The 5 Best Dog Shampoos and Conditioners for Poodles in 2023

The best shampoo for poodles should be formulated for your pet’s specific needs, making their coat look healthy and soft.

Most dog breeds have a thick, double-coat of fur that is prone to shedding. But the poodle has a single coat of curly fur, making it a friendly breed for people with allergies. The wrong shampoo for your poodle can make the coat look dull and dry out your pet’s skin.

The best shampoos for poodles are formulated explicitly for single, curly coats and also designed to enhance the natural color of the fur, not dye the fur. Below, we’ll cover the top 5 best dog shampoos and conditioners for poodles in 2023.

What are the different types of poodle shampoos?

No human being has the same hair and scalp needs. Some of us have dandruff, while others are prone to oily scalps. Your poodle is the same. When you’re bathing your poodle puppy, you need a shampoo and conditioner formula that’s going to not only work for the specific poodle breed, but will also help your pet with any particular skin, health, or coat conditions they may have. So, what are the different types of poodle shampoos?

Sensitive Skin

Human skin has a thin layer on the surface called the acid mantle, meant to protect the more delicate skin layers beneath. This mantle is made up of free fatty acids, and when humans sweat, the lactic and amino acids in sweat create the skin’s pH. Ideally, humans have a pH level that is slightly acidic, at 5.5. For dogs, they also have an acid mantle and pH level to their skin. But, a dog’s skin is less acidic and more sensitive than a human’s skin. The average poodle has a pH level between 6.5 and 7.5.

Inferior dog shampoos are not always pH balanced for dog skin. If your poodle has particularly sensitive skin, you’ll need a shampoo that is pH balanced, and also free from harsh soaps and parabens. Products that contain these chemicals can dry out your dog’s skin and also make the coat look dull and lifeless. Dry skin will cause your poodle to scratch and feel uncomfortable. Sensitive skin shampoos are strong enough to clean the coat, but gentle enough to lock in moisture and prevent your poodles’ skin from getting dry.

Anti-fungal Shampoos and Conditioners

Dogs and humans too have certain levels of yeast on their skin. This is natural and usually won’t cause a problem. But unfortunately, specific conditions or health issues can cause naturally-occurring yeast on your poor poodle’s skin to grow out of control. Really hot, humid environments can cause yeast overgrowth, and so can foods that are high in sugar and fructose. If your dog has allergies or fleas, these conditions can kick up a yeast infection too. Sometimes if a dog is recovering from surgery or sickness, it can trigger yeast to multiply.

Signs of a yeast infection include excessive scratching, licking or chewing the paws, and rubbing themselves against the floor. If your poodle is scratching a lot and seems uncomfortable, the yeast might be to blame. It’s always a good idea to check with your vet first to get a definitive diagnosis on what’s bothering your pet. Antifungal shampoos and conditioners are designed to break down yeast and stop it from growing so your pet can find relief from the itch and burn of yeast infection.

Shedding Control

Poodles do not shed as much as most dog breeds. However, female poodles who are not spayed may excessively shed and lose their fur during each heat cycle. If you plan on breeding your female poodle, you ’ll want to use specially-formulated dog shampoo for shedding control.

Dandruff Control

Most dog breeds shed dander every 3 or 4 days. About 10% of people are allergic to pet dander. The poodle, however, only sheds dander about every ten days. This can significantly cut down on allergens for people who are sensitive to pet dander.

While it’s true that the poodle does not produce as much dander as other dog breeds, they aren’t dander-free. Sometimes, a poodle can have a sensitivity to their own dander. Because the poodle coat is thick and curly, dander can sit against the skin and cause irritation. Fortunately, there are dander control shampoos on the market that can alleviate this problem for your poodle.


You may think that bathing your poodle puppy means they will smell clean and fresh. But sometimes, your pet will still smell strange even after a bath. A dog’s skin secretes natural oils and lubricants to keep the fur and skin healthy and soft, but sometimes these lubricants can emit a strange odor. Deodorizing shampoos for your poodle can eliminate these strange smells while still protecting your poodle’s skin and fur.

Top 5 Tips for Keeping Your Poodle’s Coat Clean and Healthy

Of all domesticated dog breeds, the poodle has one of the most interesting coats. It’s fine curly and often looks like puppy fur. But this type of coat takes special care and attention. To keep your poodle’s coat looking clean and healthy, make sure you incorporate these top five tips into your dog grooming routine.

1. Brush your poodle every day.

You’ll need a round-headed pin brush with wire bristles to keep your poodle’s coat shiny, soft, and free of mats. Brush the fur all the way down to the skin, and use a greyhound comb for any mats.

A daily brushing routine will help release the natural oils in your poodle’s skin, which will help protect the fur and skin from damage and dryness.

2. Feed your poodle a nutritious diet.

Your poodle needs nutrient-dense kibble that is free of fillers like corn. Fillers can trigger and feed a yeast infection which is terrible for your pet’s skin and their comfort levels. The first few listed ingredients in your poodle’s food should be lean meat and not meat byproducts. Byproducts would be things like bone, or beaks and organs. Kibble should also include sulfur-containing amino acids that are incredibly important for coat appearance and health. Omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids also reduce pain and irritating skin inflammation.

3. Clip your poodle’s fur every month.

Poodles don’t shed their fur the same way that other dog breeds do, but their fur grows incredibly fast. The texture and fast growth-rate of your poodle’s fur mean that it is prone to mats, which can be painful and cause an infection. Mats also make the coat look dull. If you clip the fur every month, this should cut down on mats, and also help you see if any stubborn mats are forming so you can get rid of them before they hurt your dog.

4. Get your poodle professionally groomed every six to eight weeks.

A professional groomer can give your poodle a cut that fits the breed’s look and their unique fur needs. Professional groomers can also remove any mats and clip your dog’s nails.

5. Bathe your poodle with a shampoo that’s formulated for the breed.

You’ll probably need to bathe your poodle in between professional grooming sessions. Always be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner that is specially formulated for poodle fur. Next up, we’ll cover the best poodle shampoos for your lovable pup.

What is the best poodle shampoo?

The overall best poodle shampoo for 2023 is hands-down…

Buddy Wash Refreshing Rosemary and Mint Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

Key Benefits:

  • Is safe for humans and dogs as young as 12 weeks.
  • Leaves your poodle smelling fresh and clean.
  • Is thick and creamy, and won’t dry out your poodle’s skin.
  • The moisturizing formula is ideal for the poodle’s curly, mat-prone fur.
  • Saves time as a two-in-one formula.

The product has been safely tested on humans, not animals. Many people experience skin irritation when they bath their dog with inferior dog shampoo products. But this formula will not irritate your hands when you use it to bathe your poodle. It is also one of the best smelling poodle shampoos, with long-lasting rosemary and mint scents that will eliminate pet odors. The shampoo is safe to use on poodles as young as 12 weeks.

What are the pros and cons of using this dog shampoo for your poodle?

Pros: You won’t hurt your skin or your pet’s sensitive skin and eyes when using Buddy Wash. The formula is also good to use on dogs with flakey or dry skin. If you can’t stand the typical, musky “poodle” smell, this shampoo will eliminate it without harming your dog.

Cons: The biggest drawback with this shampoo is that some people find the scent incredibly strong. If you have a sensitive nose or don’t like the smell of rosemary, this shampoo might not be the best choice for you. It will leave your dog smelling strongly like rosemary and mint for at least three days after a wash.

The Runner-Up:

In second place for best dog shampoo for poodles is…

4-legger Organic, Hypo-allergenic, Lemongrass, and Aloe Shampoo

Key Benefits:

  • The essential oil blend won’t strip your dog’s fur or skin of natural oils.
  • The formula is free from parabens and synthetic chemicals that can dull your pet’s fur.
  • Lemongrass has antibacterial and antifungal properties which can keep yeast at-bay.

This dog shampoo is excellent for poodle’s who are prone to itchy, irritating yeast infections. The shampoo is cruelty-free and also eco-friendly, and comprised of non-GMO ingredients. The shampoo is safe for humans and non-toxic.

What are the pros and cons of the runner-up formula?

Pros: 4-leggers lemongrass and aloe shampoo for poodles is exceptionally gentle for dry, sensitive skin and poodles suffering from fur loss or yeast infections. The formula is also easy to rinse and free of all kinds of irritants that you’d find in most inferior brands.

Cons: This shampoo cannot get in your dog’s eyes. While the Buddy Wash Rosemary and Mint shampoo is safe for the dog’s eyes, this shampoo will need to be rinsed immediately if it comes into contact with your pet’s eyes.

5 Tips on Bathing Your Poodle

  • Brush your dog first. This will help the water soak into the fur more quickly and uniformly, and help you work up a good lather when you apply shampoo.
  • Put in a non-slip surface at the bottom of the tub or sink. You can use a towel, so your pet doesn’t slip while you bathe them.
  • Fill the tub with warm water first. The sound of rushing water can make your pet nervous.
  • Use three towels – one on the bottom of the tub to prevent your dog from slipping, one to drape over your dog between rinses and when you take him out of the tub to prevent shaking, and one to dry your dog.
  • Put a small piece of cotton in each of your dog’s ears before you bathe him, but don’t forget to take the cotton out! The cotton will absorb any drops of water that would have otherwise gotten into your dog’s ear.

What are some other top-rated shampoos and conditioners for poodles?

If you don’t like rosemary, mint, lemongrass or aloe, below are a couple of other top-rated shampoos that will be sure to meet your’s and your dog’s needs.

FAQ’s for Bathing a Poodle

Can I use human shampoo on my poodle?

No, it’s not a good idea to use human shampoo on your poodle. Human shampoos are formulated for a different pH balance, and using it on your poodle can irritate their skin and sting their eyes.

How often can I bathe my poodle?

Poodles need a bath about every three weeks. Any more than that, and your dog’s skin can get dry, and their coat can become dull, even with the very best dog shampoos. If your dog has a skin problem, your vet might recommend that you bathe your poodle less than every three weeks, but this is rare.

How warm should the water be when I bathe my poodle?

Usually what feels warm for a human being is in fact too warm for your dog. Anything above 98 degrees Fahrenheit is too hot for your poodle. Water that is lukewarm is usually best. Always err on the side of caution.

How should I wash my poodle’s face?

Saturate a small towel with water and poodle shampoo, then use it to wipe the dog’s face gently. Make sure you don’t get any soap in his eyes.

There’s a reason why the poodle makes the canine “best dressed” list year after year. With their distinct look and unique coat, poodles can look rather striking if their owners know how to take care of their appearance. Always choose a poodle shampoo that uses superior ingredients, is free of harsh chemicals, and lets your dog’s natural beauty shine through. The next time you have your poodle scheduled for a bath, be sure to try Buddy Wash Refreshing Rosemary and Mint Dog Shampoo and Conditioner for your special friend.

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