Australian Retriever Mix (Golden Aussie) Dog Breed Information

If you’re looking for an energetic, friendly, and extremely loyal addition to your house, the Australian Retriever mix may be the dog for you. It’s a playful pup who could be the perfect match for you and your family. 


The Australian Retriever is a “designer dog,” which is also known as a hybrid pet. A designer dog is an animal that is specifically bred from two purebred dogs. The crossbreeding could be intentional, to mix the personalities of two different dogs. A breeder may also combine the two to help fix or alleviate some of the common health problems associated with a specific breed. 

In this particular case, an Australian Retriever is a mix between an Australian Shepherd parent and a Golden Retriever parent. You may also see this pet referred to as a “Golden Aussie.” 

Even by knowing Australian Shepherds and Golden Retrievers’ personalities, it’s difficult to predict precisely how an Australian Retriever will turn out. The animal will likely be playful, outgoing, and incredibly hard-working. Golden Aussies are the combination of both the “Sporting” and “Herding” groups of dogs. This combo makes for a brilliant pet, who would benefit from rigorous and regular exercises. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the Australian Retriever’s personality, history, and care requirements, so you can be sure this is the pet for you. 

Introduction to the Australian Retriever Mix

Australian Shepherds and Golden Retrievers both have long, documented histories that trace back to the 1800s.

Golden Retrievers originated in the Scottish highlands between 1840 and 1890. Lord Tweedmouth began crossbreeding dogs during that time to create the ideal gundog. He needed an animal who could withstand the rain and terrain of the Scottish highlands. Tweedmouth kept meticulous notes, which is how researchers could trace the specific start of Golden Retrievers to that time.

Australian Shepherds have a bit of a misleading name; while the breed does have ties to Australia and Europe, it was bred in California. The Australian Shepherd originates from the Pyrenese Shepherd of Europe and some of the Collies of Australia. After migrators brought the animal to the U.S., they refined the breeding to create the modern Australian Shepherd we know and love today.

While it’s difficult to pinpoint the Australian Retriever’s specific history, it’s believed they were first bred in the early 2000s.

Australian Retriever Mix Pictures

The Australian Retriever mix is a popular choice of pet in the United States today. Golden Retrievers and Australian Shepherds are both high-demand breeds. Australian Retrievers are beloved by many, and they’re a very handsome pup.


What Is It Like Owning an Australian Retriever Mix?

  • Australian Retriever mixes get along with nearly everyone. This pup loves connecting with people. Whether it’s adults, children, or other animals, we want to assure you that Golden Aussies are social butterflies.
  • This mix isn’t a particularly aggressive breed. They are devoted and loving, just like Golden Retrievers and Australian Shepherds. This breed will bond with most people quickly.
  • The Australian Retriever has beautiful coloring. Its hair is typically longer, like both its parents, and often has shades of brown, black, gold, and white in its coat.
  • This animal isn’t tiny, but it’s also not massive. The Golden Aussie typically weighs between 30 and 60 pounds. They often measure at 19 to 23 inches at their shoulder. It’s a medium-sized dog, comparable to their parent breeds.
  • An adult-sized Golden Aussie eats about two-and-a-half or three cups of dog food every single day. For full-size dogs, it’s advised you split that food into two meals.
  • This pet is a protective one. While they are even-tempered, this dog will still protect its “possessions.” It’s important to socialize your pet frequently, so they can learn they do not have to be possessive or protective all the time.
  • Australian Retrievers need about 60 minutes of exercise every single day.
  • It would be best if you brushed an Australian Retriever’s coat at least twice a week. The animal’s long hair can quickly become tangled, especially if they’re outside or playing around frequently.
  • Golden Aussies do shed. If you have terrible allergies, this animal is a potentially heavy shedder.
  • This pet can live to be about 13 to 15 years old with a healthy lifestyle.

Australian Retriever Mix Breed Information

Adopting a new pet is an exciting and joyful time. However, caring and training for that animal takes a lot of work, resources, and attention.

It’s essential to go over every detail before making significant decisions, like pet adoptions. Before you bring your new puppy home, you should know several important things about Australian Retrievers.

Australian Retriever Mix Costs – How Much Are Australian Retriever Mixes?

Adopting an Australian Retriever mix will cost you. There isn’t a universal amount that a Golden Aussie will cost; it varies from breeder to breeder and shelter to shelter. We estimate it can cost between $300 and $900 just for the puppy alone. It helps to do your research. Contact shelters and breeders in advance to get an accurate idea of how much your dog will cost.

Australian Retriever mixes are the offspring of two purebred animals. It’s likely you’ll need to contact a breeder to be sure you’re adopting exactly the kind of dog you expected. Be sure to avoid working with puppy mills and research your breeder before agreeing to adopt a pet. Keep an eye out on your local shelter as well, because Golden Aussies can end up there too.

After paying for the puppy, you have to budget the costs of an Australian Retriever’s everyday life. Food, vet visits, a bed, and toys all begin to add up. A recent study found that people pay at least $150 a month on average for their dogs.

Keeping man’s best friend happy, safe, and healthy takes care and resources to make it happen.

Are Australian Retriever Mixes Good Apartment Dogs?

The short answer is no: Australian Retrievers are not good apartment dogs.

These pets are highly energetic and alert animals. Apartment space can be tight, and the sound from neighbors can be overstimulating for a dog. While an Australian Retriever’s size could be great for a small-to-medium size space, their energy levels and need for exercise could make it difficult.

Unless you are taking your pup on several challenging or vigorous walks every single day, an apartment could be restricting for your pet. By not exerting themself, your pet could act out in other ways, like chewing through shoes or furniture, digging through the trash, or being an aggressive player.

Ideally, an Australian Retriever would have plenty of safe yard space to play around in several times a day.

What Are Some Common Australian Retriever Health Issues?

No one wants to think about their pet getting sick or unwell, but it’s necessary to plan for potential health issues and save for possible vet costs. Some common health issues for Australian Retrievers include:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Eye issues, such as cataracts
  • Bloat, which happens when the stomach fills with gas, fluids, or food, and it could be deadly if the pressure isn’t relieved.
  • Cancer is a common issue on the Golden Retriever side
  • Multiple Drug Sensitivity (MDS), which is common on the Australian Shepherd side
  • Epilepsy

Are Australian Retriever Mixes Hard to Train?

Australian Retriever mixes are highly trainable. These animals are smart and eager to please. They need a firm but gentle hand in training, but they adapt and learn very quickly.

Golden Aussies come from a couple of brilliant parents. According to the book “The Intelligence of Dogs,” Golden Retrievers rank in the top ten for brightest dogs. Australian Shepherds have above average intelligence, as well.

These pets catch on to different tricks and commands quickly. They’re excellent at house-training and understand directions with only a bit of repetition. The Australian Retriever typically responds to commands immediately, but regular practice will set them up for success and set long-term healthy habits.

What Colors Do Australian Retriever Mixes Come in?

Australian Retrievers’ coats are unique to each dog. The breed typically comes in three primary colors: black, brown, and white. Occasionally, the pet takes on a more golden hue because of their Golden Retriever parent.

The coloring and pattern vary from pup to pup, however. Different markings and shades of color make each Golden Aussie unique from the rest.

How Big Do Australian Retriever Mixes Get?

An Australian Retriever Mix is a medium-sized dog. Their head typically meets an adult-sized person’s knees or thighs when the two stand side-by-side. As previously mentioned, these dogs measure to be about 19 to 23 inches, although they could be slightly taller or shorter.

Golden Aussies weigh anywhere from 30 to 60 pounds. It’s a big range, we know, but the dog’s weight truly depends on their specific parents, how frequently they exercise, and their eating habits.

Australian Retriever mixes should be fed two or three times a day, depending on their age and size. You should talk with your vet about specific allergies, dietary requirements, and weight expectations for your sweet pet.

Are Australian Retriever Mixes Good with Kids?

If you’re hoping to have kids one day or already have a few kids in the house, an Australian Retriever would be an excellent fit with your family. Golden Aussies are great with children.

These pups are loving, fun, and loyal creatures. They bond quickly and believe in protecting their pack. Energetic children could be a perfect match for these active dogs.

As long as your kids understand to limit rough-housing around your pet and avoid sticking their hands near the dog’s food, there really shouldn’t be many issues. Dogs are possessive; they could claim their food bowls or a person in the family pretty quickly. It’s important to socialize and train your pet to avoid them attaching to one specific person or item and limit any potentially aggressive behaviors.

Australian Retrievers are bred from two helpful, intelligent, and attentive dogs. They are continually learning from and observing what’s happening around them. Golden Aussies are patient and pleasant, and therefore would be excellent fits around kids.

6 Fun Facts You Should Know About Australian Retriever Mixes

  1. The Australian Retrievers’ parent breeds are both recognized by the American Kennel Club. The AKC officially recognized Golden Retrievers in 1925. Australian Shepherds were recognized in 1993.
  2. Both parent breeds are prevalent in the U.S. Australian Shepherds were popularized through several western films following World War II and were largely associated with cowboys.
  3. President Gerald Ford had a Golden Retriever named Liberty.
  4. The American Hybrid Canine Club officially recognizes the Australian Retriever.
  5. The Australian Retriever is often thought of as a good watchdog, but they are not ordinary “barkers.” It’s uncommon for an Australian Retriever to bark frequently.
  6. Australian Shepherds and Golden Retrievers are now often used as guide dogs for those who are visually impaired.

Final Thoughts

The Australian Retriever is an excellent pet; their intelligence levels are extraordinarily high, and they aren’t typically aggressive.

Golden Aussies work well with children because they’re patient, energetic, and protective. They will quickly endear themselves to your kids and will always serve as a playmate. Golden Retriever mixes are fantastic with other adults and multi-animal households. It may take just a bit of time to acclimate to their new environment, but they will adjust and treat everyone with love.

An important note – Australian Retrievers are incredibly energetic. They require about an hour of exercise every day. If you are sedentary or aren’t up to the challenge of working out your dog, you will need to opt for a calmer breed. This pet is also intelligent and will require daily mental stimulation as well.

These dogs are so loving and friendly, they will want to spend every day with you and your family. If you are able to commit extended periods, an Australian Retriever mix will show you unconditional love in return.

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