Bouvier Des Flandres

Bouvier Des Flandres At a Glance

Country of Origin:


Breed Group:

AKC (Herding); ANKC (Working); CKC (Herding); FCI (Cattle Dogs); KC (Working); UKC (Herding)


Large. Weight: 69-90 lbs Height: Male: 24-28; Female: 24-27 inches


Thick and heavy double coat with a distinctive beard and mustache


Fawn to Black, Including Salt and Pepper, Gray, and Brindle

Life Span:

10 to 15 years

Breed Profile

Affection Level – 100
Barking Tendencies – 100
Cat Friendly – 60
Cold Weather Tolerance – 80
Exercise Needs – 60
General Health – 60
Grooming Needs – 100
Hot Weather Tolerance – 60
Intelligence – 100
Kid Friendly – 100
Playfulness – 60
Shedding Level – 60
Social Needs – 60
Watchdog Ability – 100

Did You Know?

This breed has different nicknames: Vuilbaard meaning dirty beard; Koehond meaning cow dog; and Toucheur de Boeuf meaning cattle driver.

Bouvier Des Flandres Overview

This daunting dog breed is in fact rather calm and gentle, but courageous and powerful nonetheless. The Bouvier Des Flandres adapts well to most environments, and is an ideal guard or watchdog. This dog breed is intelligent, easy to train.

Bouvier Des Flandres Characteristics

This dog breed is best described as enthusiastic, even-tempered, playful, gentle and pleasant. They make a superb companion dog. This breed is great with children, but should be socialized from an early age.

Bouvier Des Flandres Temperament

A quiet and calm breed, they are intelligent, courageous, pleasant natured and responsible. This breed is not recommended for the regular pet owner. They have the tendency towards dominance and requires firm handling. Given the right home, training, and love, this breed makes an excellent family pet.

Bouvier Des Flandres Care

With a long and shaggy coat, this dog requires a fair amount of grooming. This dog breed should be professionally trimmed at least three times a year. This dog should be brushed daily. If properly groomed, this breed sheds little hair.

Bouvier Des Flandres Coat

This dog breed has a thick and heavy double coat with a distinctive beard and mustache. The outer coat of this dog is harsh and rough to the touch and the shaggy looking hair is dry and crisp. The undercoat is soft and dense.

Bouvier Des Flandres Training

This dog breed tends to be stubborn and requires consistency and firmness in training. They are highly intelligent and a quick study. This breed is generally easy to train once stubbornness and dominance are dealt with. These dogs make excellent guard dogs.

Bouvier Des Flandres Activity

This dog breed does best with a large yard, but adapts well to apartment living provided their exercise requirements are met. These dogs are active and need regular exercise. Long walks and supervised  free running are recommended.

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