Greyhound Dog Brushes: 9 Best Grooming Tools for a Perfect Coat

Grooming your dog seems like a simple enough task. All you need to do is pick up a brush and comb through their hair, right? Actually, it’s not always that simple.

Every dog breed has a unique coat, which requires specialized tools for proper grooming. The grooming tools you’ll need for your greyhound are quite different from the ones you’d use on a poodle or any other breed for that matter.

So, how can you find the best grooming tools for your greyhound? Read on, and we’ll take a closer look at the top grooming tools for greyhounds, and share some helpful advice on how you can select the best tools for your pup.

5 Benefits of Brushing Your Greyhound

Not only will brushing your dog keep them looking their best, but there are several underlying benefits you may not be aware of.

  1. Excellent bonding time – Over time, most dogs grow to enjoy being groomed, and grooming presents a perfect opportunity to bond with your pup. After all, brushing your dog isn’t too far off from petting them.
  1. Brushing helps distribute natural oils – As you brush your dog, you’ll distribute their natural oils throughout their coat, making it look shiny and lustrous in the process.
  1. Helps prevent matted fur – Matted fur isn’t an attractive look on your dog, but most importantly, it’s also painful for them. By brushing your dog regularly, you can avoid these painful mats altogether.
  1. Brushing allows you to check on your pet’s health – Regular brushing is a great way to establish familiarity with your dog and how their skin should look and feel. If there’s something out of the ordinary, you’ll be able to discover it quickly so you can take your dog to the vet.
  1. It reduces shedding – Perhaps the most notable benefit of brushing your dog regularly is it will help reduce shedding. With regular grooming, you’ll be able to remove loose hair, debris, and dirt in one shot. Your dog will shed less, and they’ll have a shiny and lustrous coat that looks beautiful.

Greyhound Grooming Considerations

One of the best characteristics of greyhounds is they are virtually effortless to groom and care for. Similar to cats, greyhounds actually do a great deal of their own grooming, so there isn’t too much for you to worry about.

Greyhounds don’t shed much, and they’re known for their short and lustrous coats. A quick brushing once a week is usually more than enough to keep your greyhound’s coat healthy and looking its best.

Beyond essential grooming, you should bathe your greyhound once every 4-6 weeks to keep them clean and happy. With regular essential grooming, your pup will be happy and healthy, and you’ll only have to contend with a minimal amount of shedding.

5 Popular Brush Types for Greyhounds

You’ll find a variety of dog brushes on the market, each with unique characteristics that are designed to meet the needs of different dog breeds. Not all of these brushes are ideal for grooming a greyhound, but it’s helpful to know which style of brush is which so you can choose a perfect option for your greyhound.

Slicker Brush

These brushes are very popular for grooming dogs and cats, and they’re versatile enough to groom a variety of hair types effectively. These brushes have tiny metal pins that effectively remove dead hair, dirt and debris, and knots from your dog’s coat.

Greyhounds tend to have sensitive skin, which may be irritated by the metal bristles of a slicker brush, so these aren’t an ideal choice for greyhounds.

Pin Brush

Pin brushes look very similar to a brush for human hair. Like slicker brushes, they feature metal pins that are tipped with plastic caps to help make them more comfortable and less irritating to your dog’s skin. While these brushes can be used for grooming a greyhound, they’re better suited for dogs with longer coats.

Bristle Brush

Bristle brushes feature soft bristles made from horsehair, boar hair, or synthetic material, and they’re soft and comfortable, which is ideal for dogs with sensitive skin. Each brush has thousands of tiny bristles that effectively remove dead hair, debris, and dirt from your greyhound while distributing their natural oils throughout their coat.

Grooming Gloves

Grooming gloves are ideal for a variety of breeds and fur types, and they’re suitable for skittish dogs who are frightened by brushes. Grooming your dog with a glove with help keep them calm as you work, and the soft nodules on the palm of the glove help you to comfortably and efficiently groom your pup.

Curry Brushes

Another excellent option for greyhounds, curry brushes are typically molded from silicone or rubber, and they feature raised brush-like nodules that remove dead or loose hair, dirt, and debris. These brushes are also ideal for using during bath time, as you can use them like a sponge or loofah to get your dog a truly deep clean.


Best Dog Brushes for Greyhounds

KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush

Key Benefits:

  • 2-in-1 functionality – ideal for grooming and bathing
  • Stimulates blood flow and aids in the production of natural oils
  • Feels like a gentle massage for your dog

The ZoomGroom from KONG is one of the most versatile brushes on the market, and it’s ideal for any dog regardless of the type of hair they have. The brush is made in America from soft silicone rubber, and it has a gentle massaging action that your dog is sure to love. The soft bristles are ideal for skittish dogs that are frightened of regular grooming brushes.

The cone-shaped “bristles” of this brush help to distribute natural oils throughout your dog’s coat, and they stimulate capillary action, which increases blood flow to improve the condition of your pup’s skin and coat.

Beyond its usefulness as a grooming tool, this soft brush is ideal for bath time, too. Load the brush up with soap, and you’ll be able to provide your pup with a stimulating deep clean when it’s bath time.


  • Perfect for grooming and bath time
  • Silicone material acts as a magnet to pull loose hair away
  • Stimulates capillary action for healthy skin and coat
  • Made in the USA


  • Not useful for tangles or matted hair

FURminator deShedding Edge Dog Brush

Key Benefits:

  • Patented deShedding edge gently removes loose hair from topcoat and undercoat in one motion
  • Ergonomic handle is comfortable to use
  • Reduces loose fur from shedding by up to 90%

The FURminator is one of the most popular brushes on the market because it offers unprecedented results that other grooming tools can’t match. Despite the extremely short coat of greyhounds, the FURminator effectively grabs loose hair from both their topcoat and undercoat so you can effectively groom your pup in a single motion.

This brush has a patented design with an ergonomic handle that’s comfortable to use even during long grooming sessions. The brush was designed by a groomer for other groomers, so if they can comfortably use this tool for hours each day, you should be able to make quick work of your greyhound’s grooming routine with the FURminator.

The FURminator has a curved profile that matches the natural shape of your dog, which makes grooming more comfortable for the dog, while also helping to make the brush more effective. Once the brush becomes full of hair, removing it is as simple as pressing the button on the back of the tool and watching the hair fall into the garbage can.


  • Curved design makes grooming your pet more comfortable
  • Patented design grooms the topcoat and undercoat in one motion
  • Once the brush is clogged with hair, you can empty it with the push of a button


  • Expensive
  • Might be uncomfortable for sensitive dogs

Wags & Wiggles Dual Sided Bristle and Wiggle Pin Brush

Key Benefits:

  • Dual-sided design provides two different brushes
  • Ergonomic and comfortable to use
  • Pin brush side is plastic coated to reduce irritation

This ergonomically designed brush from Wags & Wiggles is an ideal brush for greyhounds and other short-haired dogs, and it has a few design features that make it an ideal brush.

The two-sided design provides a traditional bristle brush on one side and a pin brush on the opposite side. While pin brushes aren’t usually a good fit for greyhounds, these pins are coated in soft plastic, so they’re much less irritating to your dog’s skin.

The pin side is ideal for removing mats and tangles while the soft bristle side is perfect for removing dirt and loose hair. Plus, it distributes your pup’s natural oils for a shiny and lustrous coat. This brush from Wags & Wiggles is available in two sizes, and both feature an ergonomic design to keep your hand comfortable as you groom your dog


  • Two brush heads for the price of one
  • Softer pin side reduces irritation that’s common with pin brushes
  • Less than $10
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Plastic pins aren’t very durable

HandsOn All-In-One Pet Bathing & Grooming Gloves

Key Benefits:

  • Form-fitting design allows you to groom more effectively than mitten-style gloves
  • Available in five different sizes to fit any hand
  • Feels like a massage for your dog
  • Can be used for bath time as well as grooming

This grooming glove from HandsOn is an ideal choice for pet owners with dogs who aren’t incredibly excited about grooming time. Many dogs are scared of brushes and combs, but with these gloves, your dog will feel like you’re petting them while they get a nice massage in the process.

The raised nodules throughout the glove are perfect for deshedding, and they also help to stimulate blood flow, which promotes natural oil production for healthy skin and coat. The gloves come in five different sizes and feature a velcro wrist closure, which provides a custom fit for any hand, which helps you to groom your dog more effectively.

These durable gloves are made from a rubber-coated fabric that resists cracking and inhibits mildew growth, so you can rest assured your gloves will stand up to the test of time.


  • Custom fit makes grooming easier
  • Perfect for skittish dogs who are scared of grooming
  • Ideal for grooming and baths, too
  • Works on any animal


  • Expensive
  • Hair doesn’t stick to the glove, so you’ll need to vacuum or mop after grooming

Five More Great Greyhound Brushes

Paws & Pals Best In Show Dog & Cat Deshedding Tool

An ideal choice for pet owners that are interested in the FURminator, but unwilling to spend $25+ for a grooming brush. This brush features a very similar design with an ergonomic handle and stainless steel teeth. When used gently, this brush does a fantastic job of removing loose hair, mats, and tangles from your pup’s coat.

Petmate FurBuster 3-in-1 Dog Grooming Glove

This incredibly useful glove from Petmate offers two unique sides that help you make quick work of grooming and bathing. The glove can be used wet or dry, so it’s perfect for grooming and bathing, and the textured fabric on the reverse side of the glove acts as a magnet for loose hair and dander.

Inside the glove, there are integrated straps to provide a custom fit for people with smaller hands. When you’re finished grooming or bathing, hang the glove out to dry, and it’ll be ready for you the next time your greyhound needs a grooming session.

Vetnique Labs Furbliss Grooming Brush

An ideal curry brush for greyhounds, the Furbliss brush offers two different sides, one for grooming and one for bathing. The grooming side has large rubber cones that effectively remove tangles, loose hair, and dander while providing your pet with a gentle massage on the process.

The reverse side has deep grooves that hold onto shampoo during bathing so you can achieve a deep clean. When it’s dry, the reverse side also acts as a magnet to remove lint and stubborn pet hair from carpets and furniture.

FURemover Duo Dual-Sided Grooming & Hair Removal Brush

An all-in-one brush that’s perfect for dogs with sensitive skin, the FURemover offers two different sides with rubber bristles to make quick work of various grooming tasks. The fine bristles are perfect for removing loose hair from your pup as well as lint and hair from your upholstery.

The coarse bristles provide your dog with a gentle grooming experience, and they effectively remove loose hair, tangles, and dander from your pet’s coat while also distributing natural oils throughout their hair.

Frisco Rubber Duck Cat & Dog Curry Brush

This adorable curry brush from Frisco is perfect for grooming and bath time, and it has a cute rubber duck design that floats in water, so you’ll always be able to keep your brush close by during bath time. The bottom of the brush offers coarse rubber bristles that are ideal for removing loose hair and distributing your pet’s natural oils. This brush is great for gently lathering your Greyhound’s shampoo at bath time, massaging the skin and coat, and removing loose hair to help keep shedding to a minimum.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Brush my Greyhound?

Greyhounds are the perfect dog breed for people with busy lifestyles because they’re very self-sufficient. Unlike most dog breeds, they take care of a lot of their own grooming. You’ll want to brush your greyhound about once a week, but grooming more frequently than that isn’t necessary.

What Brush is Best for Greyhounds?

Since greyhounds have a very short coat and sensitive skin, it’s crucial you choose a brush that can effectively grip their hair without irritating the skin below.

Bristle brushes, curry brushes, or grooming gloves are often the best choice for grooming your greyhound. Other brush styles can work well too, but you’ll want to avoid brushes with thin metal bristles, as they seem to cause the most irritation.

How Can I Stop my Greyhound From Shedding?

Unfortunately, there’s no way you can completely stop a dog from shedding. Fortunately, greyhounds don’t shed nearly as much as most other breeds do. There are also a few steps you can take to help reduce the amount your dog sheds.

Regular brushing is the single best way to reduce shedding because by doing so, you’ll be removing the loose or dead hair that your dog would later shed on your floors or furniture. Regular bathing is another way to reduce shedding. By practicing proper hygiene for your greyhound, you’ll hardly have to worry about them shedding at all.


Fortunately for greyhound owners, greyhounds are among the easiest dogs to groom. With the right greyhound brush and a few minutes each week, you’ll be able to keep shedding at bay while helping your pup achieve a beautiful and lustrous coat.

Each of the greyhound brushes on our list is a fantastic choice for grooming your greyhound. Whether you decide on a bristle brush, grooming glove, or curry brush, you’ll be well on your way to doing a great job grooming your pet.

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