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Australian Terrier

Australian Terrier At a Glance

Country of Origin:


Breed Group:

AKC (Terrier); ANKC (Terriers); CKC (Terriers); KC (Terrier); FCI (Terriers); UKC (Terrier)


Small. Weight: 12-14 lbs; Height: 10-11 inches


This dog breed has a double, weather-proof coat.


Blue and Tan, Solid Sandy and Purple

Life Span:

Up to 15 years

Breed Profile

Affection Level – 80
Barking Tendencies – 100
Cat Friendly – 50
Cold Weather Tolerance – 60
Exercise Needs – 100
General Health – 100
Grooming Needs – 40
Hot Weather Tolerance – 80
Intelligence – 80
Kid Friendly – 60
Playfulness – 100
Shedding Level – 20
Social Needs – 70
Watchdog Ability – 80

Did You Know?

This dog breed is often mistaken as the Yorkshire Terrier!


The Australian Terrier was developed in Australia in the year 1820 from terriers that were brought in from Great Britain. His main activity was exterminating rodents and snakes and he was a great watchdog and companion. Nowadays this dog breed have the same characteristics but it’s used more as a companion than a rodent exterminator. The average height of an Australian Terrier is 10 inches to 11 inches weighing about 14 to 16 pounds. They have a lifespan of 13 to 15 years.


The Australian Terrier is a very intelligent dog breed that is full of energy and joy. Sometimes he has the feeling that he is a much larger dog and acts like he is the toughest dog that you can find. He enjoys being surrounded by people and socialization should be an important feature in his life. Being very affective and loyal he will bond very well with you and your family. If you want to keep this dog happy than keep him always close to you. In the relationship with other dogs he don’t act aggressive but sometimes they like to act a little bossy even though he might be the smallest dog around.

Australian Terriers are great watchdogs and will bark and let you know immediately when someone approaches your property. They are always acting with caution around strangers and will not socialize with them until you let them know that it’s ok. They love children very much and do very well together as long as they are not teased or provoked too much however  very young children should always be supervised when playing with any type of dog breed. These terriers love to run, jump and play any kind of game that you can think of so regular exercise is required in this case.

This dog breed is low-set and small, but very sturdy. This dog is strong and has a true terrier nature. They are charming, proud, hardy, alert and confident dogs. Despite their size, they are fearless and courageous. This breed makes a wonderful companion dog and is an excellent choice for a variety of lifestyles.

The Australian Terrier is a relatively healthy breed, but they are susceptible to patella luxation, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, diabetes, epilepsy, pore and skin allergies and thyroid disorders.

Australian Terrier Activity & Training

Being an intelligent dog breed the Australian Terrier is quite easy to train unlike some other dog breeds. Obedience training is required if you want to have a dog that will obey your commands and as a bonus not only that he can learn new commands quickly but he will also enjoy it.

This breed is a fast-study. They are eager to learn and relatively easy to train. They bore easily and dislikes repetition. Early socialization and obedience training is recommended. Firm, fair and consistent training techniques, coupled with motivation and reward, work best for this breed.  They do not respond well to harsh or heavy-handed methods. The Australian Terrier is adept in the areas of agility, tracking and obedience.

To keep them physically and mentally fit, this breed requires regular exercise and stimulation. This breed tends to bore easily, which can lead to destructive behavior. They enjoy a leashed walk, family play sessions and a good romp. This breed adapts well to apartment or condominium living, provided they receive adequate exercise and stimulation.

Australian Terrier Grooming

This dog breed has a double, weather-proof coat. Their outer coat is straight, harsh and tough in texture. The under coat is short, and soft. The hair on the body is longer than that in the tail, rear leg and feet. This breed has a protective ruff of softer hair at the neck, which blends into an apron. The forelegs have gentle feathering and there is a topknot of soft hair, which covers the top of the head. They come in various colors including dark blue, silvery blue with tan markings on the legs and head, stable red and sandy.

Australian Terriers are known to be great dogs when talking about shedding. He sheds no hair whatsoever and you will never have to worry about finding hair on your couch, on you carpets and all around your house.

Australian Terrier History

Originally developed in the year 1820 the Australian Terrier is descendent from rough-coated type terriers that were brought to Australia from Great Britain. He shares the same ancestors with the Skye Terrier, the Cairn Terrier, the Dandie Dinmont Terrier, the Yorkshire Terrier and the Irish Terrier.

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