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12 Best Toys for Chihuahua Dogs in 2023

The Cutest

ZippyPaws Loopy Hedgehog 6 Squeaker Plush Dog Toy

  • Six fun squeakers
  • No stuffing, no mess

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Our Favorite

KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy, Small

  • Extremely durable
  • Great chewing
  • Super high bounce

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Best Teething

Nylabone Chicken Flavored Puppy Teething Dinosaur Chew Toy, Petite

  • 100% cotton fibers
  • Great for vigorous chewers

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Chihuahuas are tiny dogs with big personalities and attitudes. These dogs know they’re cute and use it to get their way, so training them early and often that you’re the alpha in your relationship is vital. Like most dogs, Chihuahuas love to chew and love to run and play. Since they’re so small, following you around or heading out on short walks is usually enough for them.

When you’re trying to find the right toys for your Chihuahua, you’ll need to consider that their small size doesn’t mean they won’t fetch or enjoy many of the other exciting games that larger dogs love. These little scamps love attention too, so interactive toys are a great idea. Overall you’ll want to look for toys that aren’t too big but still pack in tons of fun and family time.

The twelve Chihuahua toys we’ve picked out for you would all make excellent additions to your pup’s life. Each one is useful in its way, whether it’s helping your Chihuahua to get some exercise, taming her desire to chew, giving her an outlet for her intelligence, or bringing you closer as a family. Toys are an essential part of any dog’s life, so let’s find the right one for you.

Best Dog Toys for Chihuahuas

KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy, Small

Best Overall

Chihuahuas have tons of energy, and they love to play with their owners, which is why the KONG Extreme Ball is an ideal option for them. This fun, interactive toy is great for fetch, chewing, solo play, and comforting your dog when you’re away. It’s an ideal companion to your tiny, but intelligent pooch.

The KONG Extreme Ball is virtually indestructible, has an extremely high bounce for extra fun, and comes in a small size that’s just right for your petite dog. It is Veterinarian recommended and extremely durable so it can stay with your Chihuahua from the day you bring them home through their senior years.

GoughNuts Ring Dog Toy

Best for Aggressive Chewers

Chihuahuas love to chew. You probably wouldn’t usually call them aggressive chewers, but they can do some serious damage for their size. They are more likely to do damage to your belongings if they’re bored or don’t have the right chew toy to utilize. The GoughNuts Ring Dog Toy is ideal for Chihuahuas because of its small size and built-in safety precautions.

The ring comes in a variety of colors to suit you and your pup, but each color comes with a bright red core to warn you if your dog chews too deep. The red is a clear sign that you should remove the toy and get a new one because it’s too damaged to be safe. The ring is easy to clean, perfect for fetch on water or land, and excellent for aggressive chewing sessions.

KONG Classic Dog Toy, Small

Most Durable Toy

The Classic KONG gets a lot of good press in the world of dog parents and for a good reason. This toy is incredibly durable, perfect for fetch or chewing sessions, and you can fill it with treats or peanut butter for an interactive game your Chihuahua will love. The KONG Classic is excellent for small breeds because it comes in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

One cool thing about the KONG Classic is that it bounces unpredictably, which means your dog can enjoy playing fetch alone while you’re away. The KONG is a great option when your dog suffers from separation anxiety or to ensure you avoid those issues from the get-go.

Trixie Mini Mover Interactive Dog Toy, Level 3

Best Interactive Puzzle Toy

Your ultra-intelligent little pooch needs something to keep her mind busy, or she’s bound to wreak havoc all over your home. That’s where the Trixie Mini Mover Interactive Dog Toy comes in to save the day. The Trixie Mini Mover is a puzzle game that’s the perfect size for a Chihuahua. It features all kinds of secret pockets where you can hide treats for your dog.

The bold blue and white design helps to stimulate your dog’s senses, and the excitement of finding a hidden treat will keep him busy for hours. The puzzle is dishwasher safe, and it features non-slip grips on the feet to keep it in place as your Chihuahua plays. This toy will help your dog to expend energy while utilizing her intelligence productively.

Chuckit! Classic Dog Ball Launcher

Best Fetching Toy

You may not think you need a ball launcher for your Chihuahua, but even gentle tosses get tough after a while. The Classic Dog Ball Launcher can help alleviate stress to your arms from playing endless rounds of fetch with your energetic little pup. The launcher utilizes a ball that is plenty small enough for a Chihuahua to retrieve for you, and it even floats for extra summer fun.

One of the best parts about the launcher is that it enables you to pick up the ball without using your hands. That means that you won’t have to touch the slobbery ball time and time again, but you can easily keep playing as long as your dog wants. You should avoid using this toy inside, but it’s perfect for the backyard or a dog park.

Petstages Dogwood Stick, Small

Best Water/Floating Dog Toy

It might surprise you as a new Chihuahua owner that these tiny dogs like to swim, but they often love the water. Since they enjoy the water so much, it’s a good idea to have a water toy or two around just in case. The Petstages Dogwood Stick is a great, multifaceted toy. It has the flavor-infused right in so that your dog will enjoy chewing on it and fetching it even more.

The Dogwood Stick comes in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your needs, but the small stick is about the perfect size for a Chihuahua. It’s a durable toy that is perfect for long chewing sessions, and its sticklike appearance makes it ideal for fetch as well.

Mammoth Cloth Squeaky Rope for Dogs

Best Rope Toy

The Mammoth Cloth Squeaky Rope for Dogs is an excellent all-around option for Chihuahuas because it is interactive, exciting, and can help relieve their need to chew and their energy. This rope toy features a squeaky rubber end for interactive play. The 100% natural cotton fibers of the rope help to floss your Chihuahua’s teeth and promote good oral hygiene.

You can utilize this rope toy for fetch, tug-of-war, or as a way to ease your dog’s anxiety when you have to leave them behind. It’s a versatile toy that is the perfect size for your tiny pup. You’ll have fun waiting to see what color you get when you order this rope toy as well since the color you’ll get is random.

Busy Buddy Bristle Bone Dog Toy

Best Treat Dispenser Toy

Since Chihuahuas are prone to obesity, it’s crucial to limit the number of treats they get in a day. Strictly managing treats means that most treat-dispensing toys might not be a great choice, but the Busy Buddy Bristle Bone is an excellent solution to the problem. This toy features only two treats, and your dog could easily spend hours trying to free them both.

The Busy Buddy Bristle Bone has nylon bristles and rubber nubs that promote your dog’s oral hygiene and stimulate gums. The toy comes with all-natural rawhide treats for your convenience, and you can easily order refills. Your Chihuahua will be able to utilize their natural desire to chew to earn their treats, and they can use their intelligence to get to them faster.

ZippyPaws Loopy Hedgehog 6 Squeaker Plush Dog Toy

Best Squeaky Toy

We asked for squeakers, and we got them with the ZippyPaws Loopy Hedgehog Plush Toy. This adorable toy features six total squeakers positioned all around the circular hedgehog body. The hedgehog isn’t stuffed, which means you won’t have to follow your pup around picking up his mess as he plays. This plush is a great option for playtime and for comforting your Chihuahua.

The bonus of a plush squeaky toy for your Chihuahua is that it helps with a combination of their need to burn energy and have fun with their need for comfort when you’re away. This toy is a great size for a Chihuahua because it isn’t too big for their small mouths, but it’s small enough for them to carry around to play.

USA Bones & Chews Elk Antler Dog Chew, Small

Made In The USA

Elk Antler is a natural source of calcium and phosphorus, which are both great for your dog’s teeth. Antlers are less likely to split into shards that can injure your dog, which makes them ideal chewing toys. Chihuahuas have a natural desire to chew, which means that a chewing toy like an elk antler is a great outlet.

USA Bones & Chews does a great job of avoiding fillers, chemicals, and byproducts that could potentially injure your dog. Their elk antlers are even allergy-friendly, which is a bonus since some Chihuahuas develop allergies as they age.

Best Chihuahua Puppy Toys

Nylabone Chicken Flavored Puppy Teething Dinosaur Chew Toy, Petite

Best for Teething

The adorable, petite Dinosaur Teething Toy by Nylabone is an excellent option for teething Chihuahua puppies because it’s perfectly sized for their tiny mouths and features a fun chicken flavor to entice and delight them. The dinosaur features small nubs all over its body to stimulate your puppy’s gums and help to ease teething pain.

Jumbo LambChop Plush from Multipet

Best Plush Toy

Your Chihuahua puppy is probably experiencing a lot of firsts, including the first time he has to stay home alone. Having a large, fuzzy friend to help comfort him during his first solo experience is an excellent idea, and that’s where LambChop comes to the rescue. Multipet’s Jumbo Plush LambChop is an ode to our childhoods that your dog will adore.

This plush toy is enormous compared to your Chihuahua puppy, and that’s okay. Your pup can snuggle up with it as if they’re on your lap for comfort. It can also be a playing companion when your pup finds the squeaker hidden inside. This plush is an ideal toy for young Chihuahuas who need distraction and comfort as they grow.

Different Types of Dog Toys for Chihuahuas

Generally speaking, there aren’t many types of dog toys that work for big dogs that won’t also work for little tikes like the Chihuahua. These tiny dogs still love balls, squeaky toys, plush toys, puzzles, treat dispensers, and some even like to tug. Your primary focus in finding a great type of toy for your Chihuahua will be size. You don’t want a large ball or tug toy for your tiny breed.

Squeaky toys are excellent options for Chihuahuas because these dogs love to chew. They will need a toy that is an appropriate size, but many of the most popular dog toys come in sizes appropriate for small dogs, so that shouldn’t be too hard to find. You could also consider plush toys for these pups since they are less likely to tear them apart right away like bigger dogs.

Another reason to consider a plush toy for your Chihuahua is the comfort these toys tend to bring. When you can’t provide a comfortable lap for your dog, the plush might be just what she needs.

Chihuahuas are intelligent creatures, and they need an outlet for that intelligence if you don’t want them to use it against you. Puzzles and treat dispensing toys are a great option to allow your dog to use his brain in a non-destructive way. Make sure you don’t fill these toys up with treats too much or too often, though, since Chihuahuas can become obese quickly.

Chihuahuas love attention and want to be with their owners as often as possible, so interactive toys are a nice option when you can’t be around as well. The interaction of a puzzle or a treat-dispenser will keep your pup from missing you too much, and potentially stop them from destroying your home while you’re away or suffering from separation anxiety.

What to Look for in a Good Toy for a Chihuahua

It can be tough to decide on the best toy for your Chihuahua, especially if you’re a new owner. Chihuahuas have a reputation as sassy little dogs with Napoleon-Syndrome, but they are actually quite loving and loyal to their families. This loyalty often means that they miss you terribly when you’re gone, and they’ll want a comforting or distracting toy during that time.

Comfort can mean something different to each dog. You’ll want to look for toys that either mimics the warmth and softness of an owner’s lap, like a large plush toy, or that distract your dog from the fact that you’re gone, like a KONG or treat dispenser.

Chihuahua puppies go through teething just like all other dogs. Combine their teething with the already intense desire of Chihuahuas to chew, and you’re in for trouble if you don’t give them something to ease the pain besides your furniture or carpet. Teething toys and chewing toys, especially those with speakers, are an excellent option to meet those needs.

As your Chihuahua progresses in life, you may find that he slows down a bit, but he won’t lose his intelligence. Finding an outlet for your dog is essential to avoid boredom and anxiety when you’re away or can’t readily play. An interactive puzzle toy is a good choice to keep boredom at bay. Puzzles come in lots of shapes and sizes to please your pup.

Don’t underestimate your Chihuahua’s energy level. These dogs might be tiny, but they can really keep you on your toes. Find a nice ball or fetching toy for your pup to help get their energy out. You can play fetch in a small apartment or a large park or backyard, but either way, you’ll need something to get your dog’s energy out every day.

Training your Chihuahua to fetch and drop for frustration-free playtime.

Toys are a great way to interact with your Chihuahua and get them moving so they don’t become obese or depressed. Fetch is a particularly great way to keep your dog engaged and moving, and you can even play it in your apartment since your pup is so small. Take a look at our tips below to get your Chihuahua to fetch and drop the ball every time.

  1. Work backward, so you don’t lose control of the situation by throwing the ball and expecting your smart little dog to bring it right back.
  2. Start by setting a ball between you and your dog and asking him to pick it up.
  3. Once your dog picks up the ball, say “drop” and take it from them, but praise them each time they allow you to take it.
  4. Work on letting your dog drop the ball into your hand when you say “drop” instead of you taking it, and praise them every time they drop it.
  5. Roll the ball further and further away saying “fetch” and then praise your dog when he comes back each time to give the ball to you.
  6. After a while, you’ll be able to say “fetch” and throw the ball as far as you’d like, then when your dog returns to you say, “drop,” and he’ll drop it in your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much activity should my Chihuahua get daily?

Chihuahuas need plenty of exercise, but only relative to their size. One short and slow walk each day or plenty of fetch and running inside or in your yard is plenty. Remember to pay attention to your dog if you go for a walk. If you see that he’s panting hard or slowing down, then it’s time to pick him up and carry him home.

What, if any, unsafe toys should I avoid?

You should always avoid cooked bones for your dog since they can splinter and cause problems in the digestive tract and stomach. You should also avoid toys that your dog can swallow like cat toys that are much smaller than dog toys overall. Chihuahuas chew a ton, but their jaws aren’t that strong, so typically you can give them squeaky plush toys, but always supervise this play to avoid them swallowing fluff or the squeaker if they tear open the toy.

What type of toy is best for a Chihuahua’s temperament?

Chihuahuas are sassy, but also loving and loyal dogs. Part of their sass comes from their loyalty to their family. If you’re not able to keep your pup with you all day every day, it’s vital to buy her a toy that will comfort her. Comforting toys can be plush creatures for her to snuggle, or they can be distracting toys like treat dispensers. If you choose to go the treat route, then make sure not to let your dog overindulge since obesity comes easy to Chihuahuas.

What is the Best Dog Toy for Chihuahuas? – RECAP

  1. Hands-Down FavoriteKONG Jumbler Ball Dog Toy
  2. Most DurableKONG Classic Dog Toy
  3. Best for FetchChuckit! Classic Dog Ball Launcher
  4. Best for WaterPetstages Dogwood Stick Toy
  5. Best For TugMammoth Cloth Squeaky Rope for Dogs
  6. Best Chew Toy for PuppiesGoughnuts Ring Dog Toy
  7. CutestMultipet Lamb Chop Plush Dog Toy


Chihuahuas need to know you are there for them when you’re not, which is why distracting toys like KONGs are a great idea for them. They may also benefit from a plush toy to snuggle while you’re gone and nibble on when you’re there. They like fetch and running just as much as other dogs, so don’t count out balls either. You’ll be happy you didn’t overlook toys for your tiny pooch.

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