12 Best Toys for Golden Retriever Dogs in 2023

Best for Fetch

Chuckit! Classic Dog Ball Launcher

  • Won’t exhaust your arm
  • Great for exercise

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Our Favorite

KONG Jumbler Football Dog Toy

  • Extremely durable
  • Great chewing
  • Super high bounce

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Best Tug

Mammoth Cottonblend 3 Knot Dog Rope Toy

  • Fibers clean dog’s teeth
  • Durable

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Golden Retrievers remain one of the most popular dog breeds in America. Thankfully, there is a wide selection of dog toys available to entertain our favorite furry friends.

Intelligent, fiercely loyal, and friendly Goldens appeal to the playful nature in all of us. Golden Retrievers originally trained as hunting dogs due to their eager-to-please demeanors, keen senses, and energy. Today, Goldens still make exceptional hunting dogs, but they also train as guide dogs for the blind.

Dog lovers flock to Golden Retrievers because of their personalities and gorgeous golden coats. Goldens make loyal companions, especially for active people who can keep them moving. Though strenuous activity can stress their joints, Golden Retrievers love long runs and because they’re intelligent, perform well in canine sports.

Goldens hold onto their playful puppy behavior well into adulthood, so providing them with the right toys (and plenty of them) is key to keeping your best friend happy. We understand how important activity is for Golden Retrievers, so we compiled a list of our favorite toys to keep them busy!

Best Dog Toys for Golden Retrievers

KONG Jumbler Football Dog Toy

Best Overall

KONG created the perfect two-in-one toy for large, active dogs. It feels like KONG made this toy with Golden Retrievers in mind. Nestled inside the durable football-shaped toy is a tennis ball and squeaker to get your pup’s attention.

Don’t worry, KONG didn’t neglect the owner’s needs with this design. Two handles make it easy to pick up, throw, and shake to induce the squeak. No game of fetch will ever be the same after tossing around the Jumbler Football for an afternoon.

The Jumbler Football has hundreds of positive reviews, many citing the durability of this toy. Some people note that their dogs destroyed it too fast, but most commended the durability. Of note, the product description notes that no dog toy is indestructible, and they recommend supervised play to extend toy life.

GoughNuts Ring Dog Toy

Best for Aggressive Chewers

No dog toy is indestructible, but GoughNuts toys come pretty close. There are several choices in the GoughNuts line, but the ring dog toy is a little more fun than a traditional ball shape. It comes in three sizes and four colors, so you can pick the one that works for you.

GoughNuts designed their toys for aggressive chewers. The dual-layer design creates a tougher, safer toy for your Golden Retriever. The outer layer is rubber and safe for your pup to chew on until the red inner ring appears. Once your furry friend exposes the inner red ring, it’s time to get a new toy!

There are two additional features with the GoughNuts that secured its spot on our list. Not only is it safe and durable, but this toy also floats on water, so it’s great for the beach or lake. It’s also easy to clean with a little warm water.

Kong Classic Dog Toy

Most Durable Toy

No dog toy list is complete without the KONG Classic. Made in the USA, the KONG Classic remains one of the most popular dog toys. Though there’s only one shape, there are several different sizes to choose from depending on the size of your Golden.

The extra-durable, bouncing shape never moves the same way twice. Unlike many other toys, you don’t necessarily need to be present for your Golden Retriever to play with a KONG Classic.

If you’re worried about your furry friend while you’re at work, just pop a few treats in the middle of the dog toy. Your pup will find plenty of entertainment while trying to retrieve the treats.

The KONG Classic has been a favorite for forty years. Like any dog toy, it won’t last forever, but it’s an affordable option with thousands of positive reviews from satisfied dog lovers.

Outward Hound’s Hide A Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Plush Dog Toy

Best Interactive Puzzle Toy

Golden Retrievers are intelligent, and that means you need to keep your pup engaged. When you’re looking for something just a little different to do together, especially on a rainy day, this may be the toy for you!

A plush tree trunk couple with six plush squirrels involves different shapes, sounds, and textures to keep your furry pal engaged. Play hide-and-seek as many times as you like!

There are plenty of glowing reviews about pups loving to pull the plush squirrels out of the trunk over and over again. As with any toy, there are issues with durability, and this is one that shouldn’t be left alone for your pup to chew.

Chuckit! Classic Dog Ball Launcher

Best Fetching Toy

We all love Golden Retrievers, but their boundless energy means hours of playing catch with slobbery balls. Put an end to store arms and bending over repeatedly with the Chuckit!

The Classic Ball Launcher is affordable and durable. While it’s a convenience for you, it makes fetch with your pup far more fun. And by far, we mean that ball can really travel with this neat little device.

The reviews are in on this nifty gadget, and they’re overwhelmingly positive. Some people noted that it’s tough to aim, but most people appreciate that they don’t have to touch slobbery tennis balls anymore.

Petstages Dogwood Stick Dog Chew Toy

Best Water/Floating Dog Toy

If you spend a lot of time near water, a toy that floats is important for you and your Golden. Petstages created an innovative toy that uses real wood and synthetic materials for a safe, durable, stick.

That’s right, when they say stick, they mean it. This dog toy looks very much like a stick you’d find in the backyard, and it behaves like one as well. However, this stick is much safer than any you’d find outdoors.

With thousands of reviews, many pups and their owners appreciate Petstages’ stick for its durability and function. If your Golden loves chewing sticks, this may be a safer alternative for you.

Mammoth Cottonblend 3 Knot Dog Rope Toy

Best Rope Toy

Rope toys remain a staple, especially for Golden Retrievers, who love to play tug and fetch. Made of 100% natural cotton and knotted in three places to increase durability, this is more than a toy; it’s a staple for dog friends everywhere.

When it comes to the Mammoth Rope Toy, you can play together or let your pup chew on it alone. The rope fibers floss their teeth when they chew, and it’s fun to throw around for an impromptu game of fetch.

Available in four sizes, make sure you choose the medium or large for a Golden Retriever. While they won’t last forever, the smaller sizes don’t stand a chance against a Golden Retriever’s energy and chew power!

Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Twister Puzzle Game Dog Toy

Best Treat Dispenser Toy

When you have a smart, active dog like a Golden Retriever, you need toys that keep their interest and challenge them. Simply pop some treats in the puzzle and let your pup figure out how to unplug the blocks to retrieve the goodies. You can even increase the difficulty by locking individual blocks.

This isn’t a chew toy, so make sure you monitor your pup’s playtime and take it away when they finish. However, it’s easy to clean and a true brain puzzle, so if your Golden needs a challenge, this may be the toy for you.

Nerf Dog Ridged Squeak Football Dog Toy

Best Squeaky Toy

Nerf and football go together, but this version is custom-made for dogs, especially active ones! It’s rubbery and squeaky and ready for some serious games of outdoor fetch.

Made with durable rubber, the design allows the ball to bounce erratically for extra fun. Additionally, the ridged pattern gives the football a comfortable grip, even after your pup slobbers on it! Plus, the squeaker noise is not as grating as some of the other toys on the market.

This may not be the best toy for aggressive chewers, but it’s not intended to be a chew toy as much as a toss and chase option.

USA Bones & Chews Cotton Rope with Bones Dog Toy

Made In The USA

USA Bones & Chews created a real winner when they combined bones and knotted rope into one toy. For active Goldens who love to chew and tug, this toy is a true gem.

The rope is a cotton blend, and they treat the bones to minimize the risk of splintering. Both the rope and bone support a healthy mouth for your Golden, and you don’t have to worry about chemicals or artificial additives.

Like other dog toys, these aren’t indestructible, but several reviewers commend the durability. The company also notes that they aren’t made for aggressive chewers and that you should supervisor your pet during playtime.

Best Golden Retriever Puppy Toys

KONG Puppy Goodie Bone Dog Toy

Best for Teething

KONG does it again, and this time in a puppy-friendly package. This bone-shaped toy uses a durable rubber like other KONG products, but it’s a little softer to soothe sore puppy gums.

You can also add treats to make the bone into an interactive toy that promotes brain development in your Golden Retriever puppy. The KONG Puppy Goodie Bone fosters your pup’s curiosity, keeps them engaged, and soothes them throughout the teething process.

Multipet Lamb Chop Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Best Plush Toy

Give your Golden Retriever pup a new best friend with a Lamb Chop of their very own. You can wax nostalgic when you see your pup running around with this adorable plushie.

The internal squeaker and size make Lamb Chop great for playing fetch, but the super-soft body is also perfect for snuggles. No plush toy is dog-proof, but based on our research, this one holds up well. Several reviewers noted that it lasts longer than other plushie dog toys.

Different Types of Dog Toys for Golden Retrievers

These are our picks for the top toys in several categories, but there are plenty of options to choose from. When shopping for toys for your Golden Retriever, there are a few different types that serve your pup in different ways.

Durability is a big issue, especially for energetic Goldens. No toy is dog-proof or indestructible, but you want something that can hold up for more than a few minutes. Keep an eye on reviews and look for toys with several comments about durability.

Chew toys are important for dogs to care for their teeth and gums as much as they prevent boredom (and chewing other things). Good chew toys use high quality materials and often provide minerals your pup needs.

Interactive toys are essential for Goldens because they foster intellectual growth. They go a long way to curtail boredom and often help with separation anxiety, like when you’re at work.

What to Look for in a Good Toy for Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are bright, energetic dogs that need a lot of playtime and prefer interacting with you. Selecting toys for medium and large breed dogs is essential, and so is variety.

Chew toys, like the ropes, provide an opportunity for your Golden to clean their teeth and satisfy their boredom. You want to keep at least a few chew toys on hand to replace damaged ones.

A wonderful way to run out a Golden Retriever’s energy is playing fetch. There are plenty of durable toys that make a game of catch extra fun for Goldens, and they will love that time spent with you.

Don’t forget the treat-dispensing toys. Some, like the puzzle toy mentioned early, provide an opportunity for Goldens to flex their intellect. The built-in reward keeps them working and pushes those smart brains to excel! Just watch how often you give treats, you don’t want to overdo it.

Training your Golden Retriever to fetch and drop for frustration free playtime.

Toys are an excellent way to train your Golden Retriever how to fetch and drop. It makes playtime less frustrating for you and them. Remember, Goldens love to please their human companions and respond well to praise.

Golden Retriever puppies start chasing balls at a young age, even if they’re clumsy about it and too small to grab the ball. Start by slowly rolling a ball back and forth between your hands. There’s a good chance your pup joins in the fun.

Gradually extend the distance between you and save your praise for when they pick the ball up. Naturally, your pup wants to know why you’re excited, so they’ll return to you. Take the ball and immediately roll it back, so your dog knows they’ll get it back.

Once your pup has this process down, start incorporating the “drop it” part. You may have to demonstrate several times by using the words and prying the ball out. Praise your pup when the ball is out of their mouth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much activity should my Golden Retriever be getting each day?

Goldens are active by nature, but the amount of activity varies with age. Puppies up to two years should see an hour or two of light to moderate activity every day. Be cautious with play during the puppy years because their bones are still developing.

Older dogs benefit from more activity that allows them to expel their excess energy. An hour or two of walking or hiking works wonders, but there are plenty of options. Running together, playing fetch, and obstacle courses are excellent ideas for Golden Retrievers. They also like water – a lot – so go for a swim when you can!

Are there any unsafe toys I should avoid?

Avoid toys with small parts and those that are made for smaller breeds. Golden Retrievers need toys that engage their minds and can withstand their chewing.

You may also want to be cautious about rawhides because they can splinter and harm your pup’s teeth and gums. While chew toys are great for cleaning their teeth, rawhides may be more of a choking hazard than a help.

How can I stop my Golden Retriever from chewing on my things?

It’s common for dogs to chew things, and retrievers stick almost anything in their mouth. If you’re struggling with your pup’s chewing habits, you need to figure out why it’s happening.

  • Boredom is a big reason Goldens take to chewing.
  • It feels good because it cleans their teeth and massages their gums.
  • Tasty, tasty, tasty. Golden Retrievers may have some strange tastes, but they don’t chew on things they don’t enjoy.
  • Separation anxiety is real. If your Golden destroys things when you’re gone, it could be the cause.

Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to curb those chewing habits.

  • Start by swapping out the object with something acceptable and offer praise when they choose their toy.
  • Increase exercise to decrease boredom.
  • Provide dental chews to clean teeth and massage gums healthily.

What is the Best Dog Toy for Golden Retrievers? – RECAP

  1. Hands-Down FavoriteKONG Jumbler Football Dog Toy
  2. Most DurableKong Classic Dog Toy
  3. Best for FetchChuckit! Classic Dog Ball Launcher
  4. Best for WaterPetstages Dogwood Stick Toy
  5. Best For TugMammoth Cottonblend 3 Knot Dog Rope Toy
  6. Best Chew Toy for PuppiesKONG Puppy Goodie Bone Dog Toy
  7. CutestMultipet Lamb Chop Plush Dog Toy

The Bottom Line

Golden Retrievers are bright, energetic companions. They love spending time with their humans and prefer toys that you can play with together. Golden Retrievers still need toys to occupy their minds (and mouths) when their humans are available to play.


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