6 Best Dog Beds for Golden Retrievers in 2023

Golden Retrievers are the perfect dogs for companionship. They are playful and love to participate in outdoor games and activities. Golden Retrievers show meaningful affection toward their owners and loved ones, which makes them a perfect dog for around the house. When you train Golden Retrievers, they will be quick to pick up on things because they are very obedient dogs.

Because these dogs are very active, they will tend to get dirty from their outdoor excursions. Golden Retrievers also expend a lot of energy, so they are usually sore and tired from a long day of activities. These furry friends need a perfect place to go rest and recover, which is why a dog bed would be useful for them. These beds can create peace and happiness for both the dog and the owner.

Golden Retrievers also shed their hair at a higher rate than most dogs. When the dog does not have a designated spot to rest, he or she will scatter hair and furballs all around the house. This dirtiness can be a turnoff for guests, and it also limits the family from enjoying the comfortability of the home. A dog bed is an efficient way for you to pick up most of the hair because it accumulates in once place.

In this article, we will examine the key aspects you should know when buying a dog bed for your furry best friend. You will also get educated on the different types of beds and how they can be useful for your Golden Retriever and its specific needs. We will also examine the top dog bed product choices that you can explore when you finally want to make the purchase.

As we compiled our top list of best dog beds for Golden Retrievers, we pulled from top review sites and other trustworthy information sources. We gathered the products that had the highest number of reviews, top sellers, and other firm recommendations. Below are the top dog beds for Golden Retrievers:

What to Look for in a Good Dog Bed for Golden Retrievers

Since Golden Retrievers are active dogs, they will need a solid bed that is large and comfortable. You want to make sure you focus on products that enable the dog to stretch out and feel rejuvenated. Golden Retrievers also put a lot of stress on their muscles each day, chasing balls, animals, and people. To address joint pain, you also want to make sure you invest in a product that is ergonomic or orthopedic.

You need to purchase a dog bed that has a washer-friendly cover. Because the Golden Retriever will be outside a lot, it will catch a lot of dirt and fleas when it is outside. It also eats a lot of treats, vomits, passes gas, so you need to ensure you can wash your cover regularly. Since the dog lays down in the bed with ointment-filled ears and eyes, you need to make sure that this cover is sustainable.

The size of the dog bed will also be a significant factor in your purchase. You want to make sure that the dog can securely rest its arms and legs on the bed. If it has its limbs hanging off, it will be uncomfortable and possibly develop more pain. The dog bed options we provide will allow you to choose the correct length and width of the bed, which will accommodate your specific type of dog.

For dogs with allergies, many eco-friendly dog bed options on the market are free of various chemicals and flame retardants. You may also want to look at dog beds with absorbent pads if your dog wets the bed frequently. If your dog is older or arthritic, an orthopedic bed could also be an excellent option because of the thicker foam and its higher supportive qualities.

Different Types of Dog Beds for Golden Retrievers

While most Golden Retrievers are active, your dog may have specific needs that be addressed with a dog bed. You want to make sure that you choose the right type of bed that will make your dog comfortable or eliminate any health or safety issues that your dog is currently facing. Below are some common types of dog beds to note.

Waterproof Dog Beds

Waterproof dog beds are excellent for Golden Retrievers because they are great for outdoor use or dogs that cannot control their urination. Most of these options are manufactured with polyester or other heavy-duty material. The waterproof beds provide added comfort because they get filled with various fibers that create reliable insulation and warmth for the Golden Retriever.

Flat Pads or Mats

Flat pads, which are more on the inexpensive side, can fit in crates or other transportable dog cages. Flat pads are great for active dogs because it allows them to sprawl and stretch out. While the dog will not feel restricted with space, you are sacrificing comfort because they do not have a lot of fluff. The mats do contain a denser memory foam or fiber that elevates the dog without the uneven cushioning.

Nesting or Snuggle Dog Beds

Nesting dog beds are also useful for outdoor dogs. These types of beds are usually compared to bean bag chairs because they contain the small plastic beads under the fabric. If you have a younger Golden Retriever that is undersized, the snuggle dog bed could be an excellent option. These dog beds are versatile because the bed usually morphs its shape to accommodate any type of dog.

Bolster Dog Beds

Bolster dog beds are often a popular choice for bigger-sized golden retrievers. These types of beds are ergonomically designed to make dogs feel secure. The surface gets lined with a softer microfleece lair, which comforts the Golden Retriever after a long day of play. The bolster beds also contain a longer side with a built-in pillow. This extra cushioning allows the dog to recline and sleep with tranquility.

Overall Best Dog Beds for Golden Retrievers


Our exclusive list of top dog beds are all great choices, but our top selection separated itself because of its ergonomic design and added comfortability.

Furhaven Ergonomic Dog Bed

Best Overall

The Furhaven Ergonomic Dog Bed is manufactured with an egg-crate foam line, which aids in circulation because it distributes body weight equally. This product option is suitable for dogs with aching joints because of the softer railings with orthopedic support. The bed also contains an L-shaped dual-bolster design that gives the dog multiple sleeping options, including a fluffy headrest.

While the Furhaven bed is perfect for older, geriatric dogs, the sleep surface will make any type of dog sleep with peace. The bed gets lined with a thick faux fur fabric, which adds extra softness. The sides of the bed contain a suede covering that is heavily resistant to wear and tear. For dogs that experience joint pain, the orthopedic foam will support pressure points through its medical-grade padding.

This bed checks all the boxes when it comes to comfort and support. The Furhaven bed is designed to address all types of Golden Retrievers medical needs too.

5 More Highly Rated Dog Beds for Golden Retrievers

The other options for Golden Retriever dog beds are also top of the industry for comfort, ergonomic design, and size. You cannot go wrong with any of these other valuable products.

Frisco Bolster Dog Bed

The Frisco Bolster Dog Bed provides your dog with cushioning in all the right areas, thanks to the plush polyester fiber filling. Your boxer will feel safe and secure in the enclosed sleeping surface, which gets surrounded by elevated sides and comfortable bolsters. The bed is designed to allow the dog easy entering and exiting because one of the sides is lowered for easy access.

The exterior design will also complement the aesthetic of your house because of the soft faux suede. Since the color of olive green is neutral, it will also match the color of your furniture. This bed provides a level of convenience for its owners because it can be easily tucked away in the corner into its private alcove. The Frisco bed will provide your boxer with the ultimate relaxation area to ease those sore joints.

Big Barker Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed is perfect for larger Golden Retrievers because the foam does not flatten quickly with the extra weight. Big Barker boasts its American-made therapeutic foam, which includes a 10-year warranty because they are so confident. The cover is made from a unique microfiber texture, which is soft by contact and adds an extra level of décor for your home.

The Big Barker bed also contains a support layer in the middle that helps it keep its level shape. When the dog sleeps on it for many hours at a time, it does not give and provides sustainable comfort. The warranty covers you if it sinks to the floor, which it never does. The Big Barker delivers another level of comfortability through its 3-stage foam structure, which also allows your dog to stay fresh and clean.

The Dog’s Bed Waterproof Bed

The Dog’s Bed Waterproof Bed accompanies dogs that tend to urinate during their slumber. The bed is highlighted by a polyester Oxford fabric that is tightly woven into the top and sides. When you look at the underside, you will find a reliable waterproof coating, which adds a level of protection. This product choice is also an excellent option for dogs that drool or frequently shed like Goldens.

The Waterproof section is certified to be water-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and quick-drying. Because of the forgiving material, the bed can be easily vacuumed or wiped down whenever the dog drools onto it.

The dog’s bed also saves you money because the cover can be easily replaced, which prevents you from buying an entirely new bed. These beds may not be the softest, but they are undoubtedly durable and chew resistant.

K&H Coolin’ Cot Elevated Dog Bed

The K&H Coolin Cot’ Elevated Dog bed is an excellent alternative for dogs that like to relax outside in the backyard. This bed contains a cooling pad in the middle of the sleeping surface, which will allow your furry friend to fall asleep without burning itself. The mesh surface enables the bed to keep your dog feeling fresh for hours at a time.

There is a lot of convenience with this product, too, because it is easy to assemble. The bed can also hold up to 200 pounds of weight. Because your Golden will be active outside, the K&H Coolin Cot’ contains non-skid rubber feet that prevent it from sliding when the dog hops on. With the help of the stability of the feet and the strength of the steel frame, this product option will keep you covered for the long run.

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed 

The Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed also makes the list because of its off-the-ground design. What this does is increase the amount of airflow on all angles of the bed. If you live in a warmer area and your pet loves to relax outside, this bed will keep your furry friend fresh. The elevated platform also promotes low-impact sections to comfort the sore joints or pressure points.

Another way that the Coolaroo product enables coolness is the high-density polyethylene fabric, which helps eliminate the hot spots. The material is also resistant to fleas, mold, mites, and mildew, which makes it perfect for the outdoors. The owner does not need to worry about the weight of the dog collapsing the bed because of the robust powder-coated steel frames on the base.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot that goes into purchasing a dog bed, so here are some typical questions that a lot of dog owners may be wondering:

  • Does my dog need a bed?
  • What is a good bed for dogs who chew?
  • What is an orthopedic bed, and does my dog need it?

While your dog should be allowed to sleep with you, it should always have its place to sleep. Every dog needs a place to call its own and spread out as much as it can. When your Golden Retriever finishes its play session, it is great to have a place it is trained to recover. A dog bed is a necessity for a healthy, growing dog.

There are very few products that are 100% resistant to chewing. As a dog owner, you should start by finding out why your dog chews in the first place, rather than buying a bed to fix the issue temporarily. You should ensure that the dog receives a lot of physical and mental exercise daily. If you are looking for the right type of bed, look for products with a microfiber or other durable fabrics.

Orthopedic beds are designed to support older dogs with aching joints, or larger dogs in general. These options usually contain a foam that is medical-grade or box-spring construction. The orthopedic bad can be useful for any dog, however, because it conforms to the dog’s body and reduces pain at typical pressure points like shoulders or hips.


As you can see, Golden Retrievers are the perfect companions because they like to play and run around. They will keep you entertained because they are lively and obedient to your wishes. If you want these furry friends to continue being healthy and outgoing, they need a bed that will help them relax and relieve pain. The options are endless, so take care of your best friend today with a trustworthy dog bed!

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