Pomeranian Dog Brushes: 9 Best Grooming Tools for a Perfect Coat

Maintaining your dog’s coat is crucial for its overall health, and with fluffy pups like Pomeranians, it helps keep shedding at bay.

However, due to their thick undercoat, not every brush will do as it can severely damage their fur. So to help you out, we find and review nine of the best Pomeranian dog brushes. In a few minutes, you know precisely what to look for and which grooming tool is best for you.

Types of Pomeranian Dog Brushes

Due to their double-coat of thick yet fine hair, you need to take the type of brush into consideration. Here are some of the best types of brushes to use on your Pomeranian.

Pin Brush

Pin brushes are similar to what we use. They can be square, round, or oval-shaped and include multiple loosely arranged wires with pins at the top.

This is one of the most regular types of dog brushes, although it isn’t the most useful. Pin brushes are excellent for picking up loose hair before it piles onto your furniture. They’re also fantastic for finishing off by fluffing the coat, adding some volume and a well-brushed appearance.

However, you need to be careful that it isn’t too stiff; otherwise, it’s like needles for your dog’s skin. While brushing, be gentle to avoid causing any damage to the hair.

Slicker Brush

Similar to pin brushes, a slicker brush also uses wire bristles. Unlike the above, however, slicker brushes often include either a flat or slightly curved base. The bristles are usually angled and feature protective nubs at the end to protect the skin.

A slicker brush is your best weapon for removing knots and tangled hair in medium, long, or curly fur. It also works wonders at grabbing the loose hair and undercoat.

However, like the pin brush, be careful not to go too hard as it can damage your dog’s skin and hair.

Bristle Brush

A bristle brush is a must-have in your arsenal of dog grooming tools. Although it’s ineffective at detangling, it’s perfect for finishing with.

Employ a bristle brush to smooth out the fur and redistribute the skin’s natural oils, giving it a glossy, healthy look.

For medium to long-haired dogs, like Pomeranians, opt for long bristles. They don’t have to be too stiff unless your pup has a wiry coat. If you trim your dog’s hair, go for shorter bristles.

Rubber Brush

A rubber brush is a versatile multi-tool that works well with all types of coats. Thanks to the rubber “bristles,” it removes shedding hair effectively. The material operates similarly to a magnet, drawing all the loose hair close.

You can also use them for shampooing to avoid getting hair all over your hands. The soft nubs massage your dog’s skin while you lather on the soap, which in turn stimulates blood flow and natural oils.

Undercoat Rake

An undercoat rake is usually recommended for dogs that shed in clumps, like Huskies and Pomeranians. They allow you to remove loose hair quickly without affecting the topcoat, preventing matting and excessive shedding.

With that said, they aren’t ideal for Pomeranians, as they can damage the undercoat. You should also be careful not to use excessive pressure to not hurt their skin.

Double-Sided Brush

A double-sided brush brings you the best of both worlds. They generally consist of one pin side and one bristle side.

These allow you to remove tangles and matting, then use the other side to smooth out the fur and add shine. They’re also fantastic for medium to long-haired breeds as you’ll need both sides for that perfect finish.

About a Pomeranian’s Coat

Pomeranians are mini relatives of the spitz-type sled dogs in the Arctic. They got their name from Pomerania, an area of northeastern Europe that’s now part of western Germany and Poland. It was in Pomerania, where breeders would breed this toy-sized dog down from its bulkier cousins.

Because of the family tree, Pomeranians have double-layered coats, meaning they have a dense undercoat with a lighter, fluffier outer layer. This thick fur helps them keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which is why they shed twice a year.

Dogs with double coats are prone to mat and tangled fur, also during their non-shedding season. This is why it’s crucial to brush them frequently.

Another essential step in maintaining your Pom’s coat is regular grooming, including a bath, brushing, and clipping. You should look to do this every three to six weeks. If you aren’t comfortable with doing it from home, go to your local dog groomer.

Tips for Brushing Your Pomeranian

Below we have a few helpful tips for brushing your Pomeranian:

  • Use different tools: The best way to deal with your Pom’s fluffy coat is to use various tools. You want to begin with a slicker brush to detangle knots and take out dead hair–a comb also works well for this. Then utilize a pin brush followed by a bristle brush to give the coat a glossy finish.
  • Be careful: You don’t want to damage your dog’s fur or skin by using unsafe tools. Ensure your slicker and pin brushes have soft tips and have a slight bend to them, which prevents excessive pressure and scratches.
  • Don’t be scared to use a conditioner: To help your slicker and pin brush glide smoothly through the hairs, a light conditioning spray can help. Spray a small amount onto the fur, and then work it into the coat with your brush.
  • Always go in the hairs’ direction: Never brush the opposite way that the hair grows as this can damage the coat and be painful for your dog. Even if there are tough tangles, go in the same direction.
  • Don’t cut the undercoat: Rakes and de-shedding tools can damage the undercoat, causing it to grow back in patches. Avoid using these grooming tools on your Pomeranian.

Best Pomeranian Dog Brushes

Check out our top picks for best Pomeranian dog brushes.

Petkin Soft Grip Bamboo Two-Sided Dog Brush

Key Benefits:

  • Soft bristles redistribute natural oils.
  • Stainless steel pins detangle knots.
  • Soft-grip handle.
  • Bamboo construction for durability.

One of the best Pomeranian dog brushes is this two-sided grooming tool from Petkin. The double-sided brush creates a versatile tool that can handle almost any task.

On one side, you have stainless steel pins, which gently remove tough knots and shedding fur. They aren’t super stiff, making them comfortable for your pup.

Moving to the other side, you have firm bristles that help redistribute natural oils in your dog’s coat. This method brings out the shine and an overall healthy appearance.

The handle consists of a soft-grip material, preventing it from slipping out of your hand while increasing your control as you work those knots. For the brush itself, you have bamboo, offering durability.


  • Double-sided brush, suitable for any task.
  • Stainless steel pins, offering durability.
  • Comfortable soft-grip handle.
  • Sturdy bamboo construction.


  • The brush might be too large for a Pomeranian puppy.

KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush

Key Benefits:

  • The brush removes shedding hair.
  • Works for shampooing.
  • It stimulates the coat’s natural oil production.
  • Available in two sizes.

One of the most versatile tools on today’s list is the Kong ZoomGroom. It’s a multi-use brush that removes shedding hair and lathers up shampoo during bath time.

The ZoomGroom works by massaging your pup, keeping them engaged, while brushing to remove shedding. It acts sort of like a magnet for loose hair, preventing it from piling up on your couch.

While brushing, the tool stimulates capillaries and the coat’s natural oil production, improving the skin and gives the coat a healthy look. Kong recommends that you use it regularly for best results and to keep shedding at bay.

The manufacturer made it in the US from globally sourced materials. It’s available in two sizes, adult and puppy–the puppy size might be the best choice for a small Pomeranian. And it’s suitable for all coat types.

With that said, it doesn’t work well at detangling, so if your pup is prone to knots, we recommend using a bristle brush, too.


  • Multi-use brush.
  • The design improves the coat.
  • Made in the US.
  • Prevents shedding and loose hair when used regularly.


  • It doesn’t detangle knots.

Beeps Magic Coat Detangling Dog Brush

Key Benefits:

  • Detangles knots.
  • Massages skin.
  • Prevents painful pulling.
  • Works on wet and dry fur.

Pomeranians are prone to knots and shedding thanks to their thick undercoat. Fortunately, the Beeps detangling brush from Kampalook is a fantastic solution.

The design of this brush is a bit different. Its bristles are all strategically placed and sized; they measure 32 different heights and 16 various thicknesses. This layout increases comfort for your pup by preventing it from getting stuck, causing uncomfortable pulling.

You can use the brush on all coat types, including thick and medium, as well as wet and dry. It consists of plastic, and the rubber bristles are quite stiff, but they include a soft tip for comfort. While brushing, they massage the skin, promoting a healthy-looking coat.

A fantastic feature is the ergonomic handle, which is super comfy for you to hold, even while detangling pesky knots. However, inside the handle, you’ll find a hidden pair of tweezers that you can use to remove ticks.


  • Strategically placed bristles for a smooth grooming session.
  • An ergonomic handle.
  • Hidden tweezers to remove ticks and other pests.
  • It massages the skin, promoting a healthy coat.


  • Made from rubber and plastic, which isn’t the most durable material.

ConairPRO Pet-It Dog Metal Pin Brush

Key Benefits:

  • Palm-Petting Grip Technology.
  • Stainless steel pins.
  • Comfort tips.
  • Detangles knots.

The ConairPro Pet-It dog brush is the perfect option if you can’t pet your Pomeranian enough. It’s a handle-free design, mimicking the motions of petting, suggesting it comforts your pup while making it a bonding experience for both.

What’s great about this brush is the stainless steel pins with attached comfort tips; they penetrate the coat without causing harm to the skin. You can use it on long, fluffy coats, excellent for a Pomeranian.

Another fantastic feature is the Palm-Petting Grip Technology, which enables you to slip your fingers through smoothly while holding the brush with a secure grip.

It works great at detangling knots and leaving the fur looking healthy and smooth. ConairPRO recommends that you use it daily.

However, it doesn’t remove all the shedding or loose hair, so you may need to go over with a comb afterward.


  • The handle-free design promotes bonding.
  • Comfortable to hold on to.
  • Penetrates the coat without harming the skin.
  • Great for long coats.


  • It doesn’t remove shedding or loose hair.
  • The grip is a bit small, so it might be uncomfortable for big hands.

Five More Pomeranian Brushes

Miracle Care Slicker Brush

If your pup is prone to tangles and a matted appearance, then the Miracle Care Slicker Brush is worth a look. True to its name, this is a miracle worker for a dull, knotted coat.

The brush uses soft, stainless steel wires to detangle and remove loose hair, regenerating your dog’s fur, giving it a luscious appearance. A great feature is the angled pins that are efficient at reaching the undercoat; it glides straight through without irritating the skin underneath.

You have a cushioned handle, which also offers a secure grip, even when wet. It’s ergonomically designed, preventing hand fatigue during a tough grooming session.

Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Brush

The Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Brush is a dual-action tool, providing you with two sides for a thorough job.

One side features stainless steel pins that work effectively at removing loose hair and troublesome tangles. Then the other side includes nylon bristles, which distribute natural oils throughout your dog’s coat, restoring shine and silkiness.

It’s a fantastic brush for dogs with long, wiry, and curly coats. The stainless steel pins include safety tips, ensuring comfort while brushing. You also have an ergonomic handle that works to prevent hand strain so you can focus on your pup.

Frisco Cat & Dog Pin Brush

The pin brush from Frisco is a gentle but effective detangle grooming tool. It features plastic pins with rounded tips that work to remove dirt, loose hair, and tangles.

It’s excellent for dogs with long coats, and undercoats as the plastic pins glide effortlessly through the strands without causing any discomfort. As you slide it through the hair, it fluffs up your Pomeranian’s coat, giving it a lush, healthy surface. Frisco recommends using it frequently to maintain soft, shiny fur.

For your comfort, it features an ergonomic handle, improving control and your grip for a better experience.

Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

A unique brush on our list today is the Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush. It’s a gentle tool, featuring stainless steel pins that work great at removing loose hair without irritating the skin.

After brushing, press the button at the back to retract the pins; allow the hairs to fall into the bin. Then wipe it with a cloth to remove dust and dirt, and reposition the button for the next grooming session.

At the end, you have a comfortable grip handle, which ensures a sturdy hold and minimizes hand strain. The brush comes in three convenient sizes, including small, medium, and large.

Safari Bristle Dog Brush

The bristle brush from Safari is another gentle tool designed for efficiency and comfort. It features soft bristles that brush away matted hair, dirt, debris, and tangles, leaving your pooch with a healthy, beautiful coat.

What we like is how the bristles remove loose or shedding hair, preventing it from piling up on your clothes, furniture, or floors. It’s compatible with all hair types, and you should use it regularly for the best results.

There’s a plastic handle, which is comfortable to hold and easy to grip. It should also resist slipping when wet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these commonly asked questions about brushing Pomeranians to help you select the right brush.

What Type of Brush Should I Use for My Pomeranian?

Although you can use any brush listed above, the best option is a slicker brush. These can reach the undercoat, removing those loose hairs, keeping your Pom comfy, and your furniture clean.

How Often Should You Brush a Pomeranian?

You should brush your Pomeranian at least three times per week, ideally more than this. Once the shedding season begins–around spring and fall–brush your Pom more frequently to avoid loose hair and matting.

Why Is My Pomeranian Not Fluffy?

Pomeranians are famous for their fluffy coat. However, some are less fluffy, which comes down to a few factors.

For instance, how fluffy your Pom’s coat is depends on the thickness of its undercoat; the thicker it is, the softer your dog will be. Some Pomeranians have more of a “foxy” appearance, making them less puffy.

Using the wrong grooming tools or neglecting it all together might also make your Pom less fluffy.


Finding the best Pomeranian dog brushes for your Pom is crucial for maintaining its fluffy, luscious coat. Because Poms shed a lot, you need to brush them frequently to keep loose hair at bay.

We hope you found our recommendations helpful. All are excellent for medium to long-haired dogs without causing any damage to their coat.

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