American Coonhound

American English Coonhound At a Glance

Country of Origin:

United States of America

Breed Group:

AKC (Hound)


Large. Weight: 40-65 lbs ; Height: Male: 24-26, Female: 23-25 inches


Stiff, harsh, and short


Redtick, Bluetick, Tricolored and Tricolored with ticking

Life Span:

10 to 12 years

Breed Profile

Affection Level – 100
Barking Tendencies – 100
Cat Friendly – 70
Cold Weather Tolerance – 80
Exercise Needs – 100
General Health – 80
Grooming Needs – 20
Hot Weather Tolerance – 80
Intelligence – 80
Kid Friendly – 100
Playfulness – 100
Shedding Level – 60
Social Needs – 80
Watchdog Ability – 100

Did You Know?

The American English Coonhound can climb trees!

American English Coonhound Overview

A great hunter and a truly athletic dog breed. The American English Coonhound originated in the southeastern United States where they were bred from American and English Foxhounds, other European hunting breeds, and native dogs for the purpose of trailing and treeing a variety of animals. Today, they are used to track and hunt raccoon, possum, cougar, deer, boar, and bear. The breed also makes a wonderful pet.  

American English Coonhound Characteristics

This dog breed is best described as a highly-conditioned athlete. These dogs are agile, move fast and effortlessly, and possesses great endurance, vigor, and strength. They have the unique ability to climb trees.  

American English Coonhound Temperament

They are generally good-natured and very sociable dogs.  They are strong-willed and tend to be stubborn, and require more patience in training than other breeds. As young dogs, they are extremely active and playful. They thrive on human attention and require plenty of exercise. English Coonhounds are incessant nesters and should be avoided by people who do not wish to have dogs on couches and beds. This Coonhound makes a superb family pet. Bred to hunt, this dog prefers to be in a pack and generally gets on well with other dogs. English Coonhounds also make adequate watch dogs as they have extremely loud hound mouths, characterized by melodious, drawn-out bawls and short, explosive chops.

American English Coonhound Care

Regular brushing with a firm bristle brush is recommended for these dogs.  This breed should only be bathed when absolutely necessary.  American English Coonhound’s are prone to hip dysplasia.  

American English Coonhound Coat

The coat of this breed is stiff, harsh, and short. A variety of colors are acceptable, including redtick, bluetick, tricolored and tricolored with ticking, but red markings are most common.  

American English Coonhound Training

They require early socialization. They do not respond well to harsh or heavy-handed methods. Training should be done with firmness, fairness, patience, and consistency. The breed excels at trial events.  

American English Coonhound Activity

As an extremely energetic breed, the American English Coonhound is not well-suited to apartment living. These dogs thrive in a rural setting and are well-suited to a lively owner. If excessively confined, they tend to become destructive out of boredom.

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