12 Best Dog Toys for Boxers in 2023

Best for Fetch

Chuckit Classic Dog Ball Launcher

  • Won’t exhaust your arm
  • Great for exercise

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Our Favorite

Kong Jumbler Ball Dog Toy

  • Extremely durable
  • Great chewing
  • Super high bounce

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Best Tug

Mammoth SnakeBiter Snake Rope Dog Toy

  • Fibers clean dog’s teeth
  • Durable

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Boxers are one of the most popular dogs in America, and it’s easy to see why. They’re an amazing combination of a playful, friendly pet and a loyal, protective watchdog. They’re a welcome addition to any family, even those with kids. However, as a member of the family, you want to make sure they have all the toys they need to stay happy and healthy.

These beautiful, short-haired dogs pack plenty of power into a fairly compact frame. They average about 24 inches tall with an average weight of around 70 pounds. To look at a boxer is to instantly recognize their natural grace and agility. Muscular and athletic, they’re an active and intelligent breed.

Due to their body type and personality, they require several specific types of play, which involves a varied selection of toys. They need toys that promote physical activity, such as fetch and chew toys. Also, they need toys that engage that above-average intelligence, such as puzzle toys that help prevent boredom. Finally, these are social dogs, so they need interactive toys that you and your pup can play with together.

Selecting the best boxer toys can feel like a daunting experience, as the sheer number of options often seems overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Check out this complete guide to the best dog toys for boxers for 2023. Each toy was selected after a thorough review of its quality, durability, safety, and overall appropriateness for boxers specifically.

Help your boxer buddy live a healthy, happy life by providing him with the perfect toys for his needs. Here’s everything you need to know about selecting the right toys, plus ten mini-reviews of the top toys we recommend, including a bonus section on puppy toys:

Best Dog Toys for Boxers

Your in-depth look at our favorite toys for boxers starts right now:

Kong Jumbler Ball Dog Toy

Best Overall

Our top recommendation overall is the Kong Jumbler. It’s two toys in one. Inside the toy are a tennis ball and squeaker, making it perfect for games of fetch.

Additionally, it’s a great toy for tug-of-war. The handles allow both you and your dog to easily grab the toy.

As you’d likely expect from Kong, the overall quality of the product is extremely high. It’s made from durable all-natural rubber. It’s long-lasting, non-toxic, and resists damage from weather and water.

Overall, the Kong Jumbler is a heavy-duty toy that promotes healthy activity and engages your pup’s sense of taste, texture, vision, and sound. With typical Kong construction, it should last for a long time, even with frequent heavy-duty play.

GoughNuts Ring Dog Toy

Best for Aggressive Chewers

Boxers love to chew, and this Ring Dog Toy from GoughNuts is up to the task. It’s made from natural rubber with carbon reinforcement. It’s great for both solo and interactive play.

Your dog can comfortably chew on it to keep himself quietly entertained. You and your four-legged friend can also play fetch together. The ring bounces and rolls to allow for plenty of unpredictable chasing. It also floats in water.

Although the ring is extra durable, it’s not necessarily designed to last forever. However, it does have a unique feature to help you detect the ring’s condition. The outer color indicates the ring’s current condition.

Underneath the outer layer, the inner code is red. When you see the red core, it’s time to replace the toy with a new one. A chew ring that gets too small for your dog’s mouth can pose a safety hazard, but the GoughNuts offers a unique and effective solution.

Kong Classic

Most Durable Toy

It’s a classic for a reason! The Kong Classic combines versatility, durability, and fun. Shaped like a snowman, this red rubber toy is perfect for both games of fetch and solo chewing. It rolls and bounces with unpredictable abandon, creating fun pursuit opportunities for your Boxer.

Do you need to keep your dog quiet and occupied for a while? The inside of the toy is hollow, so you can stuff it with treats like kibble, peanut butter, yogurt, and more. It takes some time to get out, providing your dog with mental stimulation while also keeping him busy.

In typical Kong fashion, the construction and materials used are top-of-the-line. For over 40 years, Kong products have remained a favorite among dogs, owners, and dog-care professionals.

Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Volcano Puzzle Dog Toy

Best Interactive Puzzle Toy

Boxers are an intelligent breed. Beyond a need for physical activity, they also require regular mental stimulation. Frisco’s Hide-and-Seek Volcano Toy is a durable and fun way to engage your dog’s mind and help prevent both restlessness and boredom.

It’s a plush toy set consisting of a volcano and six dinosaurs. You stuff the dinos into the volcano, and then your dog has to work to pull them out. It’s designed to take some time to complete, but it’s not so difficult that your dog will feel frustrated.

The volcano and six dinos are tough enough to withstand boxer play. At the same time, they’re also comfortable and fuzzy. Even better, each dino has an internal squeaker for added audio fun.

Chuckit Classic Dog Ball Launcher

Best Fetching Toy

With seemingly boundless energy and a natural urge to chase, boxers love a good game of fetch. With the Chuckit ball launcher, you don’t have to wear out your arm to throw the ball far. Even better, your hands remain slobber-free after long play sessions.

It’s a simple but ingenious design. One end of the launcher fits effortlessly around any 2.5-inch tennis ball. You don’t even have to bend over to pick it up.

Throwing the ball is a breeze. The ergonomic grip is comfortable and allows for a no-slip grip. You can throw it up to three times as far as a hand throw. It’s ideal for helping your dog burn off energy in a yard or park.

You’ll find a variety of fetching toys but Chuckit! is our top recommendation. They’re an early innovator among these types of toys and have a well-established reputation for quality.

Petstages Dogwood Stick

Best Water/Floating Dog Toy

Real sticks pose a risk of mouth injuries, so you never want to give them to your dog as a toy. Fortunately, an alternative is available. These fake sticks are made with a fascinating blend of real wood and synthetic material. They’re safe, non-toxic, and specifically designed for heavy-duty chewing.

They help satisfy your Boxer’s natural need to chew. Regular chew toys help reduce stress, barking, digging, and other destructive actions. Plus, it’s lightweight enough that it makes a fun and safe fetch toy.

Many boxers love to jump into a lake or other body of water and go for a swim. If that sounds like your dog, he’ll love the Petstages stick, which is our top choice for water toys. It floats with ease and is also highly visible.

Mammoth SnakeBiter Snake Rope Dog Toy

Best Rope Toy

Boxers love to play fetch and tug-of-war, but not every rope toy is tough enough for the Boxer’s mighty jaws. Fortunately, Mammoth lives up to its name with its ultra-durable SnakeBiter Rope Dog Toy.

Made from 100% natural cotton, the rope fibers are strong but also safe and soft. Also, regular use helps promote great dental health because the fibers floss your dog’s teeth when chewing.

Busy Buddy Bristle Bone Treat Dispenser Toy

Best Treat Dispenser Toy

The Busy Buddy is a treat dispenser and a cavity buster all-in-one. It’s a bone-shaped treat dispenser that includes four rings that release treats when the toy is twisted and moved.

Additionally, the toy has nylon bristles and rubber nubs. Both help remove plaque and food debris while stimulating the gums. The main part of the toy is from compressed rubber that can withstand a boxer’s chewing power.

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Best Squeaky Toy

Dogs, especially smart ones such as boxers, often prefer toys with an audio component. The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball will capture your dog’s natural curiosity as it emits a variety of sounds, including sounds that mimic human laughter. The noises are naturally created with three tubes and require no batteries.

Aside from the cool noises, the ball is tough and flexible. Even though it’s big, it has six small pockets that help your dog pick it up without a problem.

USA Bones & Chews Cotton Rope with Bones

Made in the USA

It’s a durable rope toy with a delicious twist. The colorful cotton rope has two edible bones. You can play tug-of-war with your dog, or leave him alone to chew on the bones.

The rope is made from strong, soft cotton while the bones have undergone a special roasting process to minimize splintering. Chewing on the toy helps remove food debris and increase overall dental health.

Best Boxer Puppy Toys

Boxer puppies have different toy needs than adults. Here’s a look at our two favorite puppy toys:

Nylabone Puppy Teethe’ n’ Tug Dog Toy

Best for Teething

Puppies need a teething toy not just to help ensure great dental health, but also to help protect your furniture from unwanted chewing. While you can find a wide range of great teething toys, our top recommendation is the Teeth’ n’ Tug from Nylabone.

First, it’s safe because it’s made from a non-edible synthetic material that won’t splinter or fall apart. Also, the ridged texture stimulates gums to help relieve teething pain.

But it’s more than a teething toy. You can grab an end of the oval-shaped toy for a game of tug-of-war. It helps puppies learn to play, relieves boredom, and increases bonding.

Lamb Chop from Multipet

Best Plush Toy

Just like human babies, puppies feel comfortable with a plush toy to sleep and cuddle with. Lamb Chop is a fun and friendly option your puppy is sure to enjoy. It’s a chew toy, fetch toy, and comfort toy all-in-one.

The plush toy is available in three sizes: six inches, 10 inches, and 24 inches. Aside from the soft outer covering and delightful design, the toy also has an interior squeaker for auditory stimulation.

Different Types of Dog Toys for Boxers

There’s no one type of dog toy that perfectly suits all of your Boxer’s needs. Instead, they need a robust range of different options. Here’s a closer look at what toys your dog needs to stay healthy and happy.

First, when shopping for boxer toys, make durability a top concern. Although boxers are gentle around people, they can be tough on toys. Toys made from strong plastic, rubber, and other synthetic materials are often the best options.

Additionally, your Boxer will need chew toys. They play an important role in caring for teeth and gums. Also, chew toys help curb your dog’s urge to chew on furniture and other items they should leave alone.

Boxers also need interactive toys that provide mental stimulation. They’re smart dogs, and without sufficient mental engagement, they’ll grow bored and restless. Popular interactive toys include puzzle toys and treat-dispensing toys.

Fetch toys are another type of toy your Boxer is sure to love. The American Kennel Club categorizes boxers as a highly energetic breed. They also have a natural inclination to chase. A fetch toy is a perfect way to channel their energy.

Finally, if your dog is under a year old, you’ll want puppy toys. Most puppy toys are chew toys, specifically designed to fit their small mouths. Another important type of puppy toy is a comfort toy, such as a stuffed animal.

What to Look for in a Good Toy for Boxers

Boxers are strong, graceful, and athletic. However, they don’t always know their own strength or speed, especially when they’re young. When selecting the best dog toys for boxers, make sure it’s not just appropriate for their energy levels, but it’s also safe.

As we talked about earlier, boxers need space to run. When selecting a fetch toy, make sure it’s aerodynamic enough to fly far, because the breed loves a good chase. However, fetch toys should also be lightweight and soft enough that an errant bounce can’t cause injury.

Another potential issue involves chew toys. Boxers have a strong, tenacious grip thanks to their undershot bite and relatively large head. Eventually, they can tear through even tough chew toys such as Kongs. Of course, no chew toy is indestructible. However, you’ll want to keep a close eye on any chew toys and take them away from your pet before they can pose a choking hazard.

Finally, as discussed above, boxers need toys that engage their brains. After all, a bored boxer can quickly become destructive, alleviating their restlessness by chewing on furniture and more. Considering that boxers are generally quite smart, choose puzzle toys with a medium to high range of difficulty. For treat-dispensing toys, options with multiple difficulty settings are often a great choice because you can increase the difficulty as the puppy grows into an adult.

Training Your Boxer to Fetch and Drop for Frustration-Free Playtime

Boxers have a natural drive to run and fetch. However, their willingness to drop a toy at your feet is often far less reliable, especially when they’re young. Fortunately, teaching your puppy the proper way to fetch is usually fairly quick and easy, as the breed is usually easy to train.

Here’s a quick look at how to train your Boxer to fetch.

  • Introduce the toy to your dog. Throw it to him and let him play with it. Encourage him with a positive tone and plenty of praise.
  • Start small. Throw the toy just a foot or two in front of you.
  • Introduce the “drop” command. When the dog drops the toy in front of you, reward him with a treat or the use of a clicker.
  • As he begins to understand the concept, increase the throw distance. You can also start to play outside in a confined area like a backyard.
  • Once he drops regularly, you don’t have to reward him with a treat each time. Playing fetch is rewarding enough. When a dog understands how to drop the toy on demand, a game of fetch becomes safer, less frustrating, and more fun for both you and your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a rundown of the most common questions about boxer toys, plus quick and clear answers:

How much activity should my Boxer get each day?

Boxers have fairly substantial activity needs. Each day, they need between 30 and 45 minutes of reasonably intense activity, such as playing fetch. Puppies need about 20 minutes of daily exercise, usually at a moderate level.

Keep in mind boxers have short, trim coats. They don’t do great in extreme hot or cold temperatures, so stick to indoor activities when the weather outside is harsh.

Are there any unsafe toys I should avoid?

Just say no to real wood toys. They can easily splinter, creating a risk of both puncture injuries and choking. We recommend faux-wood products as a safe alternative.

Also, watch the size of any chew toys. As the dog chews on them, they’ll wear down. If they wear down too far, they’ll become a choking hazard. Look for products that have a visual identifier to indicate when the toy needs replacement, such as those from Goughnuts.

How can I stop my Boxer from chewing on my things?

Keeping your dog mentally stimulated is the key to preventing inappropriate chewing. Boredom is a major reason for many destructive behaviors. Also, allow him to burn off extra physical energy by sticking to the daily exercise guidelines.

What type of toys are best for my Boxer’s temperament?

Boxers like durable toys they can sink their teeth into. When selecting chew toys, you want the most durable options. However, keep in mind boxers are a medium-sized breed. They’re tough and powerful, but not necessarily large.

While they need durable toys, those toys shouldn’t be too big. Make sure the dog can comfortably hold onto the toy without straining his jaws.

What is the Best Dog Toy for Boxers? – RECAP

  1. Hands-Down FavoriteKong Jumbler Ball Dog Toy
  2. Most DurableKong Classic
  3. Best for FetchChuckit Classic Dog Ball Launcher
  4. Best for WaterPetstages Dogwood Stick Toy
  5. Best For TugMammoth SnakeBiter Snake Rope Dog Toy
  6. Best Chew Toy for PuppiesNylabone Puppy Teethe’ n’ Tug Dog Toy
  7. CutestLamb Chop from Multipet


Boxers are a delightful member of the family. They’re loyal, protective, and loads of fun. You, your Boxer, and your entire family will enjoy playing together.

When selecting the best dog toys for boxers, you’ll want durable chew toys, far-flying fetch toys, and engaging puzzle toys. Using the guide above, you’ll find many awesome and highly-rated options that your Boxer is sure to love!

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