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12 Best Toys for Rottweilers in 2023

Best for Fetch

Chuckit Classic Dog Ball Launcher

  • Pick up ball hands-free
  • Great for exercise

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Our Favorite

KONG Jumbler Ball Dog Toy

  • Makes multiple sounds
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Great for fetch

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Best Tug Toy

Mammoth Cottonblend 5 Knot Dog Rope Toy

  • Flosses dog’s teeth
  • Great for vigorous chewers

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Finding the right toy for your Rottweiler can be a bit harder than it seems. We all know that Rottweilers have the energy to burn and are passionate chewers. Unlike other dogs, your Rottweiler has an extremely high bite force. If you don’t choose the right toy, you’ll find your new gift ripped to shreds in minutes!

Rottweilers were originally bred as a herding dog, so when well trained, they’re amazing at tracking, agility, and obedience. When you devote the time and energy to giving your beautiful dog what they need, they will be a happy and loyal member of your family. One of the best ways to take care of your Rottweiler is to ensure ample playtime.

Since Rottweilers are working dogs, they do best with regular exercise and reward-based training with toys and treats. While they love to run and play with their owners, sometimes you’ll need to leave your pal at home. Giving them toys and puzzles that hold their attention is the best way to keep them occupied and out of trouble.

Since finding the right toy can be a challenge, we did the leg work so that you can be confident in the toy you’re bringing home. While we always recommend that you supervise your dog as soon as they get any new toy, the following list will help you save time and money buying something ideal for your Rotty.

Best Dog Toys for Rottweilers

KONG Jumbler Ball

Best Overall

Rottweilers do best with toys that keep their attention, so the KONG Jumbler Ball is perfect for them. It’s a large toy to match their size and is durable enough to withstand rough play. It squeaks to entice them, but the thing that makes this toy truly unique is that there’s an extra tennis ball trapped inside it. By adding this extra element, it’s ideal for interaction.

The two-in-one ball also has handles on it that make it great for picking up and tug-of-war. Since there are multiple sounds and a bunch of different ways to play with it, the KONG Jumbler Ball will keep your Rottweiler’s attention longer than other standard balls.

GoughNuts Buster Pro 50 Ring Dog Toy

Best for Aggressive Chewers

The GoughNuts Buster Pro is best for any Rottweiler that loves to try to tear through whatever you bring home. This toy is made out of a safe, natural rubber with an extra carbon reinforcement, which makes it perfect for your dog. It’s specifically engineered for dogs that love to tug and bite down hard and is comfortable to hold and clean.

This ring also has a safety feature so that you know when it’s time to replace your toy. Any toy will break down eventually, and this company has created a system to let you know when it’s time. As long as the ring is showing its natural black color, it’s good to go. However, as soon as you see any of the red core showing through, it’s time to get a new one.

Kong Classic

Most Durable Toy

The Kong Classic is designed for dogs with powerful jaws and healthy teeth. It’s one toy that will certainly last the longest. It’ll satisfy your dog’s needs for chewing and entertainment. It’s also comfortable to hold and clean and is even dishwasher safe.

Rottweilers love puzzles to keep their attention, and this toy is great because you can put things inside of it. When you stuff it with food or treats, your dog will spend a long time being entertained, knocking it around, trying to get it out. The toy also bounces unpredictably, making it even more fun.

Nina Ottosson By Outward Hound Dog Worker Composite Puzzle 

Best Interactive Puzzle Toy

This toy is great because it encourages your dog’s need to work and solve a mental challenge. The toy has several moving parts where treats can be hidden to encourage your Rottweiler to explore. There are tracks, a moveable center, and several blocks, with different places you can hide treats in every time.

It may take some time at first to show your dog how to work the pieces, which is a great bonding time between you and your pet. However, after they’ve figured out the systems, you can fill it up and watch your dog solve their mental puzzle. It’s a great way to ensure your pal this using his brain every day.

Chuckit Classic Dog Ball Launcher

Best Fetching Toy

Your Rottweiler will far outpace you in how much energy they have, which is why having a toy that expends their energy while saving yours is ideal. The Chuckit Classic Dog Ball Launcher will let you play fetch for hours without your arm getting tired. You can also pick up balls hands-free, saving you from back pain and dog slobber.

This launcher lets you throw a ball up to three times faster, making sure your dog will get the type of workout he needs to stay healthy. This toy comes with a ball included, but it can fit standard tennis balls as well, so even if you lose a ball, you’ll still be able to use it.

Chuckit! Kick Fetch Ball

Best Water/ Floating Dog Toy

The Chuckit! Kick Fetch Ball is an exciting design that will enhance your game of fetch with your Rottweiler. It’s explicitly designed for kickball, with ridges that make it bounce in unexpected ways to keep your dog entertained. The ridges also make it easy to pick up and play tug-of-war with.

The ball is made out of rubber, polyester and EVA foam, which makes it float in water. While Rottweilers may not be a water dog breed, it can still be fun for them at times, and it’s also nice to make sure you won’t lose your ball during play. It’s also brightly lit for high visibility.

Mammoth Cottonblend 5 Knot Dog Rope Toy

Best Rope Toy

This dog is made to make your dog healthy and fit in two different ways. The first is by giving them a chance to use their choppers to play a great game of tug of war. The second is by flossing and cleaning your dog’s teeth as they play, helping with dental health.

This rope toy is made to last a long time. Even with your Rottweiler’s healthy teeth, the multiple knots and durable fibers will hold this toy together for a long time. It’s flexible and long enough for your dog. It’s the ideal rope toy for fetch or tug of war.

Trixie Mad Scientist Turn Around Interactive Toy 

Best Treat Dispenser Toy

As we’ve discussed, Rottweilers need to have something to keep their attention, so this toy is perfect for that task. This toy stands upright and has multiple channels that can flip and move. The treats get placed inside the “mad scientist beakers,” that your dog will need to play around with to get the treats out.

The toy provides a unique potential for your dog to figure out how to balance and flip the toy to solve it. You can also swap out the pieces, so the challenge is different every time. The toy comes with a book of all the ways it can be used to entertain your dog.

Tuffy’s Scorpion Scorch Dog Toy 

Best Squeaky Toy

Squeaky Toys tend to not be ideal for Rottweilers. Often they’re made out of plush material and won’t stand up to the type of chewing your dog will do. However, stuffed toys are still fun for your dog, and Tuffy’s Scorpion Scorch will stand up longer than most.

This toy is made out of non-toxic materials, so you don’t need to worry about the health of your dog, even if the toy starts to degrade. It floats in water for that little bit of extra outdoor fun. It’s also durable enough that you can put it through the washing machine, so you don’t need to worry about it getting icky over time.

USA Bones & Chews Cotton Rope With Hooves Toy 

Made In The USA

This toy is not only good for your country, but it’s good for your dog! This rope toy has dried beef hooves on each end of it that helps keep your friend’s teeth and gums healthy. Rottweilers love chewing on the hoof sections, and while we humans may not love the look or smell, your dog sure will.

The rope is long enough that you’ll be able to safely play tug of war and other games with your Rottweiler. All of the materials are sourced from the United States and are guaranteed to be free of any harmful chemicals.

Best Rottweiler Puppy Toys

KONG Puppy Tires Toy 

Best For Teething

KONG is our favorite pick for your puppy as well. It’s slightly softer than the ring made for adult dogs, but still has the same type of durability that will make sure your puppy can play with it for a long time. The tire shaped ring will let you play with your pup as well as teaching it to chew productively.

Like other KONG toys, you can put treats inside of it, which will hold your dog’s attention and train him to chew on his toys instead of your household objects. It bounces, making for fun games and chase. As an extra added bonus, you can put this toy in the freezer. The cold temperature of the toy will help with your puppy’s teething pain.

Mutipet Lamp Chop Plush Toy

Best Plush Toy

Plush toys may not be great for your adult Rottweiler, but they’re nice for your puppy to have for companionship and comfort. This plush toy is excellent to snuggle with a loud squeaker to keep your puppy entertained for ages.

This toy comes in three sizes, so if your dog loves it, you can get bigger ones that grow as they do. While this plushy still might not last long once your puppy starts properly using its teeth, it’s perfect for the early days when your puppy needs a play toy that it can sleep with once playtime is over.

Different Types of Dog Toys for Rottweilers

Rottweilers, like most dogs, love their toys! Playing and chewing are what help keep your dog happy and healthy. Since Rotty’s are so smart, you want to make sure that all toys you’re choosing are durable and have an amount of complexity to them. Simple and cheap are not the way to go for these guys.

The first thing you want to focus on in a toy is durability. No matter what you choose, make sure that it will withstand your dog’s powerful jaws and desire to chew. Finding long-lasting toys that feel good to bite down on will help keep your dog happy and away from home objects you don’t want to be damaged.

Tug-of-war and fetch toys are also excellent for your pet. Although they may not be something that will keep them occupied alone, they will love that you’re spending time playing with them. Bonding is essential, and as a bonus, the toys will help keep your pup’s teeth strong and healthy.

Puzzle toys are ideal for this type of dog. Many breeds don’t need the kind of mental stimulation it takes to solve a toy, but your Rottweiler sure does. Any durable type of puzzle toy will do, especially if it’s modular, and you can change it to be solved in several different ways.

What to Look for in a Good Toy for a Rottweiler

The biggest thing to remember when choosing toys is durability. Your Rottweiler will look at any new toy and see it as a snack, and its natural instinct will be to try and shred it. Make sure that anything you buy won’t break apart, causing your dog to swallow it and possibly cause you a visit to the vet’s office.

You want to make sure that your dog has a varied selection of toys as well. Just one type of toy won’t do. They are a dog that loves to fetch, tug, chew, solve puzzles, and even cuddle. Making sure your dog doesn’t get bored will keep you and them happier, so purchase things that are different enough that there are lots of different ways to interact.

Another interesting thing about your dog is that it will always be attracted to new ideas, meaning they may lose interest in older toys. One way to solve this is to play new types of games with older toys, changing up its use. You can also try adding treats to the toy or practice toy rotation.

With an older dog, give them 2-3 toys at a time, and then switch them out when they seem to get bored of them. With a new puppy, you can offer them all the toys at once. See which ones they prefer first, then remove the rest and begin toy rotation when they get bored.

Training Your Rottweiler to Fetch and Drop for Frustration-Free Playtime

Since Rottweilers were bred for things like vermin catching, they will be excellent at chasing things, but they may not be great at handing them back to you. When you start training your dog to fetch, start in reverse, and work your way up to the full game.

Begin with a concept called “back chaining,” where you first teach your dog to pick up the toy and hand it to you before ever throwing it. Always use the same special toy for the training session. It will help them recall the lesson each time you practice. Once you start throwing the toy, only toss it a short distance at first, then work up to more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Rottweilers easy to train?

Rottweilers are considered easy to train because they are brilliant and bred as working dogs. The critical thing to remember is that you need to be in charge and command your dog’s respect.

Are Rottweilers good with children?

Any well-trained Rottweiler is extremely good with kids. Despite their bad reputation, this breed is loving, affectionate, and protective. However, always make sure to teach your children how to play gently with your dog. As with all dogs, supervise play to prevent accidents from happening.

How much activity should my Rottweiler get each day?

A Rottweiler is a working dog and thrives best on lots of exercises. The more you can get your dog to run, play, and fetch, the happier they will be. It is best if you can give your dog at least two hours of exercise a day.

Are there any unsafe toys I should avoid?

Anything that can break apart easily and create small sharp pieces should be avoided, as this breed will swallow parts of whatever toy it disintegrates. Any toy that is made out of cheap materials or has harsh chemical additives should also be avoided.

What is the Best Dog Toy for Rottweilers? – RECAP

  1. Hands-Down FavoriteKONG Jumbler Ball Dog Toy
  2. Most DurableKONG Classic Dog Toy
  3. Best for FetchChuckit! Classic Dog Ball Launcher
  4. Best for WaterChuckit! Kick Fetch Ball
  5. Best For TugMammoth Cotton Blend 5 Knot Dog Rope
  6. Best Chew Toy for PuppiesKONG Puppy Tires Toy
  7. CutestMultipet Lamb Chop Plush Dog Toy


Your Rottweiler can be the best friend you’ll ever have if you keep it healthy and happy through play. We chose the above toys as excellent options for your friend. They are rated highly because many dog owners have had great success with the above toys.

However, remember that your dog is an individual. Always test out what your dog likes and listen to them. When you and your dog work together to come up with the best solutions for you both, you’ll undoubtedly have a beautiful life with your Rottweiler.

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