Goldendoodle Dog Brushes: 9 Best Grooming Tools For A Perfect Coat

Not all Goldendoodles have the same type of fur. Some have the silky fur of a Golden Retriever, while others have a Poodle’s thick, wooly coat. Frequently brushing your Goldendoodle will keep the fur maintained, but only if you use the right brush. So, how do you know if you’re using the right brush?

In this article, you’ll learn about the different dog brushes for Goldendoodles and what makes them a good choice for your dog’s fur. You’ll also find helpful tips on grooming all types of Goldendoodle coats. When you’re ready, you can choose a dog brush from our list so you can start grooming your furry friend.

5 Benefits of Brushing Your Goldendoodle

Brushing your Goldendoodle every day or even twice a week might not fit into your busy schedule. However, several benefits will help ensure you find time to groom your furry friend.

  1. Promotes bonding: Whether you just brought your Goldendoodle home or the dog has been a part of your family for years, regular brushings will help create or strengthen an existing bond. When brushing is part of a routine, it will quickly become an activity your pet loves to share with you.
  2. Prevents tangles: Even if your Goldendoodle has thick, wooly fur, the animal still has an undercoat that mats easily. Mats and tangles in the undercoat aren’t hidden by the topcoat. Instead, the topcoat can also become matted making brushing a miserable experience for you and your dog.
  3. Healthy coat and skin: Brushing your Goldendoodle encourages the production of natural oils that protect and moisturize the skin and fur. Dry skin is a common problem with these gorgeous dogs. If your dog has dry, itchy skin, regular brushings will help lessen irritation and minimize ‘doggie dandruff’.It can also eliminate the need for any expensive vet-prescribed skin moisturizing treatments.
  4. Cuts down on dusting and vacuuming: If you have a dog, then you also have pet dander and loose fur. You also know how quickly it can spread through the house. Brushing not only helps eliminate allergy-causing dander, but it also reduces the amount of loose fur you have to sweep up off the floors and furniture.
  5. Check for skin problems: Brushing your dog gives you the chance to inspect your pup’s skin. Along with checking for fleas, ticks, and other parasites, you can also look for skin discoloration and other abnormalities that might require a second opinion from a vet. Being proactive about your pet’s skin and coat care can help you catch potential health issues.

Silky Coats vs. Wooly Fur Goldendoodle Grooming

Goldendoodles with silky or wooly fur both have friendly, energetic temperaments but have different needs when it comes to grooming. Their undercoats also need plenty of attention to prevent tangles.

The best dog brush for a Goldendoodle, regardless of hair type, is a slicker brush. It’s the most effective at brushing mats and tangles out of the undercoat. The brush is also ideal if your pooch has shorter, thicker fur. It can get the tangles out without pulling your dog’s hair.

Combs work great on silky top coats but can get caught in woolier fur. All Goldendoodle coats look best when they’re brushed daily. If you can’t brush your Goldendoodle that often, aim for two or three times a week.

A combination brush and comb will keep Goldendoodles with wooly coats looking well-groomed. The fur might be tighter and thicker, but it still sheds. A two-sided brush removes old fur and dead skin cells, while also tackling both the top and undercoat.

Along with daily brushing, both fur types should have a bath every 6 – 8 weeks. Overbathing your dog often results in irritation due to the loss of natural skin oils causing dry, irritated skin.

3 Popular Brush Types for Goldendoodles

You’ll find several types of dog brushes online or at any pet store, but not all are ideal for a Goldendoodle’s fur. Here are the three brush types that will have your dog’s fur soft and tangle-free.

  1. Slicker brush: These are one of the cheapest dog grooming tools. The brushes are also easy to find. The metal bristles remove dead hair, mats, and tangles from undercoats, and is also effective on silky and wooly fur.
  2. Pin brush: You might have a pin-style hairbrush in your bathroom; it’s similar to one for dogs. The metal bristles have rubber tips that are great for removing tangles from silkier fur.
  3. Bristle brush: Grooming a wooly haired Goldendoodle with a bristle brush is difficult. However, if your furry companion has a longer coat, the brush will give it a shiny, healthy appearance.

You also want to pay attention to the brush-size. Al brush designed for cats and smaller breed dogs isn’t the best choice for a Goldendoodle. Look for a medium or large-size dog brush.

Best Dog Brushes for Goldendoodles

Our 2023 Picks: Best Brush for Goldendoodles

Petkin Soft Grip Bamboo Two-Sided Dog Brush

Key Benefits:

  • 2-in-1 brush
  • Stainless steel pins
  • Soft-grip handle
  • Designed for medium and long-haired dogs

The Petkin two-sided brush turns you into a professional groomer. It has everything you need to smooth your dog’s coat and leave it shining. It will gently remove tangles and snarls from all types of Goldendoodle fur without pulling or tugging. The stainless steel pins are rust-resistant. You can easily remove loose fur and detangle tough knots in the thick undercoat and wooly top coat.

On the other side of the brush are soft bristles that leave your dog’s coat soft and shiny. Your dog will feel like it’s getting a gentle body massage. The brushing motion also stimulates circulation and promotes oil production for healthy skin and coat.

It’s easy to control the brush during grooming. It comes with a gripped soft handle that won’t slip out of your hand when you’re working on a tough knot. It’s also designed to prevent hand fatigue so you can comfortably finish brushing both coats without finger cramping.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easily removes loose fur and tangles
  • Durable design


  • The stainless steel pins can become tangled in shorter, thicker Goldendoodle fur.

Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

 Key Benefits

  • Comfortable design
  • Supports a healthy coat
  • Reduces shedding
  • Dual-action

The dual-action dog grooming tool does the work of two brushes. When you’re finished, your Goldendoodle’s coat will look smooth, shiny, and healthy. The two brush sides are designed to work together for complete coat care.

The stainless steel pins are rubber capped to avoid irritating sensitive skin. The pins will gently untangle snarls and remove dead fur before it can fall to the ground. On the reverse side are nylon bristles that encourage the production of healthy skin oils, while giving your dog’s coat a beautiful shine.

Grooming a Goldendoodle is a large task, but the ergonomically designed handle eliminates strain and fatigue. You can comfortably groom your dog, whether it’s a small puppy or a full-grown adult.


  • Safe to use on sensitive skin
  • Two grooming tools in one
  • Comfortable to use
  • Removes tough tangles from thick undercoats


  • The handle may be too small to comfortably fit larger hands.

Safari De-Matting Dog Comb

Key Benefits

  • Designed for dogs with longer hair
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Improves blood flow and circulation
  • Comfortable to hold

Sometimes, even a slicker brush can’t get out stubborn tangles. You don’t want to tug or pull on your dog’s hair, and scissors are a little extreme. A de-matting comb is a perfect solution to get knots and snarls out of your dog’s fur. It’s pain-free for your dog and easy to use.

The stainless steel blades are rust-resistant and cut through the tangles without pulling on your dog’s fur. To ensure your dog’s safety, the tips of the blades are rounded so not even sensitive is irritated. You don’t have to worry about nicking your dog’s skin as you’re getting the tough mats out.

The comb also massages your dog’s coat as it’s detangling it. Increased blood flow and circulation leave your pooch energized and looking great. It comes with a non-slip padded handle for comfort, along with a thumb rest for improved control when you’re grooming.


  • Comfort-grip handle
  • Rust-resistant blades
  • Safety design
  •  Improves circulation
  • Safely cuts tangles


  • The comb doesn’t smooth the coat after detangling.

Hartz Groomer’s Best Slicker Dog Brush

Key Benefits

  • Removes loose hair
  • Improves skin health
  • Easy to control
  • Loosens matted fur and tangles
  • Gives coats a healthy shine

Between the thick undercoat and topcoat, your Goldendoodle has a lot of hair. Shedding is a daily occurrence, and this slicker brush will help you get it under control. It was developed with professional groomers so you can trust using it on your pet. You also know that the brush works on your pet’s thick fur.

The fine bristles grab loose hair and prevent it from falling onto your floors. You can also remove tangles and snarls from the undercoat without irritating sensitive belly skin. The protective coating on the tips protects your dog’s skin, while also providing your furry friend with a massage.

The handle is designed for comfort and control. You also won’t have any problems with the brush slipping out of your hand, thanks to the rubber grip.


  • Improves circulation
  • Removes loose hair
  • Ergonomic design
  • Safe for use on sensitive skin
  • Affordable price


  • The bristles can break off when working on tough matted and knotted fur.

5 More Goldendoodle Brushes

Safari Single Row Undercoat Rake Dog Grooming Tool

Goldendoodles come with undercoats. While the thick fur keeps the dogs warm in cold weather and acts as an insulator when they’re swimming, it’s not always easy to keep groomed. The undercoat rake dog grooming tool takes care of knots, tangles, and mats without harming your dog’s skin. It gives your furry companion a smooth, shiny coat, and comes with an ergonomic handle for your comfort.

Pet Republique De-matting Rake

De-matting rakes are a must-have tool for anyone with a Goldendoodle at home. This dual-sided rake safely cuts through the toughest tangles without nicking or irritating your dog’s skin. If you’re worried about controlling the rake, you won’t have a problem. It comes with a comfortable non-slip handle. As a bonus, part of each sale is donated to the American Animal Rescue Society so you can feel doubly good about your purchase.

Millers Forge Unbreakable Style Slicker Brush

If you’re tired of handles breaking off or the bristle pad coming unglued, this slicker brush is durable and unbreakable. The pins are designed for all Goldendoodle coat types and glide easily through mats and snarls without pulling on your pet’s fur. It’s safe to use on sensitive skin and the pins are rounded. The handle is designed for comfort so you won’t mind brushing your pet.

JW Pet Gripsoft Slicker Brush

The slicker brush was designed for dogs with thick, wooly fur and this describes your Goldendoodle. The metal teeth are two different lengths so you can easily lift loose fur and loosen tangles. The teeth are angled 90-degrees to prevent nicking or scratching your dog’s skin. You’ll also appreciate the rubber-coated handle that is comfortable to grip. It also comes with a no-slip design for maximum control.

Frisco Self-Cleaning Slicker Dog Brush

You can cut down on the amount of loose fur floating around your house with this slicker dog brush. The stainless steel pins gently lift and remove loose hairs while also detangling mats and knots. It’s designed for safety, and this means you can even use it on sensitive skin. The brush is comfortable to use, but that’s not the best part. It’s self-cleaning, so all you have to do is press the button and watch the hair fall out into your trashcan. You don’t have to touch the dead fur and dander with your hands, making clean-up a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I brush my Goldendoodle?

It often depends on the fur length and type. Goldendoodles with fur closer to their poodle parents can get by with brushing once every two weeks. However, if your dog has long hair, you may need to groom your pet twice a week or daily.

Can you stop a Goldendoodle from shedding?

You can’t prevent your dog from permanently shedding. If your dog does stop, it often indicates a health problem. Even though your dog will shed, you can cut down on the amount with regular brushings. Removing the loose fur and dander before it falls on the floor is the best way to resolve any shedding problems.

What’s the best brush for a Goldendoodle?

The best dog brush for a Goldendoodle is a pin brush since it removes tangles from wooly and silky fur. If you have a two-sided one, you can use the brush to smooth your dog’s coat and give it a healthy shine.

Does brushing can dandruff?

Goldendoodles are prone to dry skin that will flake and fall off, similar to human dandruff. The skin condition is often caused by overbathing, which removes the protective oils. Brushing will improve this by encouraging oil production that soothes and moisturizers the dog’s skin.

Are de-matting rakes the same as dog brushes?

There are similarities and differences between the two grooming tools. Both remove tangles and matted fur, but how they do it is different. A rake cuts through the mat, often completely removing it, while a brush works to detangle it. Groomers often use rakes when they can’t brush a tangle out.


We know you think of your Goldendoodle as part of your family and want your pet to look and feel its best. Every brush in this guide is safe to use on sensitive skin and will make grooming your doga breeze. However, just because one dog likes a pin brush, yours may prefer a slicker. You may have to try a couple of brushes before you find one you and your dog like.

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