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12 Best Toys for French Bulldogs in 2023

The Cutest

Outward Hound Invincibles Snakes Squeak Dog Toy

  • Flexible and mess free
  • Vibrant colors

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Our Favorite

KONG Jumbler Ball Dog Toy

  • Makes multiple sounds
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Great for fetch

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Best Teething

Nylabone Puppy Chew Teething Rings Dog Toy

  • Stimulates gums
  • Reduces pain

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Smart, playful, and full of life, French Bulldogs are delightful companions. While they’re typically low maintenance, they also have stringent exercise requirements. The right type of play, with toys appropriate for the breed, have an important role in keeping your French Bulldog happy and healthy.

Averaging about 10 inches tall and weighing less than 28 pounds, French Bulldogs are diminutive in size but packed with playfulness. They’re puny powerhouses that not only love to play, they also enjoy eating. Because they’re small dogs, they gain weight quickly, and even a few extra pounds can impair their health.

French Bulldogs need a wide variety of toys to help manage their weight, reduce anxiety, reduce boredom, and increase bonding opportunities. Fortunately, this breed naturally loves to play, so finding the right toys is usually fairly easy. However, that doesn’t mean every type of toy is appropriate for this breed, as some toys can be too large or potentially cause injury.

If you’re looking for the best toys for your French Bulldog, you’re in the right place. We’ve rounded up the best options for 2023. Plus, the guide below details the different types of toys, explains their benefits, and offers everything else you need to know.

Best Dog Toys for French Bulldogs

You’ll find no shortage of potential toys for your French Bulldog, but how do you know which is best? Here’s a closer look at our top 10 recommendations for Frenchies plus two bonus options just for puppies:

Kong Jumbler Ball Dog Toy

Best Overall

Kong toys are a classic for a reason. Durable, mentally stimulating, and loads of fun, the Kong Jumbler is a two-in-one ball suitable for both interactive and solo play. It’s a combination fetch and puzzle toy that features a tennis ball housed in Kong-quality plastic.

It’s a highly interactive toy. As the dog plays, the tennis ball tumbles around inside the housing, while the loud squeaking provides auditory feedback. It’s both mentally and physically stimulating.

Another reason it’s our top choice overall is its versatility. The dog can play with it on his own as a puzzle toy, or you can join in the fun for a game of fetch, made easy with handles. Plus, it has the legendary Kong quality construction, so you know it’ll last a long time.

GoughNuts Ring Dog Toy

Best for Aggressive Chewers

If your French Bulldog loves to chew, the GoughNuts Ring Dog Toy is our top recommendation for aggressive chewers. It’s great for French Bulldogs because not only is it a chew toy, but it’s also a fetch toy, making it perfect for the breed’s natural exuberance.

It’s a natural rubber ring manufactured with carbon reinforcement. As the outside ring wears down, you’ll see a red ring, indicating the inner core. When you see the red ring, it’s time to replace the toy.

Kong Classic

Most Durable Toy

The Kong Classic combines a chew toy and a fetch toy in one unique package. Shaped like a snowman, it bounces around in every direction, creating an exciting and unpredictable game of chase for your dog. It’s great for a game of fetch because it mimics the erratic movement of fleeing prey.

Additionally, the interior is hollow. You can fill it with kibble, peanut butter, yogurt, or practically any other tasty treat. When filled with food, the toy turns into interactive fun as the dog attempts to eat every morsel.

Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Chewy Box Puzzle Dog Toy

Best Interactive Puzzle Toy

French Bulldogs need physical and mental stimulation, and this puzzle toy provides both. It’s a Chew Box all his own. The plush “box” includes a rope toy, squeaker ball, and squeaker bone. All toys are durable, soft, and well made.

Each toy fits into pre-made holes in the plush “box”. The dog must search inside to pull them out, which provides a fun challenge and helps prevent boredom. It also increases bonding because you need to put the toys into the box, making this a toy that requires owner participation, although the dog can remove the toys on their own.

Chuckit Classic Dog Ball Launcher

Best Fetching Tool

French Bulldogs are packed with energy and love to run. While you can throw a tennis ball by hand, a fetching tool such as Chuckit’s Classic Ball Launcher has several advantages.

The unique design allows you to throw the ball three times as far as normal. The ergonomic handle lets you launch the ball far without straining your arm. Plus, it’s mess-free. The launcher grabs the ball from the ground, so your hands remain free from slobber.

With a breed as energetic as a French Bulldog, a ball launcher is usually the most satisfying way to play fetch. They’ll want to run long distances, and for a long time, so a launcher lets you throw the ball without requiring much physical strength.

Petstages Dogwood Stick Dog Chew Toys

Best Water/Floating Dog Toy

If your French Bulldog loves to swim or hang out by the pool, you’ll want a water or floating toy for him to play with. Our favorite water toy for dogs is the Dogwood Stick from Petstages. It’s durable, lightweight, and looks like a real stick. It even has a natural wood smell!

Most importantly, it’s far safer than a real stick, which poses several potential dangers. The wood can splinter and damage your dog’s mouth. Also, real sticks wear down and can turn into choking hazards.

Mammoth SnakeBiter Spider Rope Dog Toy

Best Rope Toy

While you might not be a huge fan of spiders, your dog will likely love this toy. It’s made from 100% cotton, which is flexible but durable. The spooky spider shape allows your dog to grab onto it from many different angles.

It’s a fun chew and fetch toy for adult French Bulldog, but it’s also a great option for teething puppies. The rope fibers act as floss when your dog chews on the toy, so regular play helps keep your dog’s teeth clean and free from debris.

Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball Interactive Dog Toy

Best Treat Dispenser Toy

The IQ Treat Ball from Pet Zone engages your dog’s body and mind. It’s a clear ball made from heavy-duty plastic. You place kibble inside the ball. As the dog rolls it around, bits of kibble escape so he can eat them.

The ball has several settings to adjust the difficulty with which treats fall from within. If your dog is super-sharp, set the difficulty high, so he really has to think to get the treats. With the right settings, it provides several hours of solo play. Both three and four-inch balls are available, so you can choose the appropriate option for your dog’s size.

Outward Hound Invincibles Snakes Squeak Dog Toy

Best Squeaky Toy

Give your dog a new friend with this squeaky snake. It has a fun look with vibrant colors and googly eyes. Additionally, it’s made with tough fabric strengthened by double-layer seams. They’re tough, flexible, and mess-free because they don’t have stuffing.

It’s an excellent chew toy. Plus, dogs love the squeaking sound. Choose between three different sizes, each with a different number of squeakers.

USA Bones & Chews Cotton Rope with Bones Dog Toy

Made in the USA

When selecting an edible toy, we typically prefer those made in the US, because you know the ingredients are safe and regulated. Our favorite Made in the USA toy is this Cotton Rope with Bones Dog Toy from USA Bones & Chews.

The toy is a cotton rope intertwined with two bones. Each bone is made with a special process to reduce splintering.

Overall, it’s a chew solo toy for when you need to keep your dog busy. You can also use it as an interactive toy for playing tug-of-war. Regular use promotes good dental health by helping remove debris and prevent plaque build-up.

Best French Bulldog Puppy Toys

The toys you give your French Bulldog puppy play an important role in healthy development. Here’s a closer look at two of our favorites:

Nylabone Puppy Chew Teething Rings Dog Toy

Best for Teething

Like human babies, puppies need teething rings to stimulate their gums, reduce pain, and promote good oral health. Nylabone’s Teething Ring has three circular shapes with a variety of nubs and designs.

Durable and non-toxic, it’s a safe and effective teething ring recommended by a variety of veterinary associations. It’s recommended for puppies without permanent teeth who weigh under 15 pounds.

LambChop from Multipet

Best Plush Toy

Even though the character Lamb Chop hasn’t been on TV for many decades, she’s still a beloved toy for both children and puppies. This adorable stuffed animal – specifically made for dogs – is a colorful and cheerful pal that helps your dog feel safe and comfortable in their bed or kennel.

It’s a soft plush toy with an engaging squeaker. Your dog will love chewing on the toy, playing fetch with it, or simply resting near it. It’s available in three different sizes, with the Mini and Regular likely most suitable for a French Bulldog.

Different Types of Dog Toys for French Bulldogs

Toys aren’t optional. They provide a wide variety of mental, physical, and emotional benefits. However, not all toys are the same. They’re divided into a few different categories. You’ll want to get your dog a toy of every type, as they all have different benefits. Here’s a closer look:

Chew toys are popular among almost all breeds, including French Bulldogs. They satisfy a dog’s natural need to chew, helping to spare your furniture. Also, they help promote dental health by combating tartar and plaque build-up. Popular types of chew toys include ropes, rings, and synthetic sticks. Note that you want to stay away from real sticks, as the splinters can pose a serious health hazard.

Another popular toy type is a treat-dispensing toy. They hold bits of kibble, peanut butter, and other treats. They’re an excellent way to keep your dog mentally stimulated and occupied for hours. Plus, most treat-dispensing toys are made for solo play, so they’re a great option when you need to keep your relatively quiet and calm.

Treat-dispensing toys are a type of puzzle toy. You can find options that don’t include treats, such as toys that contain other toys and balls with flashing lights and sounds. Puzzle toys provide mental stimulation to help prevent boredom. French Bulldogs are often quite intelligent. Puzzle toys help prevent restlessness and destructive behavior like chewing.

Your dog needs fetch toys, too. Balls, sticks, and flying discs are among the most popular types of fetch toys. Because French Bulldogs aren’t large, strong dogs, their fetch toys should be relatively lightweight and small. Fetch toys provide opportunities for exercise and bonding. Plus, they help dogs burn off excess energy, so they remain calm during the day.

Finally, your dog needs a comfort toy, such as a blanket or stuffed animal. They’re especially important to help puppies reduce their anxiety, especially at night or when left alone. Many puppies continue to find comfort with their toys as they grow into adulthood. As with chew toys, make sure the comfort toy is specifically made for dogs.

What to Look for in a Good Toy for a French Bulldog?

Not all dog toys are the same. When shopping for toys for your French Bulldog, you need to consider his size, temperament, and level of activity. They love to play, but toys that are too large or too heavy can cause injury. Here’s a closer look at the types of toys suitable for the breed.

When selecting a fetch toy, use the Goldilocks method. It can’t be too large or too small. If the ball, disc, etc., is too large and heavy, a wayward bounce can end up hitting your dog in the face and potentially injuring him. At the same time, a small ball poses a choking hazard. Choose a ball that your dog can comfortably hold in his mouth, but which is too large to fit down his throat.

As a highly intelligent breed, French Bulldogs need plenty of mental stimulation to avoid becoming restless and irritable. Puzzle toys and treat-dispensing toys are the best options here. Keep in mind that dogs can grow bored solving the same puzzle again and again, so you’ll want to give them new puzzle toys on a regular basis.

Next, your French Bulldog needs at least a few chew toys. They play a key role in keeping your dog’s teeth clean and free from build-up. Plus, they allow for solo play, which is important when you need time for yourself. However, only choose chew toys made from synthetic materials that are specifically designed for dogs. Wood branches, human toys, and similar objects aren’t suitable dog toys.

Finally, French Bulldogs need a variety of toys. If they only have a few options, they’ll quickly grow bored. Instead, they need toys they can chase, chew, and interact with. Also, because French Bulldogs form strong bonds with their owners, they generally prefer toys that involve your presence instead of solo options.

Training Your French Bulldog to Fetch and Drop for Frustration Free Playtime

Playing fetch with your dog helps him stay active. Plus, it’s a great bonding activity. However, not all dogs take to the game naturally. If your pup shows a reluctance to fetch, a few training techniques can help him learn. Check out the tips below:

Most dogs have no problem chasing after a thrown object. What they struggle with is dropping that object in front of you. Typically, fetch training focuses on teaching your dog how to drop the toy.

Treats are often a valuable training tool. Give him a treat when he hands you a toy. Reinforce the idea by saying “drop” while gently pulling the toy from the dog’s mouth.

As your dog learns how to properly drop the toy, you can start throwing it for him to retrieve. Only throw it a short distance at first. Increase the distance over time, but return to shorter throws if he fails to properly drop it near you.

When teaching your dog how to fetch, use the same toy consistently. Dogs have a difficult time learning “fetch” as a general concept. However, they’ll quickly understand that this specific toy is the one they chase after and then return to you.

French Bulldogs are highly intelligent dogs. If they struggle to fetch properly, the most likely problem is that you’re throwing the toy too far during training. Short throws help them associate the throwing aspect with the correct way to drop the toy once it’s retrieved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry if finding the right type of dog toy feels confusing. Many people have questions about the best toys for a French Bulldog. Here are fast answers to common questions:

How much activity should my French Bulldog get each day?

French Bulldogs are naturally energetic, so they meet most of their exercise needs on their own. As a general rule, they need about five minutes of exercise for every pound of body weight.

A typical French Bulldog needs about 15 to 25 minutes of exercise each day. It can be one or two short walks around the block. Additionally, a few games of fetch or tug-of-war will also meet his needs.

Are there any unsafe toys I should avoid?

Most high-quality dog toys from trusted manufacturers are safe, but you always want to take precautions. Common dangers to watch out for include toys with sharp edges, toxic ingredients, or small components.

Be careful with chew toys that can wear down over time. They can eventually turn into a choking hazard. Always carefully monitor the size of any toys and pay attention to any changes.

How can I stop my French Bulldog from chewing on my things?

While French Bulldogs love to chew, they’re also fairly easy to train, so you shouldn’t have a huge problem teaching them not to chew on furniture, shoes, and other household objects.

However, sometimes inappropriate chewing does occur. The best solution is a distraction. Provide your dog with plenty of chew toys. Ideally, he’ll spend his time chewing on toys instead of chewing on objects around the house.

If your dog has a wide variety of chew toys yet continues to chew on your stuff, he might need mental stimulation. Dogs can chew on objects when they feel bored, anxious, or depressed. Give him mentally engaging toys like puzzles boxes. Also, increase your one-on-one play times with him.

What type of toys are best for my French Bulldog’s temperament?

French Bulldogs need a wide variety of toys. There really isn’t one type of toy that completely meets their needs with play. Instead, you want toys they can fetch, puzzles they can solve, and toys they can chew.

How long should a toy last for a French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs are puny powerhouses, but they don’t generally have the jaw strength necessary to truly destroy most high-quality toys. If you find that your dog is tearing out the stuffing of a plush toy, dismantling puzzle toys, or otherwise causing lots of damage, that’s usually a sign the toy isn’t well-made.

What is the Best Dog Toy for a French Bulldog? – RECAP

  1. Hands-Down FavoriteKONG Jumbler Ball Dog Toy
  2. Most DurableKONG Classic Dog Toy
  3. Best for FetchChuckit! Classic Ball 
  4. Best for WaterPetstages Dogwood Stick Toy
  5. Best For TugMammoth SnakeBiter Spider Rope Dog Toy
  6. Best Chew Toy for PuppiesNylabone Puppy Chew Teething Ring Toy
  7. CutestMultipet Lamb Chop Plush Dog Toy


French Bulldogs have naturally high levels of energy and intelligence. They need toys that encourage movement. Plus, their toys should also engage their minds by providing puzzles. Finally, because they love spending time with their owners, they also need interactive toys.

French Bulldogs are loyal and loving companions. Help them stay happy and healthy by providing them with a wide variety of toys. All of the options listed above are highly rated and well-made. Your dog is sure to love them all!

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