Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie At a Glance

Country of Origin:


Breed Group:

AKC (Herding); ANKC (Working); CKC (Herding); FCI (Sheepdogs); KC (Pastoral); UKC (Herding)


Medium. Weight: 45-55 lbs; Height: Male: 21-22, Female: 20-21 inches


This dog breed has a shaggy coat, covering the whole body, even below the chin.


Black, gray, blue, brown, or fawn, with or without white markings

Life Span:


Breed Profile

Affection Level – 90
Barking Tendencies – 60
Cat Friendly – 80
Cold Weather Tolerance – 80
Exercise Needs – 80
General Health – 60
Grooming Needs – 70
Hot Weather Tolerance – 50
Intelligence – 80
Kid Friendly – 80
Playfulness – 100
Shedding Level – 80
Social Needs – 70
Watchdog Ability – 80

Did You Know?

They make excellent escape artists when they get bored!

Bearded Collie Overview

This dog breed is commonly referred to as the Beardie. The Bearded Collie is a medium-sized, agile herding dog that is an ancestor of the Old English Sheepdog. The breed originated in Scotland, where they were used for centuries to herd sheep and cattle. The Bearded Collie has the ability to work and make decisions independently, without human guidance. The breed almost became extinct in the early part of the 20th century, but since 1944 has been revived. The Bearded Collie is fairly uncommon in the United States, but is growing in popularity.

Bearded Collie Characteristics

This dog breed is hardy and active. The Beardie is an unspoiled and natural breed that has strength, is hard-working, and makes a faithful companion. They are self-confident, non-aggressive dogs who are by no means timid. The dog is bouncy, bright, dependable and trustworthy. They are equally suited as pets and working dogs. The breed is hardy and can live in virtually any climate and terrain.

Bearded Collie Temperament

An enthusiastic, affectionate and loving dog breed, the Bearded Collie thrives on family fun and enjoys having a job to do.  They are sweet and easy-going, yet daring and rowdy. This breed is great with youngsters and other family pets. They love human interaction and do not do well when left alone for prolonged periods. The Beardie instinctively tends to herd everything that moves. This breed does not bark excessively, but will bark to alert the household to the presence of strangers. They also tend to bark to show pleasure or when bored.

Bearded Collie Care

To prevent tangling and matting, the breed requires daily brushing. The coat should be misted with a conditioning spray, prior to brushing. This breed requires professional clipping every two months. They should be bathed or dry shampooed as the need arises. The Bearded Collie is vulnerable to allergic reactions, hip dysplasia, eye issues, hypothyroidism and auto-immune disease.

Bearded Collie Coat

This dog breed has a shaggy coat, covering the whole body, even below the chin. The Bearded Collie has a weather-proof outer coat that is long and dense. The under coat is soft and thick. The coat color changes various times during their life-span. The Beardie puppies are generally born black, brown, blue or fawn and the puppy coat then fades to cream or mild gray. When they reach maturity, they darken once again to their adult coat of brown, fawn, blue, or black. Bearded Collies are average shedders.

Bearded Collie Training

As an independent thinker, this dog will sometimes decide that they know best. This can make house-training challenging and some Bearded Collie’s are  easier to train than others. This breed is an intelligent and highly trainable breed, but does tend to be headstrong. When trained correctly, this breed excels at tracking, agility, herding, performing tricks and advanced obedience. The Beardie responds best to firm, fair, consistent and loving training techniques.

Bearded Collie Activity

As an extremely lively breed, this dog  requires an above average amount of exercise. This breed is not suitable for apartment dwelling, as they prefer to have room to run. They are quite energetic indoors and are happiest in a large yard or on a farm. Bearded Collies do not like to be confined and enjoy the outdoors.

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