12 Best Toys for Labradoodles in 2023

Best for Fetch

Chuckit! Classic Launcher

  • Easy to use
  • Great for exercise

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Our Favorite

Kong Jumbler

  • Extremely durable
  • Great chewing
  • Super high bounce

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Best Tug

Mammoth Cottonblend 5 Knot Dog Rope Toy

  • Fibers clean dog’s teeth
  • Durable

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The Labradoodle is a popular dog breed that was first developed by the Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia in 1989. Breeders combined a Standard Poodle with a Labrador Retriever.

A Labradoodle is intelligent and energetic. This breed is quite friendly and will accept almost everyone as a friend. While they are capable of being quite gentle, they are often very active. Labradoodles play a lot and jump around to show their excitement.

The exact temperament of a labradoodle depends on different factors. These factors can include the heredity of the dog, how you train it, and its experiences around people as a puppy.

Even more-docile and shy Labradoodles will be quite energetic and require between 30 and 60 minutes of exercise a day. For that reason, these dogs aren’t particularly well-suited to apartment life. They need open, outdoor spaces to feel comfortable.

This energetic personality can help you decide the kinds of toys you should get for your Labradoodle. They require versatile and durable toys that keep up with their high energy level.

Best Dog Toys for Labradoodles

Here are 12 toys that your Labradoodle will appreciate.

Kong Jumbler

Best Overall Dog Toy for Labradoodles

The Kong Jumbler is an excellent two-in-one dog toy. The inside toy is in the form of a tennis ball that makes loud squeaky noises for exciting and engaging your Labradoodle. The handles on the outside make it easy to pick and shake the toy.

It is not only fun for the dog, but also highly versatile because you can use it as both a fetching toy and a chewing toy. The Kong works for both pups and adult Labradoodles.

GoughNuts Ring Dog Toy

Best Labradoodle Toy for Aggressive Chewers

The Ring Dog Toy is a safe toy for aggressive chewers. It works well for puppies and adult dogs. The toy comes with two layers, each with a different color.

The color on the outer layer indicates the strength of the toy, while the inner layer is always red. Once the dog chews down to the inner layer and the red appears, you know it’s time to get a new chew toy. The Ring Dog Toy is versatile enough to play fetch on both land and water, and it is easy to clean with warm water and a cloth.

Kong Classic Dog Toy

Most Durable Toy for Labradoodles

The Kong Classic Dog Toy is not only an ultra-durable dog toy, but it is also safe and made in the USA with globally sourced materials.

You can place treats and snacks inside the center of the toy to add an extra element to playtime and make things more exciting for your Labradoodle. This toy also has an unpredictable bounce when you toss it, so it works well for games of fetch.

Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Volcano Puzzle Dog Toy 

Best Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy

This plush puzzle toy has six squeaky dinosaurs and a soft volcano. You can push the dinosaurs into the volcano so that your Labradoodle has to pull them out one by one. The multiple squeaky elements will keep your active dog occupied.

The puzzle is easy to use. All you have to do is stuff the toy with the dinosaurs and get your Labradoodle to pull them out. As a bonus, it’s gentle on your dog’s teeth and has a soft texture.

Chuckit Classic Dog Ball Launcher

Best Fetching Toy

The Chuckit is a long-range fetch toy that you can throw up to three times the average distance of a standard fetch toy. The launcher consists of a cradle for the ball, and a long handle for better leverage. The extra distance of the throws helps when you have an active dog, such as a Labradoodle.

The Chuckit Classic has an ergonomic handle, and you operate it by pressing down on the ball and then launching it. You can also pick up the ball without touching it when your dog returns it, which is ideal if you don’t want to handle a wet and slobbery ball.

Petstages Dogwood Stick

Best Water/Floating Dog Toy

This chew toy will give your Labradoodle something to chew on so that they avoid turning other items around your house into chew toys. The toy comes in different sizes, so you can choose a larger size for your Labradoodle (or a smaller one if you have a puppy).

The Dogwood Stick uses a combination of wood and synthetic material. For aggressive chewers like Labradoodles, it won’t break easily like an all-wood stick, and you don’t have to worry about splinters. It has a wood smell, however, so it has the look and scent of a real stick.

In addition to chewing, this toy is great for fetch. Like its Labrador cousins, a Labradoodle will chase a stick into the water. This toy floats, so it is perfect for water-based fetch.

Mammoth Cottonblend 5 Knot Dog Rope Toy

Best Rope Toy

This premium rope toy has premium materials. The Mammoth Cottonblend is a toy, but it is also a tooth cleaner. The woven strands will floss your Labradoodle’s teeth as they chew the toy.

The rope fibers pass smoothly in between the spaces of your Labradoodle’s teeth, so you do not have to worry about them getting stuck.

The 5 Knot Dog Rope is strong and durable, which makes it perfect for strong chewers like Labradoodles. Also, it is 100 percent cotton, so you do not have to worry about your dog ingesting synthetic materials.

Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball

Best Treat Dispenser Toy

This toy is perfect for training your dog to retrieve during fetch-and-return games. For active and curious dogs like Labradoodles, it can turn treat time into a fun and engaging game since the dog has to do some work to gain access to their favorite snack

Labradoodles like mental stimulation (and they like treats too, of course), so this is an ideal dispenser toy for them. The chew ball rolls, bounces, and floats, so it is a versatile product that can work as a floating fetch toy as well as a treat dispenser.

Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Toy

Best Squeaky Toy

This Outward Hound puzzle toy is another example of an interactive puzzle toy that has squeaky elements. Labradoodles find both the mental challenge and the sounds attractive.

One of the best things about this toy is that it is quite easy to operate. All you have to do is hide the squeaky squirrels in the compartments and give the primed toy to your dog. Your Labradoodle can then find the squirrels and remove them one by one.

The Hide-a-Squirrel comes in different sizes. The Junior, Large, and Jumbo models come with three squirrels, while the Ginormous model comes with six squirrels. All size options are extra durable so they can withstand a Labradoodle’s aggressive chewing.

USA Bones & Chews Roasted Marrow Bone

Best Dog Toy That’s Made in the USA

This roasted marrow bone is an excellent treat for your dog. The natural flavors will appeal to the tastes of a Labradoodle. This particular bone gets slowly roasted to preserve the natural flavors. Also, it does not include any preservatives or artificial flavors.

USA Bones and Chews, as the name suggests, creates its products in the US. Pet owners can trust the ingredients and quality. Quality is essential for chew bones for Labradoodles because they are strong chewers.

Best Labradoodle Puppy Toys

Nylabone Puppy Teethe’ n’ Tug Dog Toy

Best for Teething

This chew toy has a ridged texture that is ideal for teething Labradoodle puppies. It has a rounded shape so that you can hold on to one end while your dog chews the other. If your puppy loves to play – what Labradoodle doesn’t – the two of you can engage in a tug-of-war session.

You should note that this toy is for puppies. It is best suited for gentle chewers, so the strong jaws of an adult Labradoodle might be too much for this toy. However, for Labradoodle puppies, it will hold up just fine.

Multipet Lamb Chop Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Best Plush Puppy Toy

This squeaky plush is soft enough for a puppy, and it has sounds that will engage curious Labradoodles. Their owners might feel a bit of nostalgia because Lamb Chop is a classic children’s character that many people remember from their youth.

Despite being a plush toy, the Lamb Chop is quite versatile. Pups can use it as a chew toy, or they can spend time getting it to squeak. It is also soft enough to play a game of in-house fetch with your puppy.

This toy is durable, but it might not stand up to the aggressive chewing of an adult Labradoodle. It is, however, perfectly capable of lasting a young puppy until it grows into an adult.

Different Types of Dog Toys for Labradoodles

Generally speaking, dog toys provide mental and physical stimulation. Such toys are essential for all dogs, but especially for active and naturally curious breeds like Labradoodles.

Toys help Labradoodles stay fit both mentally and physically. Different types of toys serve different purposes for Labradoodles. Here are the kinds of products that you should consider.

Chew toys are the most common type of dog toy. Why are these products so popular? It is because all dogs are capable of chewing, and many dog breeds like to chew regularly.

As a puppy, chewing helps with the teething process. In an adult dog, it helps keep the mouth muscles fit, the teeth clean, and the brain stimulated. In dogs of all ages, it is a way to explore and interact with the world around them.

Fetch toys encourage the dog to run around and get some exercise. They are also great for training your dog and teaching it to obey simple commands. Moreover, these toys are a way to engage and bond with your pet.

As a general rule, fetch toys should be used only for retrieving exercises because most of them are either too soft or too hard to act as chewing toys.

Interactive puzzle toys are great toys for dogs like Labradoodles, who need lots of mental stimulation. If they don’t get challenged, they will get bored and restless. Also, sometimes getting destructive is a way for them to let off steam.

Since Labradoodles are descendants of Labrador Retrievers, they still have that retriever spirit in them and require plenty of mental stimulation. Interactive puzzle toys help keep them occupied and feeling like they have something meaningful to do.

Indestructible or tough toys cut across all the genres mentioned above of toys. However, they can stand up to aggressive chewing and playing. They are made of hard rubber or rawhide to withstand the bite force and constant chewing they may be subjected to by Labradoodles and other very active, strong-jawed breeds.

What to Look for in a Good Toy for Labradoodles

The personality and temperament of Labradoodles vary from one individual to the next. That said, on the whole, there are some stable characteristics that all Labradors seem to share.

For starters, Labradoodles are quite intelligent and able to process information. They are passionate about playing but maintain a certain level of observation and keenness that lets them know when their owner or playmate is not in the mood to play.

Because of their intelligence, Labradoodles require lots of mental stimulation. Toys that present this kind of stimulation are a good fit for this breed.

Another effect of their intelligence is that Labradoodles are quite easy and fun to train. Fetch toys can be especially useful during training.

Labradoodles are high energy dogs that require 30-60 minutes of exercise per day. These dogs are not well-suited to apartment life. They fare much better in fenced-in backyards and parks, where they have a lot of space to run around.

Toys for such open spaces are the best fit for this breed. Also, because of their high energy levels, Labradoodles can be quite aggressive with their playthings, so they need the toys to be durable.

Training your Labradoodle to Fetch

Fetch-and-drop is a fun game to play with your Labradoodle. The process involves throwing a toy and having your Labradoodle chase it, retrieve it, bring it back to you, and then hand it over to you.

When learning this game, the sit command is vital. Giving your dog a treat or lots of praise when it calmly sits is the most effective way to teach this step.

Next, you will need to train the dog to chase after the ball or toy when you throw it and yell the ‘fetch’ command. Most Labradoodles will instinctively chase the ball and pick it up. If it doesn’t come naturally, give your Labradoodle a treat, or hide it in the ball as the dog watches so it knows it’s there.

The next command is the “come” command. Once the dog picks up the ball or toy, encourage it to come back by patting your legs and speaking in a cheerful voice.

You may need to start with shorter throws to get your dog accustomed to listening for this command.

Finally, you will teach your Labradoodle the release command. Use a happy voice to encourage it to release the ball or toy. If it does, reward it by throwing the ball out again. Sometimes you may need to show the Labradoodle a treat or another item in your hand.

Be patient while teaching your dog. Labradoodles are fast learners in general, though individual dogs may take a while to learn some commands. Give it time and plenty of practice and encouragement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that Labradoodle owners ask.

How much activity should my breed be getting?

While all Labradoodles are moderate to high energy, the differences in activity requirements mainly depend on the size of the Labradoodle.

This breed comes in standard, medium, and mini. The activity requirements are highest in the standard size and lowest in the mini size.

Activity requirements also depend on age and the temperament of the individual Labradoodle. On average, all Labradoodles require between 30 minutes and 60 minutes of exercise daily.

Are there any unsafe toys I should avoid?

Labradoodles will naturally do lots of chewing in the puppy phase. This activity is good because it helps with teething. Chewing tends to reduce with age, though adult Labradoodles will still enjoy a chew toy.

Teach your dog early that only chew toys are for chewing. Non-chew toys or items around the house can damage your dog’s teeth.

How can I stop my Labradoodle from chewing on my things?

Your Labradoodle is probably chewing because you didn’t teach them what to chew and what not to chew as a puppy, or because they are suffering from boredom, frustration, anxiety, fear, or a need for attention.

You should also buy your dog plenty of chew toys and get them accustomed to using these items for chewing. They will eventually develop a fondness and chew only on these toys.

What type of toy is best for my Labradoodle’s temperament?

The best toys for your Labradoodles are those that give it plenty of physical and mental stimulation. These can include chew toys, fetch toys, and interactive puzzle toys. Labradoodles are aggressive chewers and active players, so you need durable toys.

What is the Best Dog Toy for Labradoodles? – RECAP

  1. Hands-Down FavoriteKONG Jumbler Ball Dog Toy
  2. Most DurableKONG Classic Dog Toy
  3. Best for FetchChuckit! Classic Dog Ball Launcher
  4. Best for WaterPetstages Dogwood Stick
  5. Best For TugMammoth Cottonblend 5 Knot Dog Rope Toy
  6. Best Chew Toy for PuppiesNylabone Puppy Teethe’ n’ Tug Dog Toy
  7. CutestMultipet Lamb Chop Squeaky Plush Dog Toy


Labradoodles are a great dog breed for dog lovers because of their activeness and intelligence. They are relatively easy to train, and they are usually eager to engage with people during playtime.

The best toys for this breed are the ones that provide a mix of mental and physical stimulation and are durable enough for aggressive play.

The toys on this list are highly rated and guaranteed to provide your Labradoodle with the traits and quality that they need.

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