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Bulldog Chihuahua Mix (Bullhuahua) Breed Information

It has become one of the most popular trends in the dog world. Taking two established breeds of dogs and crossing them to create a new unique canine. It has become known as designer breeding and is so commonplace that many of these new designer breeds have become as well-known as their lineage of purebreds.


There are specific advantages to crossbreeding. One is creating a breed of dog that fits your needs, whether that be size, temperament, or even fur-type. Breeds that seem to be polar opposites are now being mixed to produce wonderful companion animals.

Characteristics Added to the Mix

Chihuahuas are known for their limitless energy, while bulldogs tend to be more laid back in their attitude. Bulldogs have a broad nose that gives them the appearance of a tough prizefighter. However, chihuahuas have a slender snout, making them appear delicate, and even fragile.

Though being on opposite ends of the spectrum in almost every category makes them seem like the oddest of couples, the combination of these two breeds creates a unique canine with special qualities.

What’s it like to Own a Bulldog-Chihuahua Mix?

To understand what it is like to own a bulldog-chihuahua mix, it is crucial to understand the qualities of each breed. It is also important to note that while the chihuahua breed remains consistent, there are two types of bulldog breeds that are used to create this designer breed mix. These two types of bulldogs can add different and distinct features to the bulldog-chihuahua mix and are important to know before getting one

  • Does not Tolerate being Alone- It is important to understand that this breed is a very social animal. Though they will tolerate other pets, they are most comfortable around people. They tend not to do well if they are forced to be alone. It is recommended that you do not get this breed if you are unable to spend quality time with it.
  • Weather Conditions- Though this may seem to be unimportant as many of our pets spend most of their time indoors, it is vital to know what type of weather they do well in as they will spend a great deal of time outdoors as well. Bullhuahuas are short-haired dogs that do not have an undercoat, thus, do not do well in colder weather.
  • Adapting to Strangers- the Bullhuahua, being a people-oriented animal, does very well with people and quickly adapts to strangers as well.
  •  Energy Levels- deriving mainly from the chihuahua side of the breed, the energy level of Bullhuahuas is high, but not over the top as it is moderated by the bulldog side. They are very intelligent and tend to be playful, enjoying various activities with their owners.
  •  Noise Levels- Though they are not as yappy as a purebred chihuahua, the bulldog-chihuahua mix can still be noisier than other breeds. Fortunately, their bark tends not to be as piercing and high-pitched as a purebred chihuahua. However, it is important to address this issue to ensure they don’t overly annoy neighbors or yourself.

Bulldog-Chihuahua Mix Breed Information

There are other breed characteristics that can filter into the bullhuahua mix that are specific to the purebred breeds they originate from. These are some unique characteristics of the purebred versions that constitute the bullhuaha mix.

The Chihuahua

According to the American Kennel Club, the chihuahua is one of the national symbols of Mexico with what is described as a terrier type demeanor. These dogs are full of energy and though slight in size, have what many describe as a big dog attitude. They sometimes possess nervous energy that can create a stubborn streak. So, despite their size, they do require training.

The French Bulldog

The experts at the French Bulldog Club describe the breed as an active muscular dog of heavy bone and a slick smooth coat. While they are designated as French, their origins are actually English. They have an alert expression, though tend to be curious rather than excitable. Because of their smaller stature than the standard bulldog, they are excellent for smaller living quarters. They are good with people, however, sometimes can be more challenging with other pets.

The American Bulldog

Longer and taller than both the English and French bulldog, the American bulldog is one of the largest and heaviest of the breed line. It can weigh as much as 120 pounds and combined with limitless energy, makes them a breed for those who plan to live an active lifestyle with their pet. They are very fond of people, but as the experts of Vet Street warn, it can be difficult if they see another animal as prey.

The traits a bulldog-chihuahua will possess will vary depending upon the mix. While there are similarities between the American Bullhuahua and French Bullhuahua, there are some differences that can make a difference when picking the best designer breed for you.

Physical Breed Characteristics

When it comes to physical traits, here’s what you can expect from the bullhuahua:


The bulldog-chihuahua mix, also known as the American Bullhuahua or the French Bullhuahua, depending upon the mix, as expected, is not going to be as large as a bulldog or as small as a standard chihuahua. However, in the size category, they tend to lean much more toward the bulldog, weighing between 40-60 pounds. While they are broad, their bodies tend to be longer than the stockier build of a purebred bulldog.


Although colors can greatly vary, most bulldog-chihuahua mixes stay within hues of white, tan, and brown. These colors are often described as deep browns to tan, wheaten and fawn. However, it is not uncommon to see blacks as well. Color distribution can be large spots or flecking and can differ around the entire body, including the muzzle, chest, shoulders, and tail.


Both breeds of the bulldog-chihuahua mix have short coats with slight increases in variation in the American bulldog mix. The American Bullhuahua will sometimes have slightly longer hair than its French counterpart. Both breeds will have moderate shedding.

Body Types

As expected, the combination of these divergent breeds will result in a striking combination of body types. Bulldog-chihuahua mixes tend to have solid builds but are not as broad or compact as a standard bulldog.

The French Bullhuahua, due to its smaller size, will appear on the bulkier side than the American version. The head, due to the chihuahua influence, is also slenderer than a purebred bulldog, adding to a sleeker appearance. Another chihuahua trait is the curled tail.

Bulldog Chihuahua Mix Cost – How Much are Bulldog Chihuahua Mixes?

To bring home a healthy bullhuahua puppy from a reputable breeder will cost approximately $1000. It is best to find a professional breeder that you can trust before purchasing.

As with all dogs, most of the cost associated with bullhuahuas is their feeding needs. The bulldog-chihuahua mix usually requires about a cup of food a day with a cost of about a dollar a day and about $30 to $35 a month. Other than shots and single purchase pet supplies such as leashes and collars, their needs are relatively small, thus the cost of ownership is as well.

Are They Good Apartment Dogs?

Dogs have different capability levels of adapting to certain environments. While most dogs can easily adapt to homes with a lot of space, not all dogs do well in more confined areas. However, the bulldog-chihuahua mix tends to do well in small homes and apartments. The French Bullhuahua tends to adapt better due to its smaller size. However, if they are exercised consistently, a bulldog-chihuahua mix is perfectly suited for smaller living spaces.


Bullhuahuas, having many of their negative genetic traits washed away in the crossbreeding, tend to have fewer health problems. They generally have a lifespan of 13-14 years.


Having a short-haired coat, the bullhuahua does not require constant brushing. However, they will shed moderately, thus periodic brushing is recommended to keep this to a minimum. They are easy to bathe and tend to do well at the groomer.


Due to their bulldog heritage, it is critical to monitor their diet. Bullhuahuas love to eat and weight gain can become a problem if their food intake is not closely monitored.

Exercise Requirements

These are energetic dogs and regular exercise is not only important to their physical, but also their emotional health. Also, due to their tendency to put on additional pounds, exercise serves as an important part of maintaining a healthy weight.

Potential Health Issues

Though many potential health issues are eliminated in crossbreeding, this does not mean that there are not certain ailments that are more common to arise. Here are some potential problems to look for.

  •  Hip Dysplasia- bulldogs tend to have slipped discs and this is especially true in the hip region. Even though it is not prevalent in bullhuahuas, it is still a common enough problem that an owner should keep a lookout for the warning signs.
  •  Pulmonic Stenosis- is a condition when the valve between the right ventricle of the heart and the pulmonary artery is too small. The condition can cause irregular heartbeats and though not usually life-threatening, can cause fatigue, shortness of breath, and even fainting.
  • Degeneration- the experts at VCA Hospitals describe this disease as a progressive disorder that affects the spinal cord. It can cause weakness in the back legs and if not treated properly, can lead to paralysis.
  •  Breathing Issues- bulldogs are well-known to be prone to suffer from breathing issues. The shape of their face, particularly the snout, makes them susceptible to breathing diseases. Although mixing with the chihuahua lessens the probability of this condition, it can still be an issue.
  • Eye Infections- bullhuahuas tend to be prone to eye infections. Again, this is a more common problem with their bulldog lineage, however, it can be a problem with this designer breed.
  • Retinal dysplasia- along with eye infections, the bullhuahua can be more prone to retinal dysplasia, causing problems with its vision.
  • Hypoglycemia- Low blood sugar has been reported as a problem in bulldog-chihuahua mixes

Are Bulldog Chihuahua Mixes Hard to Train?

Though they can be stubborn, generally, the bullhuahua wants to please, and if the owner is consistent, they are not difficult to train.

Are They Good With Children?

The bulldog chihuahua mix make excellent family pets and are generally gentle and responsive to children.

8 Fun Facts You Should Know About Bulldog Chihuahua Mixes

Like purebreds, designer breeds have interesting characteristics. Here are some of the quirky aspects of the bullhuahua.

  1. Bullhuahuas tend to have small litters. In most cases, it is no more than three and can often be a single pup.
  2. The French bullhuahua will often take ownership of their home right away. It is a characteristic left over from the small dog syndrome that accompanies most chihuahuas.
  3. The bullhuahua is an affectionate dog that enjoys physical contact with people. Nowhere is this characteristic seen more than when getting ready to nap, as they enjoy being held and swaddled.
  4.  Bullhuahuas do not need a great deal of bathing as their coats are better if they retain their natural oils. However, they do need to have their faces cleaned regularly to keep away affection and odor.
  5. Bullhuahuas are a recent phenomenon. They were first recognized as a designer breed in the early 2000s.
  6. The mixing of the two breeds was originally done to address breathing problems.
  7. The bulldog-chihuahua mix has become a favorite among celebrities.
  8.  The Aztecs were reported to have bred and raised the bullhuahua’s heritage dog, the chihuahua.


The bulldog-chihuahua mix is a unique and excellent designer breed. Its temperament is well suited to most owners and it ranks high on the intelligence meter, making it easy to train. The breed adapts well to families and is a loyal, affectionate, and protective companion. It has limited potential health issues and is easy to care for.

Their wide range of sizes, due to the differences in bulldog breeds they may be mixed with, create an array of shapes and sizes, allowing a potential owner to pick and choose the dog that meets their needs. For those who are looking for a designer breed that is good for both home and apartment living, and are willing to meet moderate maintenance needs, the bullhuahua is a perfect choice.

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