their articles are worth reading and will offer a wide range of information about their program and dog training.

Leader Dogs

Leader Dogs for the Blind was founded in 1939 as the Lions Leader Dog Foundation. They have a variety of guide dog training programs for blind and deaf people. This website offers valuable information about this noble cause, and their blog is full of relevant news and information about leader dogs.

Golden Woofs

Golden Woofs is a blog created by Rosalyn who is a proud parent of a Golden Retriever Koru Bear. Her blog covers all things related to this breed and if you are an owner of Golden Retriever this blog is worth following. You will find a wide range of healthy recipes for dog treats that are full of amazing pictures and instructions. Golden Woofs also features product reviews, pet travel, and dog’s health section that will help you care about your Golden Retriever.

Ruff Wear

Ruff Wear is a brand of dog gear that strives to enhance the outdoor experience for both you and your pup. Their blog features various categories aimed to help you have the best possible adventure with your dog. Besides that, they also cover other topics of interest and their blogs are full of amazing pictures that will motivate you to take a hike with your dog. Safety is number one concern when you are venturing outdoors with your dog and this blog has useful tips for a safe and fun adventure.

Fido Friendly

Fido Friendly is a travel and lifestyle magazine and a guide to dog-friendly accommodations across U.S and Canada. Their blog doesn’t only cover travel, but also latess trends, health, wellness, product reviews and more. With Fido Friendly planning your family vacation will be just a breeze and you will find valuable information about accommodations and tips for planning. Fido Friendly is definitely full of helpful tips and will ensure that your dog spends every vacation with you.

Paw Curious

Paw Curious is created by Dr. Jessica Vogelsang who is one of the most read veterinarians on the web. Her articles are fun to read and offer expert advice and tips that will help you understand your dog. Dr. Jessica covers a wide range of topics that are always relevant, and her blogs offer real value and first-hand experience. It is a real delight reading her advice and this blog should be on your must-read list.

Dog IDs

Dog IDs is a how to dog blog that covers training, health, safety, id tags, dog collars, dog leashes. It also has you and your dog section that features stories and has useful articles about a wide range of topics. Their blogs are informative and easy to read and will give answers to a variety of questions. And although they have a large number of articles about id tags, collars, and leashes, there is also plenty of other advice that is worth reading as well.


Dogmal is dedicated to providing a wide range of information about everything you should know about dogs. They strive to help people realize that dogs have different personalities and offer advice on how to bond and experience everything a dog is willing to give. Their articles are easy to read, offer true value and cover breeds, health, adoption, toys, product reviews and much more. So if you are looking for a reputable source of information you better start following Dogmal.


The internet is full of information regarding dogs and tips for better ownership, but in the sea of so many information sometimes it can be hard finding exactly what you need. So we decided to help you by making the list of reputable blogs that offer the first-hand experience and tried out tips and tricks. Finding a worthwhile blog that you will enjoy reading can be time-consuming and frustrating. Luckily you have them all now in one place, and we hope that some of them will be just the thing you needed.

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