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Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois At a Glance

Country of Origin:


Breed Group:

AKC (Herding); ANKC (Working); CKC (Herding); FCI (Sheepdogs); KC (Pastoral); UKC (Herding)


Medium to Large. Weight: 60-65 lbs; Height: Male: 24-26, Female: 22-24 inches


Short, quite coarse and weather-resistant.


Rich Fawn to Mahogany, with Black-Tipped Hairs; Black Mask and Ears

Life Span:

12 to 14 years

Breed Profile

Affection Level – 80
Barking Tendencies – 80
Cat Friendly – 30
Cold Weather Tolerance – 80
Exercise Needs – 100
General Health – 70
Grooming Needs – 10
Hot Weather Tolerance – 80
Intelligence – 10
Kid Friendly – 80
Playfulness – 100
Shedding Level – 40
Social Needs – 80
Watchdog Ability – 100

Did You Know?

This breed’s growing popularity is feared by enthusiasts as these dogs are not for no vice owners.

Belgian Malinois Overview

Protective, strong, and territorial, this dog breed is a great working dog and excels at obedience training. This dog breed is often used as a watchdog. The breed is extremely alert, loyal and loving.

Belgian Malinois Characteristics

This is a working dog breed and it needs a job to do. This breed is very energetic, watchful and protective of their master and their territory. This breed thrives when given the appropriate task, training and exercise.

Belgian Malinois Temperament

This dog breed is extremely intelligent. This dog gets along well with children, other dogs and pets, if given the proper training and socialization. The dog is very obedient and eager to please. A truly incredible working dog.

Belgian Malinois Care

This shorthaired dog breed is comparatively easy to care for. Regular brushing with a firm bristle brush will remove excess hair and maintain the coat in beautiful condition. To preserve the natural oils of the coat, they should only be bathed when absolutely necessary. This breed is generally a mild shedder, but does shed heavily during seasonal shedding.

Belgian Malinois Coat

This is a double coat breed and the coat generally does not require much maintenance . The outer coat of this dog breed is short, quite coarse and weather-resistant. The breed has a dense undercoat. The neck hair is slightly longer than the rest of the coat.

Belgian Malinois Training

This dog breed is fairly simple to train. They are eager to please, very intelligent and a great working breed. . This breed has the ability to excel at obedience, if trained with consistency, fairness and firmness.

Belgian Malinois Activity

This dog breed adapts readily to most environments if sufficiently exercised. This breed a really active breed and a medium to large yard or a rural setting is preferable.

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