Darwin’s Natural Pet Products: Our Review and In-Depth Recipe Analysis

A Quick Look at Darwin’s

Before we tell you everything you need to know about Darwin’s, let’s start with the basics. Darwin’s Natural Pet Products is a raw dog food delivery company that offers three lines of frozen raw dog food. This company operates on a subscription basis and sends pre-portioned patties of raw dog food right to your door. Darwin’s helps you determine exactly how much to feed your dog and gives you the option to select from a variety of recipes according to your dog’s preferences. We think you’ll both love it. 

What makes a dog healthy? You can’t always gauge a dog’s health just by looking at him, but it’s pretty obvious when a dog is unhealthy. Some of the most common signs of poor health in dogs include obesity or excessive weight, poor coat condition, low energy, lack of appetite, and poor growth.

All you want is for your dog to be healthy and happy. The best thing you can do for your dog’s health is choose a high-quality diet that provides for his nutritional needs.

Dogs have specific nutritional requirements for protein, fat, and essential nutrients (vitamins and minerals). The majority of the dog foods you find on pet store shelves are formulated to provide for these basic needs, but that doesn’t mean all dog foods are created equal. The quality of the ingredients and the process used to prepare the food makes a big difference.

If you want what’s best for your dog, we encourage you to consider a raw dog food diet. Raw food for dogs is one of the least processed options on the market. The less the ingredients are processed, the more they retain their original nutrition which means more nutrients for your dog. There are several options for raw dog food on the market, but Darwin’s is one of the best options out there.

We’re going to tell you everything there is to know about Darwin’s and give you a little insight into what they have to offer. We understand the importance of making an informed decision for yourself and for your dog, and we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about this company!

What You Need to Know About Darwin’s

The story of Darwin’s goes back to the founder’s experience with his dog Max. Gary Tashjian, founder of Darwin’s Natural Pet Products, became concerned when his 10-year-old dog started suffering from chronic arthritis. After traditional approaches failed to deliver relief, Tashjian set out on his own to create a remedy in the form of raw dog food. With the help of a holistic veterinarian, Tashjian created a diet that helped strengthen Max’s immune system so his body could combat the arthritis. Improving immunity is just one of the many benefits raw dog food has to offer.

Fortunately, Max began to recover which cemented Tashjian’s decision to take his raw dog food recipes national. And thus, Darwin’s Natural Pet Products was born. Darwin’s is a raw pet food company that offers several different product lines. For dogs, there are three lines to choose from and two of the three are also available in raw cat food form.

Here’s an overview of the three product lines:

  • Natural Selections – A premium line of raw dog food, Natural Selections is made with cage-free or pasture-raised proteins and organic vegetables. All recipes are grain-free.
  • BioLogics – The more affordable of the two main lines, BioLogics is made with conventionally-raised meat and veggies. These recipes consist of about 75% meat and 25% vegetables.
  • Intelligent Design – This line consists of veterinary formulas designed to provide extra support for dogs with specific health issues like liver or kidney disease and joint disorders.

Now that you have a little background on the brand, let’s take a closer look:

How the Products Are Made

Every Darwin’s raw dog food recipe starts with high-quality ingredients including real meat or poultry and fresh veggies. Depending which product line you choose, your dog could be enjoying pasture-raised meat or cage-free poultry and organic veggies. Even if you select the more economical BioLogics line, the quality of your dog’s diet will never be in question.

Of their raw pet food products, Darwin’s says the following:

“At Darwin’s we believe that all pet owners should have the opportunity to feed their pets a healthy meal made from high quality ingredients. Our goal is to make feeding your pet fresh, healthy, quality raw meals convenient and affordable.”

Darwin’s takes quality seriously which is why they visit every farm that raises the animals they source from and make sure their suppliers follow good farming and animal welfare practices.

When it comes to preparation of their raw dog food recipes, Darwin’s utilizes 75% real meat and 25% fresh vegetables with a small amount of nutrient mix to ensure complete and balanced nutrition. None of their products contain grains which helps to ensure digestibility. Their dog food is completely raw, so there’s nothing to compromise the nutritional quality of your dog’s diet.

How Much Does It Cost?

Shopping for dog food can be tough because there are so many options, but it’s important to avoid narrowing down those options by price alone. While high-quality dog food is bound to be more expensive, pricey dog food isn’t guaranteed to be good. You should expect raw dog food recipes to cost more than the average dry food, but Darwin’s is actually surprisingly affordable.

When you place your first order for Darwin’s raw dog food, you’ll receive an introductory price of $14.95 for your first 10 pounds. Depending how much food your dog requires according to his weight, Darwin’s will calculate how long those 10 pounds should last and will tell you when your next shipment will arrive. You’ll also see the full price for each shipment and the breakdown of the weekly price.

Experts generally recommend feeding a dog 2% to 4% of his bodyweight per day, divided into the desired number of meals. Each Darwin’s raw dog food patty is equivalent to an 8-ounce cup of dry food, so it’s easy to determine how much food to give your dog.

Here are some estimates provided by Darwin’s regarding feeding amounts:

  • 10-pound dog – About 2 to 2.5 lbs. per week (10 lbs. per month)
  • 25-pound dog – About 8 lbs. per week (32 lbs. per month)
  • 75-pound dog – About 10 to 10.5 lbs. per week (42 lbs. per month)
  • 100-pound dog – About 14 lbs. per week (56 lbs. per month)

The cost to feed your dog Darwin’s raw dog food depends on the recipes you choose and how much your dog needs. The Natural Selections line ranges from $5.79 per pound (chicken) to $8.19 per pound (lamb) while the BioLogics line ranges from $4.69 (chicken) to $5.89 (beef) per pound. The Intelligent Design line of products is significantly more expensive, ranging up to nearly $9 per pound.

Using a 30-pound dog as an example to give you an idea how much Darwin’s costs, you’re looking at a weekly price around $43 for the Natural Selections line and about $35/week for BioLogics.

What’s the Subscription Process Like?

Because Darwin’s raw food isn’t available in stores, you’ll have to order it through the website. The process is very similar to other fresh dog food delivery services – you simply provide some basic information about your dog to receive recipe recommendations then start a subscription.

Here are the steps you’ll follow to subscribe to Darwin’s:

  1. Click the “Try Now” button on the home page
  2. Fill in your pet’s name, weight, and species
  3. Provide the zip code for your delivery location
  4. Select the meat varieties you want (up to 3 for cats, 5 for dogs)
  5. Click “Add to Cart” then “Checkout Now” after review
  6. Fill in your billing and shipping information then submit

When you order Darwin’s raw dog food, it will arrive at your door frozen. Darwin’s seeks to preserve the nutritional value of their products by keeping them as fresh as possible. Your order will arrive in a cardboard box with Styrofoam insulation and dry ice. Simply transfer the food to your freezer and place a few patties in the fridge to thaw. The dry ice will dissolve on its own and you can recycle the cardboard box. The Styrofoam insulation can be reused or sent back to Darwin’s at no cost for reuse.

Now that you have a better understanding of what Darwin’s has to offer and how you order it, let’s take a closer look at one of their recipes:

Recipe Feature: Natural Selections Turkey Canine Meals

First 5 Ingredients Turkey Necks Turkey Meat Turkey Livers Turkey Hearts Organic Yams
Guaranteed Analysis 14% protein 6% fat 1% fiber 75% moisture
Calories 1,091 kcal/kg (31 kg/oz.)

Ingredients: Turkey necks, turkey meat, turkey livers, turkey hearts, organic yams, turkey gizzards, organic romaine lettuce, organic yellow squash, organic zucchini, organic carrots, organic celery, organic parsley, organic flax seed oil, cod liver oil, sea salt, inulin, zinc proteinate, iron proteinate, copper proteinate, vitamin E, manganese proteinate, thiamine mononitrate, iodine.

Our Analysis:

One of five protein options in the Natural Selections line of raw dog food, this turkey recipe features turkey necks as the primary ingredient. Turkey is the sole source of animal protein in this recipe.

Of this Natural Selections Turkey canine recipe, Darwin’s says:

“Turkey is a rich source of nutrients including Vitamin B3 or Niacin, which plays a critical role in processing fats into energy in the body, and B6 or Pyridoxine, a Vitamin that helps maintain steady blood sugar levels. It is also a good source for the minerals Zinc, Potassium and for Vitamin B12. Turkey contains Selenium, which is essential for the healthy function of the thyroid and immune system.”

While many fresh dog food recipes utilize fresh turkey as the main ingredient, this Darwin’s raw food recipe starts with turkey necks. The benefit of this ingredient is that it includes raw bone, a natural source of essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus as well as joint-supporting glucosamine.

When reviewing the guaranteed analysis for this recipe, it may seem like the protein content is a little low at 14%. It’s important to keep in mind that these calculations are for the recipe “As Fed” – it doesn’t take the moisture level into account. When converted to dry matter values, this recipe contains 55% protein, 26% fat, and under 3% fiber. We don’t see anything to complain about with those numbers.

Overall, this recipe appears to offer excellent nutritional value and we love that most of that nutrition comes from natural sources rather than synthetic supplements. The supplements that are included are primarily chelated minerals. Chelated minerals are mineral supplements that have been chemically bound to protein molecules which increases their rate of absorption for your dog.

Darwin’s Pros and Cons

Shopping for dog food can be tough simply because there are so many options to choose from and the differences between them aren’t always obvious. If you really want to select the most nutritious option, we highly recommend you consider raw dog food. Darwin’s is one of the best raw pet food delivery companies out there, but it isn’t our goal to convince you to buy it.

It’s important to know what’s good and bad about the brand before you make your final decision, even if it’s high-quality raw dog food like Darwin’s. Here’s what you need to know about the pros and cons.

Here are some of the pros for Darwin’s:

  • High-quality raw dog food recipes made with premium ingredients
  • Complete and balanced nutrition from 75% meat and 25% vegetables
  • Wide variety of recipe choices, all featuring a single source of protein
  • Custom meal plan suggestions and convenient recurring deliveries

Here are some of the cons for Darwin’s:

  • Raw food may be more expensive than dry or canned dog food
  • Packaging is not entirely recyclable, uses Styrofoam insulation
  • Recipes are not pre-portioned for individual meals
  • Raw dog food requires the use of safe food handling procedures

Your dog’s health and wellbeing are ultimately your responsibility, so it’s your job to make the final decision. We hope we’ve provided you with the information you need to make up your own mind about Darwin’s Natural Pet Products. Read on to see our final word on the brand.

The Final Word on Darwin’s

Overall, we’re big fans of Darwin’s. Not only is it a raw dog food delivery service which sets the brand apart from many pet food subscriptions, but the quality of the products is difficult to question. We love the variety they have to offer and it’s a bonus that all recipes are single-source protein recipes.

Darwin’s makes it clear that they are committed to quality when it comes to sourcing their ingredients and they make an effort to choose their sources responsibly as well. All of their products are completely raw which ensures unbeatable nutritional quality, and everything is complete and balanced for your dog’s nutritional needs as well. Simply put, we love the Darwin’s brand and think you will too.

We respect your decision to choose what you want to feed your dog, but we encourage you to put some time and thought into the decision. Your dog’s diet is his primary source of nutrition, so it really matters what you feed him. If you’re committed to feeding your dog the best of the best, consider a raw dog food diet like Darwin’s Natural Pet Products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Darwin’s grain-free?

Yes, all of Darwin’s raw dog food recipes are completely grain-free. Choose from two product lines – Natural Selections or BioLogics – with a variety of protein choices. Natural Selections is made with cage-free poultry, pasture-raised meats, and organic veggies while BioLogics is made with conventionally raised poultry, meat, and veggies.

Can you get samples of Darwin’s dog food?

No, because Darwin’s is raw frozen dog food it’s difficult to send samples. If you want to try it before you commit to a full order, however, you can receive a discounted price of just $14.95 for your first 10 pounds. Keep in mind that you’re starting a subscription when you order, however, so you’ll start receiving regular deliveries after 6 to 10 weeks if you don’t cancel.

Is the packaging environmentally friendly?

While many fresh dog food delivery companies are extremely eco-conscious, Darwin’s doesn’t say much about their packaging. In testing the product ourselves, we found it contained a mixture of eco-friendly and non-recyclable packaging. The order arrived in a recyclable cardboard box with Styrofoam insulation and dry ice to keep the food frozen.

Can I change or cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can log into your account online to adjust your order at any time. You can adjust your delivery schedule, change your recipes, or cancel your account entirely with ease.

Is Darwin’s a good option for dogs with food allergies?

Yes, Darwin’s offers 5 different protein options and all of them are single source protein recipes. Common proteins like chicken and beef are some of the most common dog food allergies but Darwin’s offers novel proteins like turkey and duck as well. It also helps that Darwin’s doesn’t use any grains and all of their recipes are completely free from artificial additives and fillers.

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